Monday, May 4, 2009

Win a set of Burger King Star Trek toys and glasses

UPDATE: Pip won the giveaway and has already been notified.

The Burger King/Star Trek promotion has kicked off in a big way. I previously mentioned that the "Kingons" had walked the red carpet at the Star Trek Hollywood premiere:

Here's video footage:

And here's the new tv commercial featuring the Kingons:

There's also a website called, "When Kingons Attack," with various instructional videos teaching you how to defend yourself against a wide variety of attacks. (Some of my older readers might recognize the strange device in the second to last video as a "cassette player.") If you watch all of the videos, you'll get a rather disappointing desktop wallpaper (why not a desktop with the Kingon?):

So, as part of the campaign, I have a full set of the Burger King Kid's Meal Star Trek toys and glasses to give away. The superdeformed spaceships are especially charming. For a chance to win, comment on this post and make sure your comment includes your email, a Star Trek-related link, and a very brief description of the link. Feel free to link to Star Trek art you've created. One entry per person, and my favorite link will win. All entries must be posted by 8:00 Pacific Standard Time on Friday May 8, 2009. My apologies, this contest is limited to USA residents.

To get you in the mood, here's two Star Trek links:

Star Trek cakes

Star Trek Gets Ruined in 80 Ways JJ Abrams Could Never Dream Of

And you have a better chance of winning if you find something I haven't linked to in the past.

*Buy Star Trek posters at eBay.


  1. Ok, now I wish I hadn't sent you that beaded curtain link earlier; that's the coolest Trek thing I've seen in a while. I'll go dig something else up, though, because I *really* want those toys. ;)

  2. How about a Lego mosaic of Captain Kirk?[]=tags&includes[]=title

  3. How about a replica of Kirk's chair? Nothing is cooler than that!

    doubleofive (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Well, it's a complete corporate sell-out, but a really fun one! Cheezit is running a "Trek Yourself" site where you can upload your photo and turn it into a Star Trek character (and even have it say any one of a series of catchphrases). The interface is actually not too bad, and the results are surprisingly smooth! (you have to manually mark where your eyes, chin, nose, and the sides of your face are).

  5. How's this for awesome? Decorate your ENTIRE LIVING ROOM as if you are on the deck of the Enterprise.

    Star Trek Enterprise Wall Mural

  6. Pure awesomeness on this one: some guy recreated the Voyager set in his apartment.

    It's amazing. So much work, but oh-so-worth it!

    cherandscully (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Watch full episodes of Star Trek on CBS.

    kauchismom at hotmail dot com

  8. I love these Star Trek inspirational posters:

  9. Have a Klingon wedding!


  10. I found these babies on my package of Keebler Grasshoppers last week:

    Am I going to send away for each item? You betcha.

    I don't have a photo because it was pre-digital, but I carved a Spock pumpkin for halloween several years ago. It was totally awesome.


  11. Conversational Klingon. I know it's a cop-out because you read Nerdcore as well, but whatev!

  12. Actually, I've been missing a lot since he went to a partial RSS feed.

  13. Star Trek rocks! Too Bad Gene Roddenbury is no longer with us. May he RIP.

    I just wish Star Trek Online would go... Online.

  14. I've never been afraid of Klingons. Kingons, on the other hand...Aieeee!

    And now for the best "Kirkism" ever:

  15. Here's a link to a picture of Spock I did in perler beads, which are little polyethylene beads that you melt together with an iron. I'm excited to see the new film!


    Hold the Enterprise in your hand and fire the weapons. The 3D tech is very cool and certainly entertaining.

  17. they made star trek look really exciting in the trailers cant wait to see it

  18. I found this while looking through old collections of 3 and 3/4 inch toys. It's a prototype of a wesley crusher action figure. I sent the same link to Wil Wheaton on Twitter and asked if it was made before likeness control was common, but he never wrote back.

  19. OK, so I am a Spock fan, so I get a kids meal and ask for a Spock toy. They give me the Quinto Spock and his hand is up but his thumb is tucked in. I mean they got the hand wrong. How has nobody noticed that. You would think that if they went to all the trouble of putting his hand out there they would at least get it right. I mean how many people had to OK the design before it got out.