Monday, September 24, 2018

Ten funny tweets

New clearance sale at the BBTS: Imported toys

Including several exotic Iron Man figures for 40-60% off.

Art roundup


"The epic rise and fall of the name Heather"


A Quartz analysis of US baby-name data that goes back to 1880 finds that no name in history has become so popular and then flamed out quite like Heather.

At its peak in 1975, more than 24,000 girls were named Heather, making it the US’s third most popular girls name, after Jennifer and Amy. In 2017, it was the 1,129th most popular name, given to only 219 girls born that year.

Video game roundup

"Weight Watchers is now WW"

"The name WW reflects that we’re becoming the world’s partner in wellness. We will always be the global leader in weight loss, but"

Football highlights

"Hacked Prius Running on MUNI Power Lines"

TBI from 2014:

A couple months ago I was walking out of Golden Gate Park onto Fulton around 8th Avenue. I stepped onto the sidewalk just in time to see a Prius roll by with a pair of giant antennae mounted on the roof. At first I thought it was just some kind of art-car getup, but then I realized the antennae was the same power pole doodad that MUNI buses use (I later learned they’re called “trolley poles”). Not only that, they were actually running along the overhead power cables for the 5 line.


"Once I come off the power lines I only have about two minutes of go time before the batteries quit. "


The car I saw wasn’t even his first Prius. The first one was a 2003 model that apparently wasn’t built as robustly as the later ones.

“She just couldn’t handle the juice, man. I was driving up Van Ness one day and the roof unit started buzzing real loud. The whole engine compartment caught on fire and all the plastic under the hood started to melt.

"Uber drivers and other gig economy workers are earning half what they did five years ago"


On average, drivers who transport people (Uber or Lyft) or things (Uber Eats or Postmates) through an app made 53 percent less in 2017 than they did in 2013, according to a new study by the JPMorgan Chase Institute that looks at online gig economy payments into Chase checking accounts.


A spokesperson for Uber, which is the most prominent transportation platform included in the study, chalks it up to growth in drivers who choose to drive part-time.


The average monthly payments to those who worked for a transportation app in a given month declined to $783 from $1,469. Meanwhile, people working for leasing apps — Airbnb, Turo, Parklee and other apps that let you rent assets like your home, car or parking space — saw their incomes from those platforms rise 69 percent to $1,736 on average.

"Introducing Gerrymander Jewelry, shaped like the worst Gerrymandered Congressional districts in America"


A diamond is forever, but a district is for a decade.


If you want your own district, you can custom order it on our Contact page

"Washington lawyer, a former White House counsel, under scrutiny by prosecutors in offshoot of Mueller probe"


Still, the investigation of Craig — a White House counsel for President Barack Obama — along with lobbyists Vin Weber and Tony Podesta, has shaken Washington’s lobbying and legal community, which until recently had faced little scrutiny of its representation of foreign clients.