Friday, September 24, 2021

"Not naming names, but many FBA aggregators are getting WRECKED by supply chain issues"

Interesting thread about companies that gobbled up promising Amazon sellers and are now getting hammered by supply chain disruption. 

"Thousands of scientific studies had to toss out weeks of data because of a 56-second TikTok video by a teenager."


Online research makes it so much easier. You program a survey... you put it online, and within a day, you have 1,000 responses,” [the director of the Behavioral Lab at the Stanford School of Business] told The Verge. “That changed the face of social science.”


The [platform Prolific] offers more transparency, promises to treat survey participants more ethically, and promises higher-quality research subjects than alternative platforms like Mechanical Turk.


The July 23rd video is short and simple. It opens with recent Florida high school graduate and self-described “teen author” ... sitting in her bedroom and smiling at the camera.

“Welcome to side hustles I recommend trying — part one,” she says in the video, pointing users to the website “Basically, it’s a bunch of surveys for different amounts of money and different amounts of time.”


In the days and weeks after [the teen author] posted her video, researchers scrambled to figure out what was happening to their studies. 

"NBA’s John Wall Reuses Fortnite Art for NFT—And Crypto Twitter Let Him Have It"


Most glaringly, the initial NFT teaser image was revealed to have repurposed a screenshot from Epic Games’ popular video game Fortnite, as social media sleuths quickly discovered. On top of that, the illustration appears to be strongly inspired by the character design from the “Boss Baby” film series.


Wall has since deleted his tweet with the teaser image


"Celebs really think they can come into an industry they know nothing about, never interact with the community, then launch a scam project they’ll abandon in three months?”

Parent asks Reddit for help after her five-year-old daughter asks for a worm theme for her birthday

The top result:

What a cool kid! I’m a (sea) worm taxonomist. I can’t guarantee I’ll be available, but if you’d be interested in having a little zoom or recorded presentation about worm science at the party, feel free to send me a message!


Oh, you would totally not have to pay me. I’d be delighted. Plus, I’ve never talked to kids about worms before, so I can’t guarantee it would be worth any money!

Which led to responses from others like this:

I would attend this! And so would my husband. He’s a scientist although in a totally unrelated field - he researches blood clotting disorders.

Some ideas:

Pin the Worm on the Apple is my thought.


Do dirt cup cupcakes with gummy worms, pink streamers, spaghetti in a bowl as a “touch the worms” game. 


Worm obstacle course: have the kids inch, wiggle, crawl and roll like a worm would through a course.