Thursday, September 30, 2021

Badly misleading viral tweet about Facebook's testimony today

Buzzfeed editor dunking:

The prelude to the question:
Slate summarized the WSJ's recent reporting on the topic.

Wild story about "yellow rain" that the U.S. claimed was a Soviet chemical weapon being used to kill people in Southeast Asia


Yellow rain was the subject of a 1981 political incident in which the United States Secretary of State Alexander Haig accused the Soviet Union of supplying T-2 mycotoxin to the Communist states in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for use in counterinsurgency warfare. Refugees described many different forms of "attacks", including a sticky yellow liquid falling from planes or helicopters, which was dubbed "yellow rain". The U.S. government alleged that over ten thousand people had been killed in attacks using these supposed chemical weapons. The Soviets denied these claims and an initial United Nations investigation was inconclusive.

Samples of the supposed chemical agent that were supplied to a group of independent scientists turned out to be honeybee feces, suggesting that the "yellow rain" was due to mass defecation of digested pollen grains from large swarms of bees.

Another write-up of the story here.

"A sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja attacked several special operations soldiers who were training at a California airport"

Stars and Stripes:

The staff sergeant was sitting outside the administration building at the airport hangar smoking a cigarette when he was approached by “an unknown person wearing full ninja garb,” the photographed document states.

It is unclear from the records whether the man was an actual practitioner of ninjutsu.

“Do you know who I am?” the ninja asked, to which the soldier replied no, according to the document.

“Do you know where my family is?” the black-clad man then asked. The staff sergeant again answered no.

“The person in ninja garb began to slash

A former Michelin inspector describes how he got hired and what is was like traveling the world


Usually, I had to dine alone, for breakfast, lunch and dinner…


What people don’t understand fully, your 10 meals a week, you are probably lucky to get one starred restaurant a week or a star contender, and the other meals are pretty mediocre. And that’s kind of a drudge. And you get into awkward situations, when at the end of you finishing your region, you have an extra restaurant to go to where you haven’t factored it in. So you do dinner at 6 pm, and you do another dinner at 8 pm. So it’s lunch, dinner and dinner.

These new Fortnite figures look really fun

Rippley, Upgrade Shark, and more available for preorder:

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Augmented reality menu; Multiplayer horse game looks great; Impressive Soundwave cosplay


Meanwhile at universities in Norway ##hellō

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Dead ink is a scifi game about vertigo and gaining enough ink to keep 3d printing your body and weapons

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

"a union of SEC college football players could be the single strongest progressive group in the south"

Hamilton Nolan:

In a number of states, a well organized union of college football players could be a stronger political force than the state Democratic Party. The Civil War ended 156 years ago, but Mississippi did not remove the Confederate flag from its state flag until 2020, when it was threatened with losing access to college football championship games. That is how powerful college football is. Do not underestimate it. 

There are huge numbers of conservative Southerners who would fight against all important progressive reforms — unless doing so threatened their access to college football. Then, they would at least be willing to negotiate. A union of Southeastern Conference football players, from schools like Ole Miss, Alabama and the University of Georgia, could force the powers that be in the South to come to the table and negotiate on broader social and economic issues in a way that almost no other group could.

Genshin Impact players started to review bomb unrelated games because Google was deleting their negative reviews of Genshin Impact

The release of 5-star character Yoimiya was poorly received, with complaints of broken abilities and a feeling that minimal thought had been put into her overall gameplay design. Similar problems then arose with the game's next 5-star character 
Players aren't pleased with the rewards being dished out though and, coupled with miHoYo's ongoing silence surrounding the recent problems, it's caused tensions to swell. Things seem to have finally come to a head, with angry fans taking to the game's mobile store pages in droves to leave 1-star reviews. 
Fans of other free-to-play games were unimpressed when they discovered that Genshin players were complaining about anniversary rewards in review sections for unrelated games. None of these complaints had specific demands. 
The Genshin community is starting to develop a reputation for harassing parties unrelated to their discontent. Just two days ago, the English voice actress for Genshin character Kokomi tweeted that it was unacceptable to harass voice actors for a game studio’s decisions. This was in reference to how the Chinese voice actress for Kokomi was forced to cancel a livestream due to the harassment she received about Kokomi’s lackluster gameplay.

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"See what time it is now!"; Mandela effect in "A New Hope"; What are their jobs in "American Gothic"?

(The Guardian had a good correction about this.)

Gideon the Ninth cosplay

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Aura Phantasm Sirbine available for preorder

Aura Battler Dunbine Robot Spirits Side AB Sirbine (Aura Phantasm Ver.) available for preorder:

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3d billboard for Genshin Impact; Italian sculptor denies statue is sexist and says he wished he could have made it nude; Move over Capcom, here's Marvel vs. A24

(The Guardian discusses the controversy.)

Displacers t-shirt; A page from Kate Beaton's new book; He was envisioned as a blobfish

Monday, September 27, 2021

The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland runs an annual miniature dry stone walling competition

The official site has information on the various categories this year, as well as tips for building.

"A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy accidentally opened fire inside a Van Nuys courtroom last month"


“Due to the active investigation we are unable to offer further comment at this time, but what we can say is based on the results of the investigation, proper administrative action will be taken if warranted,” the statement read.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Superior Court system declined to answer questions about the incident, referring all queries to the Sheriff’s Department.

"Recently, the price of Rolex watches has gone hyperinflationary. For reasons nobody fully understands, supply has dried up"

From a post about Rolex scalping and watches being status symbols for the investment class:

Visit any authorized dealer today and you will find almost nothing to buy. The display cases are literally empty. There are a few undesirable models sitting around – smooth bezel Datejusts and the like – but you aren’t finding any watch that one would have considered even the least bit desirable just two or three years ago.


To discover the true price of a new Daytona, head over to Chrono24 – the most popular online watch market – and search “116500LN.” You’ll find more than 100 models to choose from, most of which are “new/unworn” and offered directly by jewelry stores. The price ranges from $32,500-$40,000, or roughly three times the official Rolex list price.

How did all of these new watches end up in the hands of non-authorized jewelry stores? Authorized dealers are forbidden from selling units at any price other than $13,150. Are they just handing out spectacular deals to their competition for nothing in return? Of course not. Either directly or indirectly, deals are being cut, money is changing hands, and watches are flowing from Rolex through authorized dealers and onto Chrono24 before any retail buyers can even see them.

It is almost farcical to walk into an authorized Rolex dealer today.

New HumbleBundle features two James Bond comics for $1

One of them is written by Kieron Gillen.

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Augmented reality observatory; MODOK utility box; A knight's time runs out

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Cheerleader makes a great catch; Player's name appears in Chinese on his jersey; "Joe Bubonics"

Bizarre story about an alleged “Potemkin village” of a website


This past winter, Goldman Sachs was closing in on a $40 million investment in Ozy, a digital media company founded in 2013, and there seemed to be a lot of reasons to do the deal. Ozy boasted of a large audience for its general interest website, its newsletters and its videos, and the company had a charismatic chief executive, Carlos Watson, a onetime cable news anchor who had worked at Goldman Sachs early in his career. And, crucially, Ozy said it had a great relationship with YouTube, where many of its videos attracted more than a million views.

That’s what the Zoom videoconference on Feb. 2 that Ozy arranged between the Goldman Sachs asset management division and YouTube was supposed to be about. The scheduled participants included ...the head of unscripted programming for YouTube Originals. 


After the meeting, someone on the Goldman Sachs side reached out to Mr. Piper, not through the Gmail address that [Ozy] had provided before the meeting, but through [the Google executive's] assistant at YouTube. That’s when things got weird.

[The confused Google executive] told the Goldman Sachs investor that he had never spoken with her before. 

The first two episodes of Apple's new series "Foundation" are great (plus some adult thrillers from the 80's I watched recently)

"Foundation" is great, a pleasure to look at. All the great scifi tropes, but executed expertly. (I've never read Asimov's books, but the TV series apparently departs from them pretty radically.) The first episode of Apple's accompanying podcast for the series is good, too.

"No Way Out" (1987) featuring Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, and Sean Young: A spy thriller that's mostly about how handsome Costner was. Homophobic and slow, but with a delightful ending.

"Angel Heart" (1987) featuring Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet, and Robert De Niro: Solid creepy noir (and largely about how handsome Rourke was), but disgustingly racist. Is it too late to make sequels with De Niro reprising his role?

"Body Heat" (1981) featuring William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, and Ted Danson: Terrific. Completely holds up. 98% at Rotten Tomatoes.

I'm also enjoying Netflix's "Drive to Survive" series about Formula 1, and "Caprica" on NBC's app. And "Wellington Paranormal," the spinoff of "What We Do in the Shadows," deserves a lot more love. 

Printable files for a Sith Lord action figure

One of several figures available for download/purchase:

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