Thursday, July 26, 2012

Link roundup

1. Grant Hill says no one wanted by the top scorer on the 1996 USA basketball team:

It was actually pretty funny - nobody on the team wanted to be the leading scorer in those games, in the Olympic games. Because whoever was the leading scorer, ended up having to be drug tested.

And the reason for that is the drug testing process, you'd be there for two hours after the game. And so nobody wanted to be there and have to go through that whole process.

So if you watch those games and you watch the highlights at the end of the games, everyone is being super unselfish passing the ball. Because no one wants to shoot (laughs).
2. Kotaku on the upcoming 3DS Mario game:
The 3D effect is minimized—the game won't feature any of the optical illusions or motion-control bits seen in Super Mario 3D Land. Turning up the 3D slider does add a 3D effect, but mostly it causes the background to go out of focus as though players are holding a camera focused on Mario.
3. Graffiti from Pompeii - - I'm going to assume this is legit. Via.

4. Kelly Conaboy:
Something we’ve discussed many times in the past is that although we (some of us) and Tumblr love (or loved) the shows on NBC’s Thursday night lineup, almost no one else even knows they exist and they don’t really make NBC any money and it’s kind of weird that they were ever able to be on NBC in the first place. Right? You remember that we’ve talked about it? You remember. It looks like NBC has finally caught onto this, announcing that they’re going to stop making shows for weirdos and start making shows for dummies.
5. Wall-E is a 99cent rental at Amazon.