Saturday, December 7, 2019

How to improve upcoming game "I Am Jesus Christ," which promises an open world and a realistic fight with Satan

From the Steam page:

"I am Jesus Christ" is a realistic simulator game inspired by stories from the New Testament of the Bible. Get into old times and follow the same path
of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Game is covering the period from Baptizing of Jesus Christ and to Resurrection. Have you ever wondered to be like Him - one of the most privileged and powerful people in the world?


Key features:
- Open World
- Special skills
- Realistic fight with Satan
- Over 30 miracles like healing people, walking on water, calming storm, feeding people
- Baptising and getting super power of Holy Spirit
- Praying and increasing of Holy Spirit
- Crucifixion and Resurection

First, some good questions:

Second, some suggestions:

Finally, a different game:

Peloton numbers

Funny post about the nemisis system in Warframe

Cass Marshall for Polygon:

Because I am in the state of having a nemesis yet not having triggered her higher aggression levels, the two of us are caught in a little bit of a cold war. Here’s how a day of playing Warframe goes now that Halidd Sorr is all up in my business:

I log in, and Halidd Sorr sends me a little bon mot, calling me her Adversary. It’s usually something about how she’s going to destroy me, and crush my weak, brittle tin skull. I go adventuring on some completely unrelated missions, chuckling to myself about her idle threats. Then, she steals a chunk of my quest rewards!

C’mon, what the hell? Am I not entitled to the sweat of my brow?

At this point, I’m not afraid of Halidd at all. I wish she would stop calling me at work so much, because that’s unprofessional, but she stays on her side of the system and I stay on mine. Everything’s fine, up until it changes.

Halidd Sorr shows up in one of my missions to beat my ass.

I’m not going to lie: It was a humiliating encounter. I’m on voice chat with my friends, and I’m in the middle of explaining the way a certain kind of upgrade works when I cut myself off with an “OH NO!” My Kuva Lich has arrived, and her health bar takes up a massive chunk of my screen. She’s screaming at me, I’m trying to get out of the elevator shaft I’m currently in so that I can start a fight, and my friends are reassuring me that everything will be alright.

We chip her down to about a third of her health, and then Halidd Sorr grabs me, breaking my spine over her knee à la Bane. After I revive myself I complete the mission, she steals even more of my loot! I haven’t experienced such a vicious act of bullying since high school.

I can’t stress enough how alarming this is. Warframe is a power fantasy where I can spin-jump 80 feet into the air, slide down a catwalk, and murder a dozen dudes without breaking a sweat. Now I know how those guys feel, because that’s how easily Halidd Sorr dispatches me.

Play AI Dungeon while you can in its current form

It's expensive to run:

If you haven't heard about it yet, I posted about my attempt to play as the Mandalorian at BoingBoing. People more creative than me are getting fun responses:

Nintendo 64 Mini concept (video game roundup)

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Wargaming miniatures roundup

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Friday, December 6, 2019

There's already a sequel starring frightened Peloton woman

Aviation Gin site.

Comments from one of the jurors in the Elon Musk trial

Moments from The Mandalorian episode 5

Ten funny tweets

*More funny posts.

All Systems Red book cover (art roundup)

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

"The former CEO and president of Bumble Bee Foods was convicted on Tuesday for his role in a canned tuna price-fixing conspiracy involving the top three companies in the industry"


Chicken of the Sea turned on its co-conspirators and cooperated with federal investigators in exchange for protection from criminal prosecution. While Chicken of the Sea was rewarded for its snitchery by not having to pay any fines, StarKist was ordered to pay $100 million, and Bumble Bee $25 million. Bumble Bee’s reduced figure was because the company claimed that a larger fine would result in bankruptcy — an outcome that happened anyway in late November