Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here's what's inside Paranorman Box #3 (of 49)

The crate was nailed shut and filled with dirt or a dirt-like substance. Buried in the dirt were two zombie arms, a street sign, and a padlock. Father down was a large coffin, also nailed shut. The interior of the lid of the coffin is scratched as if the zombie was clawing at it, and also playing a game of hangman. Inside the coffin was a zombie. The tag and scroll give care advice for the zombie, which is poseable.


(Pro tip, I used a tiny flat head screwdriver as a crowbar, and a toothbrush to clean off the coffin.)

Here's a new video showing how swappable faces are used to animate the characters:

And here's a charming video introducing the artists at Laika who made the movie (sort of an "it gets better" theme):


  1. wow
    as an artist and a nerd and a packaging nerd and a designer and design nerd.


  2. Amazing! Reminds me of some of the Coraline advertising you covered back in the day. Such great attention to detail.

  3. This is an incredible press kit. Really wanting an extensive "making of" on the blu ray release of this film and a very thick "art of" book.