Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jack-in-the-box Jason and Chucky available for preorder

Lots of new horror toys from Mezco, including jack-in-the-boxes, and One:12 Collective Freddy Krueger. And from NECA, including The Nun and Ultimate Pennywise.

"Influencer Luka Sabbat was sued on Tuesday for failing to live up to an agreement to promote Snap Spectacles on his Instagram account"


PR Consulting Inc. says it signed an influencer agreement with Sabbat on Sept. 15, the day after he was first photographed with Kardashian.


Under the contract, Sabbat was to be paid $60,000 — with $45,000 paid up front.

Daft Punk foil poster

By Tim Doyle, available here.

Micro horror anthology

Art roundup

Halloween roundup


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Los Angeles, "Enjoy Your Local Polling Place While You Can. It Probably Won't Last"


There are about 4,000 polling locations in Los Angeles County. Registrar of Voters Dean Logan tells KPCC/LAist that, by 2020, the number will be cut by about 75 percent.


"the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has just granted Waymo the first permit in the state to begin driverless testing on public roads"

"It’s the first time that California has allowed tests on public roads of fully driverless cars ― that is, without a test driver sitting in the driver’s seat."

"Venice Flooding Is Worst in a Decade; Severe Weather in Italy Kills at Least 11"

"It was the highest flood in a decade in Venice, though far short of the record, more than 76 inches above level, set in November 1966."


Art roundup

Monday, October 29, 2018

"We've found 26 books that are almost certainly the original copies that Bram Stoker used to help research his enduring classic"

London Library:

“Bram Stoker was a member of The London Library but until now we have had no indication whether or how he used our collection. Today’s discovery changes that and we can establish beyond reasonable doubt that numerous books still on our shelves are the very copies that he was using to help write and research his masterpiece.”

Philip’s detective trail began with the collection of Stoker’s handwritten and typed notes that had been discovered in 1913 but only published in facsimile form in 2008*. The notes list a wide range of Stoker’s sources for Dracula and include hundreds of references to individual lines and phrases that he considered relevant. A recent trawl of our shelves has revealed that the Library has original copies of 25 of these books, carrying detailed markings that closely match Stoker’s notebook references.

The markings range from crosses and underlinings against relevant paragraphs, to page turnings on key pages, to instructions to have someone copy entire sections into his typewritten notes.

Some of the most heavily marked books include Sabine Baring-Gould’s “Book of Were-Wolves” and Thomas Browne’s “Necromancy - Divination of the Dead”. But the range of titles also sheds light on the detail of Stoker’s geographical and historical research – for example, AF Crosse’s “Round About the Carpathians” and Charles’ Boner’s “Transylvania”.

Terminator, irl

Demonic tree

Ten funny tweets

Francesco Francavilla originals available

From his Mondo show.

Wisconsin "Gov. Scott Walker promised billions to get a Foxconn factory, but now he’s running away from it"


When Walker signed the Foxconn deal in November 2017, the details matched those jotted on the napkin: the state promised a $3 billion state subsidy if the company invested $10 billion in a plant that created 13,000 jobs.


As the size of the subsidy has steadily increased to a jaw-dropping $4.1 billion, Foxconn has repeatedly changed what it plans to do, raising doubts about the number of jobs it will create. Instead of the promised Generation 10.5 plant, Foxconn now says it will build a much smaller Gen 6 plant, which would require one-third of the promised investment, although the company insists it will eventually hit the $10 billion investment target. And instead of a factory of workers building panels for 75-inch TVs, Foxconn executives now say the goal is to build “ecosystem” of buzzwords called “AI 8K+5G” with most of the manufacturing done by robots.


Back when the subsidy was $3 billion, Wisconsin’s non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated that it would take until 2043 for taxpayers to recoup the subsidy.

"The [Yankees] first-base coach could deduce when Price was throwing a changeup and would signal the hitter"


In the 2018 postseason, the rampant hunt for the tiniest advantage emerged as a defining story. It wasn’t just the obvious cases, like the Houston Astros dispatching a gofer to spy on the opposing team’s dugout while wielding a cellphone camera. It’s the thirst for information. Not necessarily statistical, either. Every team employs analysts. Most use the same data set. The best teams succeed by playing the right angles.

For Price, it turned out, that angle was first base. Unbeknownst to the Red Sox, the Yankees believed Price was tipping his changeup. Only it wasn’t visible to the hitter. The first-base coach could deduce when Price was throwing a changeup and would signal the hitter. With his cut fastball becoming a pitch he used less and less, taking the changeup out of the equation made hitters’ jobs even easier. The Yankees jumped him.

Houston also knew about Price’s tipping and did the same in Game 2 of the ALCS. Over the four days between then and Price’s Game 5 start, the Red Sox cracked the tell. They also eliminated his cutter almost entirely, making the changeup even more important. Price threw a career-high 39 changeups that night. The Astros swung and missed a dozen times after doing so once in Game 2.

His wasn’t Boston’s only on-the-fly fix. As the postseason wore on, the Red Sox feared runners on second base were seeing the unique grip Kimbrel and others use on their curveballs. With a so-called knuckle curve, pitchers bend their index finger and put pressure on the fingertip, exposing the knuckle. Upon seeing the grip from behind, the runner at second can relay the pitch type home – a disaster for Kimbrel, who throws only a fastball and curveball.


Visitors miniatures

For the 7TV:Apocalypse kickstarter.

Horror house

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Fortnite action figures by McFarlane available for preorder

"Hyper-Articulated with 18+ points" of articulation

2001 and Blade Runner posters

By Concepcion Studios, available at Spoke.


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