Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine and Spider-Sense cosplay

and Peter Parker/Spider-Sense cosplay spotted in this gallery, which also features some Castle Crashers cosplay.

Relatedly, here's another big gallery of cosplay from Dragon*Con, including a Steampunk Wheelchair:

*Previously: Wheelchair with a flamethrower.

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  1. There were two great 9 costumes at D*C, but I think it was the one you don't have pictured here that won best in show. See if you can't find it online - otherwise I'll send you my shot when I get it uploaded.

    And while I'm yakking here, just have to say thanks again for this blog. While at D*C I saw & met lots of my fav artists, almost all of whom I was introduced to via Super Punch. I even bought 2 original Doctor A sketches - woo woo!

  2. Yeah, my Dok A trash truck sketch is probably my favorite possession.