Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Animal Kingdom at Gallery Nucleus

A few of my favorites from The Animal Kingdom opening tonight at Gallery Nucleus:

Join Us for the Opening Reception ($5 Admission)
Bring your Valentine as part of your romantic night out. Open to the public. All ages welcome.
Reception Highlights Include:
Pet LIVE zebra, pygmy goats, alpacas and more!
Admission includes entry to win original artwork, LA Zoo tickets, and other prizes
Free rose for couples
Complimentary champagne and wine

Chris Buzelli.

Patrick Awa.

Mindy Lee.

Ping Zhu.

Joy Ang.

Rodrigo Luff.

Ako Castuera.

Megan Hughes.

Bruce Jensen.

Sean Kenney.

Victo Ngai.

Andrea Offerman.

Dadu Shin.

Jeremy Wilson.

Mike Yamada.


Mark James Porter.