Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Link roundup

1. "Justin Bieber fans have launched a stunningly well-orchestrated campaign to make sure Justin Bieber is the only song played on the radio this summer."

2. "Arizona’s biggest wildfire — which has scorched 18,000 acres and caused $6 million in damages so far — was started by one shotgun-toting bonehead at a bachelor party, according to authorities."

3. Nightmare fuel.

4. Here's your chance for a cheap Mondo poster. Many people are selling the Amazing Spider-Man IMAX poster for around $10 at eBay.

5. And speaking of cheap entertainment, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol is a 99 cent rental today at Amazon.


  1. Anyone know why the Spider-Man posters are so plentiful and cheap? Did Marvel have Mondo print a ton of them?
    It's tempting, since I've tried a long time to get posters on Mondo when they go on sale (with no luck). But I just don't think I'm interested enough in the subject matter to buy one. Still a nicely done poster...

  2. They're fairly small prints and were given to everyone attending midnight IMAX shows. I bought one of the Mondo John Carter posters that was made for the midnight IMAX screenings and think it's great.

  3. Yeah, a buddy of mine got one for "The Thing" a year or so back and they are a fantastic. Always admired it. I'm tempted to get the "Torso" poster by Jay Shaw you posted a link to. Just don't think I'm in a place to drop $50 on a poster this afternoon. It's a tug-a-war between the heart and the brain right now :)

  4. My blog proves that there's always going to be another cool poster tomorrow...