Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mars Attacks trading cards (link roundup)

Gallery of Mars Attacks trading cards. Infinitely more fun than the movie. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Robot 6 interviewed Thomas Hall, whose comic Robot 13 I recommended a few days ago. His description of how he and artist Daniel Bradford began collaborating is interesting.

2. When the Federal Bureau of Prisons wants to transfer inmates from one prison to another, say from Minnesota to California, it often puts them unsupervised on a Greyhound bus. 90,000 times in the last three years. Greyhound is never notified and has asked that the practice be stopped. Via.

3. Montgomery County High School in Georgia still has segregated proms. Sad story about the details, including what happened when Morgan Freeman offered to sponsor an integrated prom in Mississippi. Via.

4. Using an LA Times article about budget cuts as an example, Matt Welch does a good job in pointing out the ways reporters inject their own opinions into articles.

*At Toycutter: Mars Attacks custom action figure.

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