Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Interesting interview about the end of blog Regretsy:

There would be days when I would be on the couch with my laptop for 16 hours, just exhausted and in tears.
Via Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks, who posted somewhat similar observations about blogging.  (My feelings couldn't be different, I love blogging, and am lucky to be able do it just for fun.)

2.  Relatedly, bitter brand managers on Twitter:
Twitter had created a system that demanded the attention of intelligent people, individuals capable of assuming the entire false persona of a global brand without lapses, but there was no reward for that attention. Quark Cola were obliged to maintain a Twitter page, which meant an individual was obliged to maintain the page. As Samantha had hinted in his original interview, it was a responsibility, not an opportunity.

3.  A Redditor:
The suits in Dead Space 1 looked better. They didn't have to get so "iron-man"ny with it. It's just an engineer on the job.
4.  NY Times:
Beginning in the 1930s the Texas-born filmmaker Melton Barker spent nearly four decades scurrying across America with a script and a camera, methodically making and remaking the same two-reel film.

His life’s work — “The Kidnappers Foil,” a hokey short about a band of kids who outsmart two dozing criminals, then perform a series of song-and-dance routines — preyed upon the loving delusions of small-town mothers and fathers. Equipment in tow, Barker would roll into town, offering starry-eyed parents a chance to see their children, billed collectively as the Local Gang, ham it up on a big screen — for a fee.
Via these sites.