Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Gaming commission officials in multiple states are reportedly investigating last month’s UNLV vs New Mexico football game

Action Sports Network:

One of the concerns from sportsbook operators was the number of new accounts being created with the sole purpose of wagering on the UNLV-New Mexico game, sources said.


Four of UNLV’s first five touchdown drives (32, 30, five and 21 yards) were set up by [New Mexico] mistakes. New Mexico fumbled four times, losing two. 


“The whole staff was adamant they didn’t see anything (suspicious regarding players’ performances)”

If you want a sports villain to truly loathe

A Seahawks player didn't like getting criticized for his play by a reporter, so he decided to insult the reporter's wife's appearance on social media. Here are some of his comments

“I did what I did. I hate that I had to bring her into the situation, but at the end of the day the ultimate goal was to get at him. 

“I’m not here to say if it was fair or not. But at the same time, at the end of the day, it’s been personal with him and I ever since I’ve been with the Jets and even before that, since my rookie year. Like I said, it’s been going on for countless years. He’s always said some smart things toward my play, if I do make a mistake. And I just got fed up with it, bro. This was the end of it. And I knew, this only thing right here, I was going to Tweet was going to hurt him. Anything else I said wouldn’t have hurt him. But he got my point. And he knows not to continue to mess with me.

The upcoming cartoon Merry Little Batman is inspired by Bill Watterson's and Ronald Searle's art styles

Much more concept art posted here. (I'd like an alternate black and white version.)

New Humble Bundle "is brimming with mind-blowing VR experiences across genres and themes"

Steam scores displayed.

Today's news and jokes

McDonald's Gundam figures

@adrianwidjy This is the coolest #mcdonaldstoy ever! With any ourchase this month of the Cheese Angus Burger you get this McDonald’s Gundam! So cool with a maccas shield and all! #PlacesInSydney #mcdonaldschina #mcdonaldsgundam #maccas #mekdi #mchappyday #happymeal #happymealtoy #gunpla ♬ Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - Re:Mix0096 - Hiroyuki Sawano

Ebay has them. USA seems to consistently get worse Happy Meal toys than elsewhere.

The Earpick fungus