Saturday, April 20, 2013

Link roundup

1.  Pathetic kickstarter from major artists.  Or maybe mystifying is more accurate.  The Goon kickstarter really shines by comparison.

2. Nightmare fuel.  And more.  Via.

3. "A 25-year-old Japanese man confessed this week to slashing as many as 1,000 tires in a bizarre, yet apparently successful scheme to pick up female drivers."

4.  Penelope Trunk knows how to write a paragraph:

At one point I dated the youngest doctor in Illinois. He was gorgeous and brilliant. He worked in the emergency room and in between patients, almost every night, he had sex with nurses. He broke off three engagements and moved to a state where he knew no one. And he's worked the emergency room night shift for the last twenty years because that's a lifestyle that is most likely to allow for avoiding social engagement.


  1. The kickstarter campaign is, as you point it, pathetic. Can't these guys offer some interesting rewards such as a sketch/commission or something else ? I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the different parts with the dinner parties or the phone calls.

    1. I kept thinking I skipped the one where you get the book...

    2. For $100 I would much rather have a book than a phone call.

  2. Have to agree, the "rewards" are pretty lame. Would definitely rather have the book than a phone call.

  3. The kickstarter rewards are indeed mystifying. And then there's this: "I expect the writing itself to take about six months. The illustrations will take longer, maybe as much as a year."

    Now, I have read and liked Willingham for a long time (since Elementals, which if you haven't read, John, you would really like I think), but he is not known for his speed, nor is Cho. Likely, this will take a good deal more than 18 months to write and draw.

    And that's fine. They should take all the time they need. BUT, they aren't publishing it themselves--they're submitting it to publishers (which is why (I'm guessing) they can't offer books as rewards). Yes, given their name recognition in comics, they'll certainly get it published, but when? 3 years from now? 5?

    Above all, I have to wonder what is the kickstarter money paying for exactly? They're not publishing the thing, not distributing it, and not marketing it. They have no expenses (that I can detect) other than their personal time creating it. So....they want fans to pay them $30k to produce something--that the fans will then have to buy and that the creators will then get paid by the publisher for as well.

    There have been more and more of these "2 bites at the apple" type of kickstarters cropping up lately, and I feel like they deserve to fail.

  4. well judging from the price+time+comments about money for cho? i would guess the money is going towards a year's survival for cho. if he's doing this and nothing (or very little) else, then he needs money to buy food and pay rent, etc etc. $30k is a very modest one year's living. i assume cho lives via freelance, like most illustrators. he can't do this kind of project in his free time because freelancers don't really do free time--especially if they need a lot of time for their work.

    so, for willingham to snag enough of his time to make this work, he has to buy it, just like any other employer. but odds are good that willingham, as a writer, does not have 30k just lying around. nor does he have the practice or time to self-publish, etc etc.

    hence the kickstarter.

    i know it seems a sort of pathetic attempt, but i can't begrudge them. if their fans are into it, let it go.