Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bioshock Infinite edited as a nearly four hour movie

Bioshock Infinite edited as a three and a half hour movie, focusing on the story and editing out the fighting.  (I'd gladly pay for an official video like this.)

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Plush Jon Snow and Ghost on sale + Gallery 1988's Saturday Night Live show

First, there's a little over one day left to  bid on the Plush Jon Snow and Ghost (with White Walker hand) by Mick Minogue at ebay.

And speaking of Mick, here's his contribution to Gallery 1988's Saturday Night Live-themed show - - Sinead O'Connor with action feature:

Here's a few of my favorites from the same show:

Geoff Trapp.

Aaron Jasinski.

Graham Curran.

Isaac Bidwell.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Link roundup

1.  I'm giving away a copy of The Castaway by Frank Huyler at the Super Punch Tumblr.  It's a chilling modern fairy tale about a cargo ship's crew that quickly comes to regret rescuing a monstrous little boy.

2.  Wired:

Design is becoming a prerequisite for business success, but with a year at a top-flight school like RISD easily costing more than $53,000, that learning doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Luckily, education marketplace Skillshare has created a new online school of design with world-class teachers that only costs $20 per class.

The professors at the Skillshare School of Design are a talented and ecclectic bunch. Stewart Scott-Curran, who designed World Cup uniforms for Nike, is teaching a class on fashion. Jessica Harllee, a designer at Kickstarter, is teaching a course on wireframing for the web. Chris Delorenzo, the lead designer for uber-hip street fashion brand Johnny Cupcakes, is teaching a course on the art of the t-shirt.
3.  Million dollar bus stop:
A new bus stop on Columbia Pike cost more than $1 million to build, according to a county spokeswoman. The new prototype “Super Stop” at the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive cost $575,000 for construction and fabrication and $440,000 for construction management and special inspections, according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Devil Man (Mirock Toy)

Devil Man (Mirock Toy) - - one of several new toys by Medicom.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Burning 9,000 calories in a day?

2.  Free comics by Giannis Milonogiannis and Steve Niles.

3.  Ominous if true?

Egypt's military arrests divers cutting undersea Internet cables
Coast-guard patrol arrests three divers in the act of sabotaging communications cables that connect Africa with Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, a military representative says.
4.  Win one of Anthony Petrie's Cobra propaganda posters.

Art roundup

Dave Palumbo.

Lovecraft-themed zine kickstarter - - $5 gets you a download of the 72 illustrations.

Matteo Scalera posted several new commissions including Black Widow and Loki.

Battlefield 3 wallpaper.

Alien poster by Adam Juresko on sale at Etsy.

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Link roundup

1.  Review of Mouse Bird Snake Wolf, an upcoming book illustrated by Dave McKean:

Harry, Sue, and Little Ben live in a world whose lazy gods have made creatures like whales and camels but have given up their work, leaving blank spaces, “places filled with emptiness.” The children discover that they can create animals themselves, using sticks, leaves, and clay; Little Ben makes a mouse; Sue, a bird; and Harry, a snake. But Harry and Sue aren’t satisfied. They create a terrifying wolf that turns on them and eats them, and Little Ben must summon the courage to save them.
Preorder for half off at Amazon.

2.  Deep Adventure Time dungeon.

3.  "Heartwarming Olive Garden Receipt [posted at Reddit] Allegedly a Fake, Devious PR Stunt."  I'm suspicious of this, too.

4.  "The little Hamster action figure that came with the Kia Soul press kit."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Oblivion title track by M83 is so 80's

Joe Trapanese:

Listen to this new track from ‘Oblivion’ by M83 that I orchestrated, arranged and conducted.

And here's Star Waves from the same album:

Link roundup

1.  New batch of Tiny Games, this time recommending activities for commercial breaks.  For example:

When the ad break starts, each player puts one finger somewhere on the screen and leaves it there. Whoever’s finger touches more people’s faces during the ad break wins.
2.  "Evil spirits may not exist, but there are phenomena in nature that act nearly the same… or worse."
The “evil wind” in question is well-known invisible killer: carbon dioxide. Emitted by volcanic vents in active regions of Africa, the gas can settle in low-lying areas such as ditches, producing an unseen toxic area that can incapacitate and kill humans who wander within. It is estimated that 100 people die every year in the region around Lake Kivu from such Mazukus, which can be especially dangerous at night, when people sleep close to the ground.
3.  Bioshock Infinite playthrough.

4.  Available for preorder at the BBTS: Real Action Heroes Link by Medicom.

5.  New batch of custom Muppets figures at Tenacious Toys (including Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew).

Monday, March 25, 2013

Art roundup

Abe Sapien by Jim Rugg.

House Stark poster by Rogan Josh.

Mistral from Metal Gear Revengeance by Rob Laro.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing wallpaper.

Blade Runner and Aliens by Eduardo Risso via.

Pacific Rim poster via.

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Art roundup

Polarity variant cover by Tradd Moore.

New illustration by Jeffrey Alan Love.

Stickers by Al Murphy.

Dead Space 3 concept art via.

The Wolverine poster via.

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Bioshock Infinite reviews are out

Almost a perfect score at Metacritic based on 29 critic reviews.

*Buy the Bioshock Infinite special editions at Amazon.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

15 more seconds of new Daft Punk

15 seconds from Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, which is listed at iTunes as a May 21 release.  Via.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Link roundup

1.  "I also heard from my source that the staff at Lucasfilm Animation were shocked by what they perceived as tepid fan reaction to the cancellation of The Clone Wars."

2.  The first chapter in the new BBC radio production of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere is now available for download as a podcast (available this week only, and then part 2 will be available).

3.  Speaking of iTunes, I saw a lot of praise for  iOS game Ridiculous Fishing this week.  It's ok (the shooting half of the game is a chore), but inferior in every way to Super Mole Escape, which uses the same basic playing style and is free.

4.  High school football benchwarmer puts together brilliant highlight reel.

5.  30% off hoodies at Last Exit to Nowhere this weekend with the code HOODIE30.

The full run of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld

Here's a playlist of all 7 episodes of DC Nation's Amethyst Princess of Gemworld.  Via.

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Funko Batman family blind-boxed figures available for preorder

Funko's DC Comics Mystery Mini blind-boxed figures are available for preorder ($6 each, or by the case). Via.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lego roundup

Robots by Soren.

Naboo starfighter and Alice in Wonderland-themed mecha by Bartosz SasiƄski.

Space: Above and Beyond transport ship by Chris L.

Golden Mecha by Moko.

Faster Than Light cuusoo project.

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