Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Link roundup

1. Futuristic mouthguards:

The football team at Stanford University has gotten a high-tech upgrade to its uniform.

This season, players have begun wearing mouthpieces lined with sensors that measure the force and angle of collisions, to help researchers understand what kinds of hits and body positions are associated with concussions.
2. CBLDF fundraiser includes lunches with Neil Gaiman, Frank Quitely, and more.

3. China:
For example, when Shang-Jin Wei, an economist at Columbia University, and Xiaobo Zhang of the International Food Policy Research Institute examined the size distribution of Chinese homes, they found that families with sons built houses that were significantly larger than those built by families with daughters, even after controlling for family income and other factors. They also generally found that the higher a city’s male-to-female ratio, the bigger the average house size of families that have sons.

Mr. Wei reports that many families with sons have begun to add a phantom third story to their homes, one that looks normal from the outside but whose interior space remains completely unfinished.

“Marriage brokers are familiar with the tactic,” he reports, “yet many refuse to schedule meetings with a family’s son unless the family house has three stories.”
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4. The Portal-themed iPad decals I posted a few days ago are now on sale.