Friday, May 1, 2009

The robot apocalypse will be flavored with lychee

A destroyed 7-Eleven can apparently be seen in the Terminator trailers (I haven't watched them to avoid spoilers):

And you can find Terminator miniatures at 7-Eleven:

And yes, there is a special Slurpee available as part of the campaign: "Apocalyptic Ice is a blood orange-flavored Slurpee with a hint of lychee, a sweet, tropical fruit popular in Asian countries."

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  1. The nice thing about those toys is that they come with a small plastic pedestal to display the item and they just snap (like a Lego) away from the straw and pedestal.

  2. Thanks for posting about this.
    We don't have 7-eleven in Georgia
    so I would have missed out on these
    if you had not posted about them.
    Time to talk some people on my
    favorite forum :D