Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Suri Cruise's decoy body double?

2.  Update on Andrew Sullivan's new site:

When Andrew Sullivan announced that he was taking his immensely popular blog, The Dish, independent and behind a metered paywall, he raised $333,000 in 24 hours. In the remainder of January, The Dish raised an additional $185,000. Then, on February 21, the site turned on its paywall, and so far this month it’s raised $93,000, Sullivan wrote Monday. That’s a total of $611,000 in a little under two months — about two-thirds of the $900,000 Sullivan believes the site needs to operate in its first year.

The pace of subscriptions is clearly slowing — it took a day to reach the first third of the funding The Dish needs in 2013, and nearly two months to raise the second third. How long will it take to raise that remaining $300,000 or so?
3.  Mouse deer look like some kind of creepy taxidermy experiment.

4.  And speaking of creepy nature, meet the Amazonian frog that practices "functional necrophilia."

5.  The Princess Leia prayer icon I posted last week is now on sale.