Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guitar store facade looks like giant amp (link roundup)

"The Guitar Store" in the UK has a facade that looks like a giant Fender Super Champ.

And a few more links:

1. M.S. Corley posted redesigned book covers for The Spiderwick Chronicles (which I've never read).

2. The NY Times has an obituary for Ben Blank, "innovator" of graphics used in news broadcasts. For example:

When the launch of the first Sputnik satellite took Americans by surprise, in 1957, Mr. Blank created what is believed to be the first electronic animation by repeating camera shots of a rotating golf ball, which represented Sputnik, on the end of some coat-hanger wire; the wire was attached to a small rotating globe. For added effect he glued glittering stars to the black background.
Read more about him here.

3. The latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue includes a photo of race car driver Danica Patrick, but airbrushed out the tattoo on her lower back. Extensive photo evidence here.

4. "[A] leading genome researcher at Harvard says that a Neanderthal could be brought to life with present technology for about $30 million."

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