Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Starship Troopers take on child abuse (link roundup)

Please tell me no tax dollars helped pay for this public service announcement to help raise awareness about child abuse, starring Casper Van Dien, reprising his role as Starship Trooper's Johnny Rico. I mean, I can only think of two explanations: (1) someone really had the hots for Casper; or (2) someone wants to harm the chances of James Cameron's Avatar by reminding people about Starship Troopers. Hey, the only way to fight child abuse is by glorifying genocidal violence, right? Via.

And a few more links:

1. You can play a Watchmen-themed side-scrolling brawler flash game here. It's probably dramatically better, at least visually, than the old NES game Kung Fu, which gobbled up hours of my time. I scored 31391. Completing it doesn't seem to unlock anything. For everyone who played Kung Fu, did you ever imagine that the basement was simply full of stacks and stacks of dead bodies?

2. Get a random Tee Fury t-shirt for $5.

3. My kids have been nightmares today, but they haven't been this bad.

4. Another alternate reality game, for Routes.

*At Toycutter: Watchmen Pez Dispenser.

*Buy Starship Troopers toys at eBay.