Monday, May 4, 2009

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. goods available online

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. has finally put its odd collection of goods on sale online. A few of my favorites include:

Mind reader helmet.

Gallon of gravity.

Superhero's map of Brooklyn and environs:

The BSSCo. Map of Brooklyn and Environs is the definitive guide to the Brooklyn metropolitan area. Specifically designed to aid in crime-fighting, our easy-to-read street grid format makes locating superhero services and areas of interest a breeze.

Color-coding aids in aerial positioning. Universal scaling system reads in miles, kilometers and electrometers.

REPRESENTED LOCALES INCLUDE: Landing pads, vortices, sidekick training grounds, The Secret Identity Naturalization Office, escape routes, villain containment units, suspicious territory, ripples in space-time, the University for the Heroic Arts, costume cleaners and more.

The ocean territories:
Essential for aqua-heroes and ocean travelers, this topographic map of the North Atlantic Underwater States and Territories features the most up-to-date political boundaries and population overview.
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