Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is streaming Among Us, and yes she was an imposter the first game

Watching a congressperson kill and lie has never been more wholesome.

Tamsyn Muir's new series is about lesbian cyberpunk gunslingers under the sea

Bustle interviewed her about Gideon the Ninth, and the series she's writing next.

NECA's recent batch of TMNT video game figures, including Super Shredder are available for preorder right now

at the BBTS.

NECA just gave a long interview about the TMNT line and what's to come:

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Last Exit to Nowhere's new t-shirts are based on Joker and Arrival

 The Universal Language and Pogo's Comedy Club.

"The Haunting of Tram Car 015" is Tor's free ebook of the month

Free download:

Finalist for the 2020 Hugo Award

Finalist for the 2020 Nebula Award

Finalist for the 2020 Locus Award

Badly drawn NBA logos; Cat Thor costume; Disney's animatronic dolphin

Monday, October 19, 2020

Tennessee Titans coach committed an intentional penalty to manipulate the game clock

A longer writeup.

A review of Cadillac's gigantic new Escalade, and its disturbing blindspot

The Verge:

Words cannot describe how gargantuan the new Escalade is, so numbers will have to suffice. The 2021 Escalade is nearly 18 feet long bumper to bumper, and almost six-and-a-half feet tall. This represents a growth spurt from the previous model year, including an additional four inches to the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels), 2.6 inches to the overall length, and 2.4 inches taller in terms of overall height. Or, as Cadillac’s own marketing materials boast, “the largest and longest Escalade ever.”


Last year, a local television station measured the front blind zones of many popular vehicles, from family sedans and minivans to large SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. The Escalade had the largest front blind spot of 10 feet, two inches, with the driver sitting in a natural, relaxed position. It took 13 children seated in a line in front of the Escalade before the driver could see the tops of their heads.


I asked [Cadillac's] Escalade product manager, why the Escalade’s front blind spot in particular was so egregious. “For me, this is new,” he responded. “Your comment catches me a little off guard.

"The Kentucky meat shower was an incident occurring between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock for a period of several minutes on March 3, 1876"

The Wikipedia entry just gets more and more nightmarish:

At the time, Mrs. Crouch, a farmer’s wife, was making soap on her porch when she reported seeing the meat pieces fall from the sky. She said she was 40 steps from her house when the meat started to slap the ground. The meat looked gristly, according to Mrs. Crouch. Mrs. Crouch and her husband believed the event signified a sign from God. A similar event was later reported in Europe. The phenomenon was reported by Scientific American, The New York Times, and several other publications at the time.

Most of the pieces were approximately 2 by 2 inches (5 cm × 5 cm); at least one was 4 by 4 inches (10 cm × 10 cm). The meat appeared to be beef, but according to the first report in Scientific American, two gentlemen who tasted it judged it to be lamb or deer. B. F. Ellington, a local hunter, identified it as bear meat. Writing in the Sanitarian, Leopold Brandeis identified the substance as Nostoc, a type of cyanobacteria. Brandeis gave the meat sample to the Newark Scientific Association for further analysis, leading to a letter from Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton appearing in the Medical Record and stating the meat had been identified as lung tissue from either a horse or a human infant, "the structure of the organ in these two cases being almost identical." The composition of this sample was backed up by further analysis, with two samples of the meat being identified as lung tissue, three as muscle, and two as cartilage.

Brandeis's Nostoc theory relied on the fact that Nostoc expands into a clear jelly-like mass when rain falls on it, often giving the sense that it was falling with the rain. Charles Fort noted in his first book, The Book of the Damned, that there had been no rain. Locals favored the explanation that the meat was vomited up by buzzards, "who, as is their custom, seeing one of their companions disgorge himself, immediately followed suit."

Seven people charged with 25 felonies for smuggling flying squirrels to South Korea

The charges allege that poachers trapped the flying squirrels in central Florida, and sold them to a licensed wildlife dealer that falsely claimed they were bred in captivity. Couriers drove them to Chicago to further obscure their origin, and then they were shipped to South Korea.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure figures based on the last season of Clone Wars are available for preorder