Monday, December 17, 2012

Link roundup

1.  Remember that upcoming Diablo clone Marvel Heroes Online?  Lower your expectations:

Marvel Heroes, in its current beta form, is dreadful. Let’s be clear – it’s not finished, there’s no release date yet, and there’s clearly lots of work yet to be done. But they invited the press to have a play of a very limited portion of the game so we could report on it. And it’s currently a giant, dreary mess, a clash of woefully weak combat, and lacklustre delivery, so barren of ideas that I kept wondering if I was doing something wrong.
2.  A lorikeet's tongue is pretty ghastly.

3.  Eye of Sauron in real life.

4.  Consumerist:
Diet Pepsi has switched up its sweetener but it’s doing it ever so quietly and carefully, so as not to freak everyone out. The goal is to make sure that the soda will taste the way it’s supposed to for a longer time, but because the public in general hate change, the company isn’t going around trumpeting this new formula.
5.  If you own one of NECA's Portal gun replicas, the stand is only $10 (instead of $50) at Amazon.  Also available is a 32-Inch 60Hz LED HDTV and DVD Combo for $200.