Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Magic octagonal folding sewing box

Facehugger mask (quaranzine)

Jonathan Hickman comics, including The Black Monday Murders, featured in the latest Humble Bundle

$1 for a bunch of comics, including volume 1 of The Black Monday Murders by Hickman and Tomm Coker. It's terrific.

(Here's a NSFW illustration Coker recently posted featuring three of the main characters.)

"How to Look Good on Camera, According to Tom Ford"

Step by step instructions, including place the camera slightly above your head facing down, and use a lamp and piece of white paper.

Fun short story about a band of robbers caught up in a time loop

Getaway by Nicole Kornher-Stace. (A reading of the story is also available in podcast form, and her novel Latchkey is still $1.99 at Amazon.)

I strongly agree with her take on stories:


And speaking of writing:

Skull-headed soldier with hologram face (art roundup)

Stills here, inspiration here.

Today's funny posts

*More funny posts.

Neon Genesis Evangelion print for Test print Tuesday

This print by Robert Wilson IV is one of the prints available today at Nakatomi:

A by-product of the flatstock screen printing process is the test print, which is created when a printer is testing ink color or registration and layers many different images on top of one another. They are completely unique and often turn out just as interesting as the prints that went into creating them.

Check out this new deluxe cel-shaded Devastator figure

Officially, the figures in this impressive third party set are not the Devastator/Constructicons and Wheeljack. It's characters named "Allocater" and "Whisky Jack." The cel-shaded figures transform and combine, and are available for preorder.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Boy, the first episode of Halt and Catch Fire is good

Late to the party, I know. On Netflix.

Joe Exotic/Tiger King custom action figure


And speaking of tigers:

"Mennonite imposters used drones to track children in attempted kidnappings"


The new document, a search warrant application filed by the FBI under seal at the end of January, reveals previously-unknown details about the bizarre 2018 plot, which involved . . . a registered nurse in Pensacola, Florida; [his] wife Jennifer, a hospital coordinator who also worked as a doula; a high school lacrosse coach; and a Maryland woman masquerading as a secret agent.
The WaPo's write-up from a few months ago.