Monday, October 3, 2011

Art inspired by Neil Gaiman's American Gods

I invited a few artists to create artwork inspired by Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Some of the illustrations are literal depictions in the book, while others are only loosely inspired by the concept. All of the artists are very talented, so please explore their sites to see (and buy!) more of their work. And I highly recommend this site as a guide to the gods appearing in the book.

Michael Dialynas. On sale here.

Simon Wilches. On sale here.

Lissa Treiman.

Rory Phillips. On sale at the link.

Erica Henderson.

Derek Charm.

Joe D!.

Madeleine Flores.

Kyle Starks.

Dean Reeves.

Sean Hartter.

Chris Haley.

Louie Chin.

Janine Rewell.

Blair Sayer.

Ruby Chen.

Rebekie Bennington.

Dave Bednarski.

Mike Henderson.

Cormac McEvoy.

Jake Murray.

Maryanna Hoggatt.

Anna-Maria Jung.

Stefano Brandetti.

Paul Maybury.

Anthony Petrie.

Ashley Hay.

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*Buy the American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition at Amazon.