Friday, September 30, 2011

Secret Avengers #18 preview

CBR posted several pages from Secret Avengers #18 by Warren Ellis and David Aja (with variant cover by John Cassaday).

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Link roundup

1. Hooters is suing rival breastaurant Twin Peaks for theft of trade secrets.

2. Destructoid:

X-Men: Destiny is an ugly, boring, lazy little game. Even if it were free, it would be insulting to have one's time wasted in this way
3. Megan McArdle:
Gina Kolata's Rethinking Thin makes a pretty compelling case that almost everyone's weight fluctuates within a band of 20-30 pounds. Some peoples' band is higher than others, (and perhaps, slowly increasing over time). When you get nearer to the bottom of your body's weight tolerance, your hunger increases; drop below it, and your body reacts as if you're starving, slowing your metabolism and focusing more and more of your mental attention on food. I'm near the top of my weight band right now, and am nearly revolted by the idea of eating much besides vegetables and clear liquids. If Chris Christie was at a similar BMI, he'd probably be continually, distractingly ravenous.

Almost no one manages to stay outside of that band for very long, and those who do need to devote almost their entire energy to doing so, because the hunger is a biological signal on par with pain or the urge to drink. As Paul Campos notes in his excellent book, the idea that we can permanently reduce our weight through diet and/or exercise is one that has been experimentally tested about 500 million times over the last several decades, and fairly resoundingly refuted.

Slender Man photo shoot

Slender Man photo gallery.

Good redesigns, bad redesigns

First, Ms. Marvel and four other heroes redesigned by Aaron Diaz:

Second, 10 terrible redesigns, including Deodato's Thor:

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A time-traveling trip goes awry

DeLorean and raptors by Franco Brambilla, who typically sells his art at Zazzle and Artflakes.

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Big Daddy and Little Sister fan art

Big Daddy and Little Sister by Lisa Evans, who has lots of art on sale at Etsy.

Speaking of Bioshock, Irrational is hardly afraid of fan art, today the company blog recommended a fanmade t-shirt that's on sale.

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Illustration roundup

The Queen of Chinatown posters available at eBay. Via.

Skaters commission by Hellen Jo.

Doctor Who by Mike Dialynas. Via these sites.

Character designs by Ben Steers for Nightmare High - - "Flesh eating teachers, brain scanning machines, evil sky rockets and the most mighty packed lunchbox in the history of the universe all feature in Nightmare High, a new game . . . designed to help 10-13 year olds as they move up to big school, and with life transitions in general."

Big oil by David Drummond.

Illustration roundup

Print by Erika Lugo on sale here.

Japanese Poster: Yusaku Kamekura Award 1999 - 2010. Via.

Todd’s Adventures in Slime World fan art by Zac Gorman.

Illustration by Chris Rahn for a new fantasy art-themed group blog.

Doctor Doom by Aaron Jasinski. Via these sites.

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Plush Link

Wind Waker plush Link available for preorder at Entertainment Earth ($8).

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Portal-themed iPad decals

Portal-themed iPad decals by Reddit users (not yet for sale).

*Previously: Portal cosplay.

Plush Hobbes

Plush Hobbes by Lindsay Mays/Silent Orchid, who has several plush creatures on sale at Etsy.

Link roundup

1. Maybe it gets better later, but why would I keep playing Glitch when the first actions it makes me do are collecting a hamburger and watering a tree?

2. Speaking of games, here's three free games: Psychonauts iOS app; Team Fortress 2 demake; Broken Sword.

3. Joel McHale describes his college football career.

4. Walter Russell Mead:

Our educational system isn’t nearly user-friendly enough. Modeled after aristocratic and elitists institutions in Reformation England, American undergraduate colleges still accept as a default model four years of full time residential study. A deep confusion about different kinds of education means that the model of liberal arts education is stretched to fit subjects like “business administration” and “water safety management” which have much more to do with training than with education in the classic sense.
5. Thomas Barnett:
My advice here is simple: It is time for both Afghanistan and Pakistan to stop being our problem and ours alone to solve. The Bush-Cheney unilateralism segued right into the Obama-Biden version: We simply refuse to deal with the regional powers, all of which want a far bigger say in how this whole thing settles out. Instead of working with India, China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran — and accepting that their more vigorous management of the situation would mean "victories" for them and not us — we've chosen consistently to side with Pakistan, which not only wants but is committed to keeping the region unstable.

Woodgrain post-it notes

Woodgrain memo pad that's apparently no longer available. Via.

Using a zombie outbreak to promote FedEx

FedEx comes through in a zombie outbreak.

Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. posters available at eBay. Here's the trailer:

Via this NSFW movie poster site.

Illustration roundup

Dragon detector by John Hendrix, who has several prints on sale here.

Hifana tour poster. Via.

Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew by Andrew Kolb.

Ryan Gosling by Chris King.

First page of an upcoming book by Eric Orchard.

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Wakeboarding at a sunken bell tower and abandoned coal mine

Video game-esque events as Red Bull organizes wakeboarding at a sunken bell tower and abandoned coal mine.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Link roundup

1. Grantland's picks for NBA players most likely to be cut by their teams (if a deal is reached and the deal allows each team to cut one player to clear cap space).

2. Rebrickable: Using Lego sets you already have, find out what new sets you can build with the same parts. Any extra parts needed will be shown for you.

3. Things From Another World's latest nick and dent sale.

Daphne and Velma

Daphne and Velma by Noelle Stevenson, who has various cheap prints on sale here.

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New abandoned Lego mansion by Mike Doyle

New abandoned Lego mansion by Mike Doyle - - prints on sale here, and more photos here.

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Cinderella's Carriage jack-o'-lantern

Cinderella's Demise by a team of Laika artists for The Great Pumpkin ASK:

Their piece reflects a playful and mischievous take on the fable of Cinderella’s midnight ride.

New Humble Indie Bundle

Now available - - the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.

Bioshock PC case

Bioshock PC case. Via.

$80 Kindle, $200 Kindle Fire

$80 Kindle (18% smaller), $100 Kindle Touch, $150 Kindle Touch 3G, $200 Kindle Fire (weird to emphasize cloud storage so much in a device that's wifi only). Gizmodo's live blog.

Link roundup

1. New Threadless challenge:

We’re challenging you to create a design inspired by one of 12 college mascots or symbols — Alabama, Auburn, Cal, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, LSU, Miami, UCLA, Washington, USC, or Iowa. This is really a series of challenges; we’ll print 12 separate designs, with 12 separate prize packs.
2.Pin-up illustrations art show (NSFW).

3. Do all major brands' slogans work just as well for condoms? Via.

4. The Kickstarter for Brandon Boyer's video game blog raised almost $100,000 (twice the goal).

5. Josh Howard is selling prints of that animated Star Trek The Next Generation illustration I posted the other day.

Illustration roundup

Fat Link by Sebastien Gallego.

Casshern by Alex Fang.

Travis Charest.

Costume Party by Emily Winfield Martin, who has various goods on sale at Etsy.

Billy the Kid vs. Zombie Potatoes by Loic Zimmermann.

*Previously: Casshern paper toy.

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Rifftrax mocks Thor

Rifftrax mocks Thor.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011