Thursday, October 17, 2019

Notice she doesn't actually touch the ball until after the defender has collapsed

"Sacramento Kings Pro Basketball Team Launches Crypto Collectibles"


In a press release on Oct. 16, the Sacramento Kings announced a new collaboration with the creator of Ethereum-based Kaiju toys, CryptoKaiju. The companies will give away 100 limited-edition Kaiju collectible toys throughout the 2019–2020 basketball season.

Each collectible is backed by a non-fungible token, meaning that no two are the same. 15 of these toys will come with a unique experience or prize, such as courtside seats, VIP tours, and signed merchandise, among others.
In 2014, the Kings became the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin as payment in the arena. Last year, the Kings became the first professional sports team in the world to mine cryptocurrency and announced a charitable program, MiningForGood, that donates those funds to workforce development and training efforts in the community. Last week, the Kings announced the NBA’s first blockchain-powered reward program in collaboration with Blockparty.

Deluxe Lockjaw and Black Bolt figures available for preorder

Both figures are articulated. The set includes various accessories for Black Bolt.

Deluxe Ultramarine action figure available for preorder

By Bandai. Expensive, but "comes fully painted."

Seafood farms in China (art roundup)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ronan Farrow did accents for his audiobook?!

(Catch and Kill is available at Amazon.)

The new Star Trek Heroclix set includes Chief Interrogator Gul Madred and his four lights

You can find it at ebay. The new set includes skin of evil Armus, too.

Kickstarter for a board game featuring art by Marian Churchland

You can check out the kickstarter for Forgotten Depths, and download a rough edition of the rulebook here. Her comic Arclight is one of my alltime favorites.

Kitten Arsenal available for preorder

Available for preorder:

With the Kitten Arsenal from Momotaro Toys, arms your 1/12 scale army with the deadly power of kittens.

Double pistol kittens
Sniper kitten
Sword kitten
Four pod rocket kittens
Rifle kitten
Crossbow kitten
Also available for preorder, 1/18 scale Robocop.

Doom comic (video game roundup)

*Buy Samus costumes at Amazon.

Ten funny tweets

*More funny posts.

The Touch Base Policy in British Hong Kong


the influx of immigrants continued, especially during the Cultural Revolution. In response the Hong Kong Government adopted the Touch Base Policy in November 1974, which allowed immigrants from Mainland China who reached the urban areas (reaching south of Boundary Street) and met their relatives to register for a Hong Kong Identity Card. Those who were intercepted in the Closed Area would be repatriated back to the Mainland immediately.

The Touch Base Policy failed to halt the influx of immigrants, and was abolished by the Hong Kong Government on 24 October 1980.