Monday, May 4, 2009

Win a set of Burger King Star Trek toys and glasses

UPDATE: Pip won the giveaway and has already been notified.

The Burger King/Star Trek promotion has kicked off in a big way. I previously mentioned that the "Kingons" had walked the red carpet at the Star Trek Hollywood premiere:

Here's video footage:

And here's the new tv commercial featuring the Kingons:

There's also a website called, "When Kingons Attack," with various instructional videos teaching you how to defend yourself against a wide variety of attacks. (Some of my older readers might recognize the strange device in the second to last video as a "cassette player.") If you watch all of the videos, you'll get a rather disappointing desktop wallpaper (why not a desktop with the Kingon?):

So, as part of the campaign, I have a full set of the Burger King Kid's Meal Star Trek toys and glasses to give away. The superdeformed spaceships are especially charming. For a chance to win, comment on this post and make sure your comment includes your email, a Star Trek-related link, and a very brief description of the link. Feel free to link to Star Trek art you've created. One entry per person, and my favorite link will win. All entries must be posted by 8:00 Pacific Standard Time on Friday May 8, 2009. My apologies, this contest is limited to USA residents.

To get you in the mood, here's two Star Trek links:

Star Trek cakes

Star Trek Gets Ruined in 80 Ways JJ Abrams Could Never Dream Of

And you have a better chance of winning if you find something I haven't linked to in the past.

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