Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coraline Boxes

(See also: Homemade Coraline doll.)

The creators of Coraline sent out 50 handmade boxes to some of their favorite bloggers. Each box is unique and includes items from the movie. Here are the boxes I've found so far. Follow the links for lots of great photos, and please tell me if you spot one I haven't listed.

#1 Tomopop.

#2 More Everything.

#3 Stainless Steel Droppings.

#4 Pink Is The New Blog.

#5 Fashionista Piranha.

#6 Wendy Knits.

#7 Ravelry.

#8 Knitty Blog.

Box #9 Darkmatters.

#10 Stop Motion Magic.

#11 emmyymme:

#13 /Film.

#14 Geeks of Doom.

#15 Lines and Colors.

#21 Notcot.

#22 Toycutter. (My box.)

#23 ToysREvil.

#24 Despoiler.

#27 Neatorama.

#28 Cool Hunting.

#29 Heroine Sheik.

#33 Occupation: Girl.

#34 VampireFreaks (reg. reqd).

#37 Animation Archive.

#39 Karrie A. Lyons. (Scroll halfway down)

#40 Ironic Sans.

#41 The Starlight Foundation (on sale at eBay).

#42 Cory Doctorow.

#44 Make.

#46 The Kreep.

#50 Creativity.

*For more Coraline news, visit Evil Buttons.

*Buy cigar boxes at eBay.


  1. Please forgive me, Sir. my NO. is 46. Too much excitement.

    Photos available.

    In E†ernity,
    Brazillia R. Kreep

  2. Thanks for the awesome job tracking down all these boxes! It's nice to see them all in one place.

    - Anastasia

  3. Do you have this one?

  4. this seems like the box my priest used to cary around with him ..we found out he was carrying and old letter that no one could read but after he died

  5. I've been seeing too many boxes on the Internet. Finally understood what they are about.

  6. Buzzsugar got a box too.

  7. wow these are fantastic! thanks for finding them and posting all together.

  8. Here's another one!


    I like this one :)

    There are also some good pics here:

  10. Hi, do you know by any chance if Nellie Jean is in MP3 form since it is not on the soundtrack, I thought you may know since you kept up with this movie. Thank you!