Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tiny Lego Slave One

By Do-Hyun Kim.

Mr. Han Enter the Dragon custom figure

I found one for sale at ebay. Via.

A solid fan-proposed concept for Star Trek 3

From the full plot:
On the Enterprise, the unknown probe has been brought aboard and is being studied by Chekov and a team of engineers. They're perplexed by the technology as it is both incredibly advanced and apparently very old. Switching scan modes on his tricorder, Chekov triggers the probe's reactivation protocol and it snaps to life, killing several crew members in a matter of moments. Chekov is able to narrowly escape death but the probe, now having sprouted mechanical legs, rips open the door and escapes into the corridor. 
As the probe tears through the Enterprise, crew members are scrambling to get out of its way. With razor sharp manipulator arms, it cuts through bulkheads (and unfortunate crewmen) like paper. Security teams are unable to stop it from reaching its goal: the Enterprise computer core. With the probe interfacing with the core and now protected by a forcefield, the Enterprise leaves orbit and jumps into warp for parts unknown.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What if Bilbo's magic sword started glowing when it was near an open wifi network?

Here's how to make your own modern version of Sting. Via.

The hundred funniest Tweets of 2014

For example:

A whole bunch of weird photos were just added to the White House Flickr account

For example.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lil' T-1000

A Redditor posted a photo of his niece taking a game of tag a little too seriously, and got a great photoshopped response.

New short animated film by McBess for Nike

You can get your own personalized version if you use Nike+.

*Buy McBess Dunnys at ebay.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Adversarial pinball

From this large collection of video game oddities:
Like this wacky two-player pinball game in which one person is on either side and must alternate between offense and defense. This is achieved by a tilting board, much like a seesaw…

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"If you've ever stopped to charge your cell phone in a Metro station, you should know that Metro considers that stealing and it's not okay with them. "

Los Angeles:
Metro spokesperson Paul Gonzales confirmed to KPCC that three people have been arrested and charged with theft of utilities for doing just that. 
Update, 1:45 p.m.: Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is also Metro Board Chair, has told Metro to stop arresting people for charging their phones

Surprisingly dystopian Hot Wheels commercial

Hot Wheels short film with a pretty dark twist at the end.

The Cards Against Humanity Island is apparently something out of Myst

An adventure:
There was some ice to break so the 20m cross took ~15 minutes and we got to the island around 3:30 PM. 
South side had a fire pit and a small shed. The shed contained the MASSIVE safe (as you can see). I was screaming, it was awesome. 
Searched the rest of the island and tried to take pictures of anything not natural.

The funniest athlete tweets of 2014

A long list assembled by The Cauldron.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bioshock-themed aquarium

Everything in this city of Rapture fish tank is custom-built, and you can see how it was made in this video:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Nest

Sculpture by Nemo Gould.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tim Duncan's Punisher car

Friday, December 19, 2014

Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face

From the alternate reality where Tim Burton's Batman series continued. By Jordan Gibson.

The Instagram Rapture

The Verge on a culling of spambots:
Ma$e committed Instagram's version of seppuku, deleting his account after freefalling from 1.6 million followers to around 100,000.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adult Swim's latest short is what we we're hoping the Twin Peaks sequel will be like

Terrifying in the exact same way as Bob.

The pipe organ in the Haunted Mansion is the same one Nemo plays in the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea movie

Recycling at Disneyland.

Make your own cardboard Baby Groot

Articulated, too.

$350 million and counting wasted on a rocket engine test chamber that will never be used

The reason for the shutdown: The new tower — called the A-3 test stand — was useless. Just as expected. The rocket program it was designed for had been canceled in 2010.

But, at first, cautious NASA bureaucrats didn’t want to stop the construction on their own authority. And then Congress — at the urging of a senator from Mississippi — swooped in and ordered the agency to finish the tower, no matter what.

The result was that NASA spent four more years building something it didn’t need. Now, the agency will spend about $700,000 a year to maintain it in disuse.

New tell-all book about Marissa Mayer's misadventures running Yahoo

The NY Times has a lengthy excerpt from Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!. For example, when Yahoo employees grew upset at a performance review system:
As concerns with Q.P.R.s escalated, employees asked if an entire F.Y.I. could be devoted to anonymous questions on the topic. One November afternoon, Mayer took the stage at URL’s as hundreds of Yahoo employees packed the cafeteria. Mayer explained that she had sifted through the various questions on the internal network, but she wanted to begin instead with something else. Mayer composed herself and began reading from a book, “Bobbie Had a Nickel,” about a little boy who gets a nickel and considers all the ways he can spend it.

“Bobbie had a nickel all his very own,” Mayer read. “Should he buy some candy or an ice cream cone?”

Mayer paused to show everyone the illustrations of a little boy in red hair and blue shorts choosing between ice cream and candy. “Should he buy a bubble pipe?” she continued. “Or a boat of wood?” At the end of the book, Bobby decides to spend his nickel on a carousel ride. Mayer would later explain that the book symbolized how much she valued her roving experiences thus far at Yahoo. But few in the room seemed to understand the connection. By the time she closed the book, URL’s had gone completely silent.

2015 Lacrosse All-Name Team

Griffin Woodfinlevine only made second team.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"The Ten Worst-Sounding Black List Scripts"

Will Widger
A little person private eye investigates the disappearance of a young actress in 1930s Hollywood, leading him to uncover conspiracies involving THE WIZARD OF OZ and Metro Goldwyn Mayer brass.

Black Hole cover

By Matt Dorfman.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer, the donkey issue.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Thing poster


Forbidden Island is a fun, cooperative board game

Forbidden Island is perfect for when you want to play a board game with your kids and don't want to risk a meltdown when someone loses. Here, everyone works together to locate four treasures and then reach the helicopter before the island sinks. $18 at Amazon.

Friday, December 12, 2014

DC's movie themed comic book covers

Some of the covers that will be available in March.

The Best Movie Posters of 2014

A good list of the best movie posters of 2014. (You can buy the poster for The Signal at ebay and at Amazon.)

ARG lasted months

This year, we had small performances that our participant, Rick Moody, was invited to every week for two months before the main weekend, preparing him for that day when all the threads would come back together. Some he knew were happening; others he did not, and those happened around him, with or without him noticing. Things were fed into his life over time: a children’s book written for his daughter was given to him, a fake New York Times review of that book was emailed to him by a friend, pieces of music composed by Travis Weller were left playing for him in a space we called the Cloister, where we asked him to go weekly to interact with installations that we created. Then there were two major moments. At the end of August, I met him in a park and a car picked us up. He didn’t know where we were going until we arrived at LaGuardia Airport, at which point I opened the trunk and pulled out his suitcase. Inside was his passport, and upon inserting it into the ticket machine, he discovered that he was flying to Regina, Saskatchewan. There we created for him a very specific aesthetic experience with a cellist playing the same music from the Cloister in a field. That was all before the culminating weekend of experiences.
That performance extended over three months.

America can't handle authentic codpieces

The stars of Wolf Hall, the BBC’s new period drama based on the novels of Hilary Mantel, have disclosed they have been issued with “smaller”-than average codpieces, out of respect for viewers' sensibilities. 
Mark Rylance, who stars as Thomas Cromwell in the forthcoming BBC series, said programme-makers had decided on “very small codpieces” which had to be “tucked away”. 
He suggested allowances had been made amid concerns about the taste of modern audiences, particularly in America, who “may not know exactly what’s going on down there”.
Now what would make them think that?

Thursday, December 11, 2014