Saturday, November 30, 2019

Nightcrawler-style Uggs; Trash panda print; Bizarre sea creatures under glass

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Anime hair irl; Storm of the X-Men cosplay; Cosplaying as the advertisement for Fleabag

Friday, November 29, 2019

"A Japanese department store where staff could wear badges if they were on their period has said it will 'rethink' that policy"


"The original people of Los Angeles, the Tongva, defined their world as Tovaangar"

A map at the LA Times looks at the lost tribes of Los Angeles:
Despite the loss of these villages, place names in Los Angeles still reflect the region’s heritage. Topanga, Cahuenga and Azusa are from Tongva words

Woman praying in shockingly, but artistically, polluted waters; Die Hard and Stranger Things homemade ornaments; The Dark Tower

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Depictions of Godzilla's atomic breath through the years; Animated kaiju street art; When Winnie Pooh met the bizarro version of himself

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A good Thanksgiving tiktok

"Desperate Beijing motorists marrying people just so they can secure a licence plate for their car"

A report by state broadcaster CCTV that aired on Sunday night claimed that some drivers were willing to pay the equivalent of tens of thousands of US dollars to marry someone with one of the prized plates, have it transferred into their name and then get divorced.


The scam is the result of a licence lottery first introduced in 2011 to tackle the Chinese capital’s notorious congestion and pollution.

When you swap the Batman and Catwoman models in a cinematic; Giant Mewto at the Pokemon Center; Link's Water Temple is in New York

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Baby Yoda's name revealed

"The man behind China’s detention of 1 million Muslims"

"When he spoke Uighur, he really spoke just like a Uighur, since he grew up with them”

Condolences to anyone using LAX

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DeLorean time machine

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Monday, November 25, 2019

"Does LA Actually Have More Vacant Units Than Homeless People? Our Mea Culpa"

Last Wednesday we published a story headlined: "LA Has More Vacant Homes Than Homeless People, Report Finds." Shortly after publication, we identified some problems with the methodology behind the report. Within days, the authors took the report down from the internet and said they would issue a revised report sometime in the future.

LAist/KPCC takes transparency seriously. That's why we are explaining what happened and apologizing for falling short on our commitment to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and truth.

FKA Twigs showing off her sword skills

Full performance, the sword shows up at 3:28

"University to Students on Medicaid: Buy Private Coverage, or Drop Out"

[Brigham Young University-Idaho], like many others, requires all students to have health coverage. But this month, the university made an unusual announcement: It would no longer accept Medicaid.


To remain in school, they would have to buy private coverage. The cheapest option available is the university’s student health plan, which does not comply with the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections and would require [students] to pay a $3,125 annual premium.


The policy change is likely to push more students into a health plan administered by Deseret Mutual Benefits Administration, which, like the university, is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Thieves have stolen around 100 pieces of royal jewelry from a world-renowned museum in Dresden, Germany"

"The collection, located in a former royal palace, was founded in the 18th century by August the Strong, Elector of Saxony and later King of Poland, to show off objects from the treasury."

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dispatches from this weekend's Sopranos convention

In a nutshell, this is Sopranos meets Comic-Con. But SopranosCon is going to be much more than just vendors, pictures and autographs.

Our event is an interactive, street festival themed fan experience, visually inspired by The Feast of St Elzéar, celebrating the series by showcasing Italian culture in New Jersey with food, drink, art, music, comedy, and some show-related businesses. There will be fan art galleries, exhibits, screenings, Q&A’s, trivia and costume contests, interactive games, and much more.

Cleveland Browns fans trying to hit a Mason Rudolph pinata with a helmet

Fuji Sports Club logo

Wargaming miniatures roundup

Saturday, November 23, 2019

"'Ring Fit Adventure' Understands the Shame and Fear of Exercise"

Patrick Klepek for Vice:
When people think of Nintendo games, they think of extremely polished experiences. This comes in a variety of forms, whether it’s the feeling of Mario jumping or Link swinging a sword. In Ring Fit Adventure, it’s the superb attention to detail in commenting on the player’s form, and finding ways to gently coax them into doing better.

When you pick an exercise/attack, the game shows a character model in proper form, alongside a checklist of things you should do to achieve something similar, i.e. bend knees. To proceed, you need to hit that checklist, and then hold that checklisted form for three whole seconds. If you budge, the timer starts over. This means, at least to start, the game will not proceed until, to the best of its ability, it’s judged you’re ready for the exercise.


But during reps, there are tiny ways the game tries to keep you on track. If you do the exercise perfectly, your character’s hair lights on fire. Let’s say that while doing a squat, you keep hesitating on dipping your butt all the way down. You’ll still be able to attack an enemy, but because your hair wasn’t on fire, it’s a weaker attack. The game’s message: “You’re cheating yourself and you’ll have to do more exercise to beat this. Now, get your ass down.”
Alternate review:

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High-rise wearing the building it replaced like a mask

Special Ring security kits approved by Shaq; Historic church turned into Audible's "Innovation Cathedral"; Collapsing sideline toilet for football players; Defense against deepfakes

"Former St. Paul convent is reborn as a boutique hotel"

After a long day of teaching, either at the conservatory or at area Catholic schools, the sisters would attend prayer, then supper, and then take their evening break. Some settled into the common room to play bridge, but the youngest among them (many of whom were in their early 20s) flocked to a covered rooftop loggia to spend their one precious hour of recreation singing old Irish songs, swinging on swings, playing badminton and, yes, roller skating.

"Monsanto pleads guilty to illegal pesticide use in Hawaii"

Monsanto, now owned by the pharmaceutical company Bayer of Germany, has also agreed to pay $10 million for charges it unlawfully stored the pesticide, which was classified an acute hazardous waste. The money includes a $6 million criminal fine and $4 million in community service payments.


The company also admitted it told employees to re-enter the fields seven days after the spraying, even though Monsanto knew that workers should have been prohibited from entering the area for 31 days.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Andrea Blasich sculpture show at Gallery Nucleus

Spider-Verse, Robin Hood, Vader, and more opening Saturday at Gallery Nucleus.

"Secret bunkers and mountain hideouts: hunting Italy's mafia bosses"

The Guardian:
The Cacciatori unit searches the rugged landscape of Calabria for fugitives who have dug themselves deep into the earth

On the slopes of the Aspromonte mountains, Pasquale Marando, a man known as the Pablo Escobar of the Calabrian mafia, the feared ’Ndrangheta, built a secret bunker whose entrance was the mouth of a pizza oven.


Before his eventual arrest in 2016, [he] spent 20 years as a fugitive in the Calabrian mountains, where the wanted men of the ’Ndrangheta have for decades planned and built elaborate mirror cities underneath their villages. It is a literal underworld of bunkers located behind sliding staircases, hidden trapdoors and manholes linked by endless tunnels that merge and separate, leading to escape routes among the sewer system or amid the brambles of a dry river bed.

The G on Galactus's chest; Nightmarish illustrations in a horse-riding manual; Gallery of devices hacked to run Doom

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Red Panda on the loose in France

🔴 Recherche d’un Panda roux 🔴 Dans la nuit du 14 au 15 novembre, les importantes chutes de neige ont cassé de nombreuses branches dans le parc. Un de nos petits pandas a su en profiter pour passer d’arbre en arbre et sortir de l’enceinte de son enclos. Le Panda roux est un animal principalement nocturne, il passe donc une bonne partie de sa journée à dormir dans un arbre. C’est un grimpeur hors-pair qui n’a pas peur de l’altitude, n’hésitez pas à regarder en haut des arbres ! Aux dernières nouvelles, il aurait été aperçu près de Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire, à moins de 5 km du parc. Si vous l’apercevez, contactez nous au : 04 77 75 22 92 ou au 06 65 68 60 53 Ne tentez pas de l’attraper, car, même s’il s’agit d’un petit animal inoffensif aux airs de peluche, il possède de bonnes griffes et de bonnes dents ! Merci à tous pour l’aide que vous nous apporterez ! ❤ #pandaroux #aide #recherche #neige
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When your dog LOVES the cone

Tesla Cybertruck is ready to destroy Jared-Syn

Official site.

Half-Life Alyx trailer, wallpapers, details from the trailer

Official site.

Wallpapers at Reddit.

University of Hawaii football pronunciation chart

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"The 15-year-old TikTok star got dazzlingly famous overnight — and even she’s not sure why"

In six months, 15-year-old D’Amelio has collected more than 5.1 million followers on TikTok.


D’Amelio’s popularity is still confined largely to TikTok. While boasting more than 741,000 followers on Instagram, she has a modest 6,500 on Twitter and an inactive YouTube account.


D’Amelio’s first meet-and-greet, held last week in Norwalk, Connecticut, sold out. But the biggest shock for her fans was the $100 charge to take a photo or TikTok with her.


Charli’s mother, Heidi D’Amelio, tells MEL this is the first meet-and-greet the family has ever put on. They based the $100 amount off other meet-and-greets they’d researched. “You know, I can’t say that thought might not have run through my head if I if that were someone else. We probably should have worded it differently,” she says. Marc D’Amelio, a prominent Connecticut Republican, wasn’t available for an interview, but he tells me the family is being bombarded with calls and emails.

Tiktok biopic with big ending

Fun Martha Stewart advertisement for Knives Out

Flooding in Vegas

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