Monday, May 20, 2019

Excellent Game of Thrones theory that would fit in with the reports of the magical horror Euron plot planned for the books

Also correct:


Nike's French Open looks feature bees and skeletons

Ten funny tweets (sound on for the elegant woman in the fur)

*More funny tweets.

The newly-revealed DC Collectibles are available for preorder

Including a Batman statue based on Rafael Grampa's design, and a TV Batwoman statue.

When your robot announces its own impending doom (technology fails)

"With Second-Worst Pass Rate In More Than 30 Years, Almost Everyone Fails California Bar Exam"


According to a press release from the State Bar of California, the overall pass rate for the February 2019 exam was 31.4 percent, while the pass rate for first-time takers was 41 percent.


This isn’t half bad considering the February 2018 results were a record low.

"Bonobo Mothers Are Very Concerned About Their Sons’ Sex Lives"

Ed Yong:

But mothers frequently took matters into their own hands, too. As Hanna did, they would stop unrelated males from interfering with their sons’ sexual encounters. They’d interfere themselves, stopping unrelated males from mating with other females. They’d gang up with their sons to evict other males from trees with lots of females.

Surbeck thinks that the mothers use these strategies as a way of furthering their own genetic legacy. They can do this by having more children of their own, or by ensuring that their children give them more grandchildren. They have little influence over their daughters, since bonobo females tend to leave home to find their own communities. Males, however, stay with their birth group, and especially near their mothers. Even in the best-case scenario, a male bonobo can easily go through life without reproducing, and without a mother's presence, the odds of his having a kid are around one in 14. To increase the size of her own dynasty, a mother needs to ensure that her sons have the best sexual opportunities.

The Game of Thrones ending they didn't have the guts to film (roundup)

Sunday, May 19, 2019

80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Hulk Vs. Wolverine Two-Pack available for preorder

Both figures come with alternate hands.

Dune hardcover where the page numbers form a seismograph readout on the fore edge

*Previously: Denis Villeneuve has shown us his take on Dune for years now, you just don't know it yet

Comic book logos

Warhammer miniature with convincingly painted portal and mirror

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