Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Black History warm up tops celebrating inventors

The alien invasion subplot in Searching

From io9:

"[The] joke was the idea that since we had to write a bunch of stuff anyway, maybe we could use the background of our movie to tell a completely separate plot from the main story"

Still a 99 cent rental at Amazon.

Planet of the Apes Mendez figure available for preorder

The latest from Super 7.

ThreeA's new deluxe Destiny figures are available for preorder, too.

Zion blew out his shoe right at the start of tonight's big game

If you missed the hype:
Freshman forward Zion Williamson and Duke will host rival North Carolina on Wednesday night — and last-minute tickets for the game are quickly approaching Super Bowl-level prices.

High jump as a team

Ten Nightmares

New comic book covers

Runaways 21 by Kris Anka.

X-Tremists 4 by Rahzzah.

Spider-Man: Life Story #3 by Chip Zdarsky.

Detective Comics #1000 by Bill Sienkiewicz.

"a new study shows that [a zebra's stripes] discourages biting flies from landing"


Scientists have been puzzling over the role of zebra stripes for more than 150 years. But, one by one, the most commonly proposed explanations have all been refuted. Some researchers have suggested that the stripes act as camouflage—they break up zebras’ outlines or resemble fields of tree trunks. But that can’t be true: Amanda Melin of the University of Calgary recently showed that lions and hyenas can’t even make out the stripes unless they get very close. Another hypothesis says that the black stripes heat up faster than the white ones, setting up circulating air currents that cool the zebras. But

"There's Only One Game Of Thrones Fan Theory That Matters Anymore"

"I am talking, of course, about the Dog Army."

Video game roundup

Ten funny tweets