Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Link roundup

1. Penelope Trunk on why getting divorced, if you have kids, is probably a bad choice for you and your kids. Her comments reminded me of a book excerpt Robin Hanson posted a few days ago:

The alternative to the European Syndrome is to say that your life can have transcendent meaning if it is spent doing important things – raising a family, supporting yourself, being a good friend and good neighbor, learning what you can do well and then doing it as well as you possibly can. Providing the best framework for doing those things is what the American project is all about.
2. Book and art print giveaway. Via.

3. Outside magazine:
California’s San Quentin State Prison is home to a ball field where you can take your cuts against convicted felons. This I had to try.
4. Read about the Batman: Year One movie that never was - - directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Clint Eastwood:
the script strips Bruce Wayne of his status as heir apparent to the Wayne Industries billions, proposing instead that the young Bruce is found in the street after his parents’ murder, and taken in by ‘Big Al’, who runs an auto repair shop with his son, ‘Little Al’. Driven by a desire for vengeance towards a manifest destiny of which he is only dimly aware, young Bruce (of deliberately indeterminate age) toils day and night in the shop, watching the comings and goings of hookers, johns, pimps and corrupt cops at a sleazy East End cathouse across the street
A perfect idea for my just announced art contest.


  1. SuperPunch: a blog about comics/toys/movies and, once a year or so, marriage.

  2. Read this post from two months ago before you take her marriage advice: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2011/12/28/the-psychology-of-quitting/

  3. Wow, I used to respect Penelope Trunk. Not anymore.
    I agree that too often people divorce for an unwillingness to work with their partner. But then in that case, chances are they probably got into the marriage for the wrong reasons as well.
    But to think it's healthier to be beaten on or to keep children in that situation is bullshit.

  4. "Look. I can'€™t even write '€œthe last time he beat me up.'€ I tried to, but then I thought: 'No. It'€™s my fault. I deserve it. He'€™s right. I'€™m impossible to live with.'"

    Holy shit, that woman is in severe need of an intervention and therapy. She's so turned around that now she's convinced herself that not only does she deserve the abuse, but that anyone who walks away from similar abuse is wrong to do so. It turns my stomach to think of her children learning that as a model for what love should be. And it boggles my mind that people on her blog are cheering her on.