Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love desktop wallpaper (link roundup)

Download the love desktop wallpaper here.

1. Fossil of 43-foot snake found in Colombia. It's been dubbed "Titanoboa," and "[i]t challenges everything we know about how big a snake can be." Via.

2. Class action lawyer obtained for his "clients" (the members of the class) a settlement of a $10 gift card each. Usually the lawyer would earn a hefty fee, and the lawyer, Neil B. Fineman, was "entitled" to a $125,000 fee. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brett Klein ruled that Fineman will be paid in gift cards, instead - - "12,500 ten-dollar Windsor Fashions gift cards." Via.

3. Stephen King says J.K. Rowling's a great writer, but Stephanie Meyer "can't write worth a damn." On that topic, Stephen King's magazine columns for Entertainment Weekly are unreadable. Via.

4. CollectionDX is giving away a cool gorilla soldier.

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