Monday, October 22, 2018

Art roundup

The just-revealed Masters of the Universe figures are available for preorder

He-Man, Skeletor, Fisto, Mantenna, and more.  Skeletor comes with alternate laughing head.  He-Man comes with alternate laughing, robot, and glowing-eyes heads.

The Haunting of Hill House: The Making Of Episode 6

"Same or Shame with Mina Kimes"

Funny episode of Katie Nolan's podcast Sports?

Are you just mailing in your tooth fairy ritual?

"Release the Hounds" is on Netflix

From Wikipedia:

Each contest occurs at night, as three contestants take part in gory and unpleasant challenges to find (or release) a key.

After each successful round, one of the contestants has to run a floodlit course pursued by snarling dogs. They are given a head start, which reduces in length the longer the contestants take to pass each task (the countdown begins with 160 meters). The contestant carries a red backpack containing several thousand pounds, which they keep if they successfully reach the end of the course before the dogs catch them.


The show purported to take place in a haunted country estate in the English hills [but] the filming was transferred to Eastern Europe

Masterpiece Movie Series Bumblebee available for preorder

His 2018 movie look, with both faces.

Names for Twitter bots around the world

Spidey and MJ

"In Orange County, 24 Vietnamese Americans are running for office. 13 [are named Nguyen]"


The fact that so many candidates share the same surname isn’t surprising when you consider how prevalent Nguyen is among those of Vietnamese descent.

It is the most common surname among about 100 Vietnamese last names. Nguyen was the last dynasty in power before Ho Chi Minh and his communist forces took control of North Vietnam in 1945. Historians say more than 5 million Vietnamese answer to Nguyen.

Some Nguyens tire of correcting the pronunciation of their names and decide to Westernize the spelling so that it matches how it sounds: Win or Winn.


Art roundup