Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toys that are so, so ugly, yet I can't look away

New toys by Medicom, priced at $100 each. They're compelling in their hideousness, and maybe a little too reminiscent of blackface?

UDF Kyubikkumausu - Mickey Mouse

UDF Kyubikkumausu - Minnie Mouse

UDF Kyubikkumausu - Donald Duck

UDF Kyubikkumausu - Goofy

UDF Kyubikkumausu - black and white version of Mickey Mouse

The World of GOLDEN EGGS - Coach

The World of GOLDEN EGGS - Stefan

The World of GOLDEN EGGS - Paul

The World of GOLDEN EGGS - Proboscis

The World of GOLDEN EGGS - Takirenja

Wikipedia explains:

The World Of Golden Eggs is a collection of non-linear sketches, set in the American-style, fictional town of Turkey's Hill. Each episode is about 15 minutes in length and is broken down into the "main story" as broadcast by the town's fictional TV station, "THBC"(Turkey's Hill Broad Casting) and broken up by fictitious adverts and concluded with an English lesson based on content from the episode's main story line. The main story is usually subtitled in English. The subtitles try to reflect the tone of the dialogue which can lead to strange or grammatically incorrect subtitles due to its comedic nature and the use of non-conventional Japanese.

Each story is loosely linked to a main story, but is presented from the different perspectives of the vast cast of characters.

The show has a musical influence, with many of the characters involved in music in some way. Some of the music from the show has even appeared on MTV and has been the basis for the video games based on the show.
It was adapted into games for the Wii and DS. And there's lots of videos at Youtube.

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