Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"We visited 14 activations at SDCC 2019 from photo-ops, to escape rooms, to exhibits. Here’s our review of them all"

"the highlight here was an intense photo-op where you were tortured by guards (yes, really)."


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Ten funny tweets

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Monday, July 22, 2019

"Opinion entrepreneurs"

Ten funny tweets

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Compelling video with twist ending will leave you dying to know more

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Doctor Strange cosplay with FX

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Metallica poster (art roundup)

Metallica poster by Steve Seeley available here later today.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Players wearing special costumes during the Korean baseball all-star game

More in the thread.

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SDCC "exclusive" Peanuts toys by Super 7 available for preorder

Figures and blindboxes.

Minas Tirith cosplay (cosplay roundup)

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The Lakers meander forward in their odyssey to sign the Greek Freak

It turns out these are the “drowned lands of the Wallkill,” New York


It turns out these are the “drowned lands of the Wallkill,” a river with such an irregular bed, that so commonly flooded every season, that high points in the landscape would become temporary islands.

According to The History of Sussex and Warren Co., NJ by James P. Snell, it wasn’t until legislation was passed in 1807—creating wonderfully named “drowned-land commissioners”—that the region was eventually drained.


The landscape is also almost literally Biblical


Here’s one example, like a scene written by Victor Hugo transplanted to New York State: “A hundred farmers, on the 20th of August, 1869, marched upon the dam to destroy it. A large force of armed men guarded the dam.
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Climbing wall mascot looks like a climbing wall

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Practical Kinks for Coal Mining Men (the book)

Yes, it is available at Amazon. But perhaps you might like this volume available at ebay:

Ten funny tweets

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Star Wars roundup

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Blade jokes

Bonus Shang Chi:

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Wargaming miniatures roundup

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