Friday, July 27, 2012

Link roundup

1. When the USA experimented to find out if it could expand the Panama Canal using nuclear bombs.

2. NY's mayor Michael Bloomberg is really feeling his oats - - this week he endorsed Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senate race and also explained why the government can't stop Chick fil-A from opening a restaurant on account of their political views.

3. From Drew Magary's sport-by-sport Olympics analysis:

BOXING. It's borderline criminal that a sport as violent and ruthless as boxing is so often decided by a gang of corrupt ... judges who happily ignore Compubox stats in favor of declaring their preferred political ally the victor. Soccer has shootouts. Why doesn't boxing have punch-outs? At the end of 12 rounds, each boxer gets a free shot at the other's face. First one to drop, loses. (Or dies. They'd probably die). Sport: IMPROVED.

PENTATHLON. Here's an event that takes nostalgia way too far. I think it's very cute that they've grouped shooting, swimming, equestrian, running, and fencing all into one event meant to emulate the skills needed of a 19th century soldier. But that shouldn't be an Olympic sport.
4. Gawker spends a day at The Tiki, the theater Fred Willard was arrested in.