Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quake Live desktop wallpaper (link roundup)

Download the Quake Live desktop wallpaper here. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Plush Little Big Planet's Sackboy as Astro Boy.

2. A 700-pound alleged drug dealer had to be transported to a New York court in a U-Haul trailer to be charged with various crimes. And when I say "court," I mean backed up to a loading dock, where he was met by the judge, prosecutor and other relevant people. The prosecutor says, "I don't know what outcome our office will ultimately approve of, but gross obesity in and of itself is no defense." Photo link. Via.

3. Author invited to gather comments critical of The Pirate Bay for use in the ongoing trial is actually a Pirate Bay fan. It's almost as if the Swedish prosecutors are intentionally sabotaging their case.

4. Kim Bost's clever, personalizable business card (is that a real word?). Via.

*See more clever business cards here.

*Buy Quake toys at eBay.