Thursday, July 4, 2013

Link roundup

1.   Grantland profiles Mike Cervenak, who has spent 15 years playing baseball in the minors and overseas. Here's one anecdote:

At the end of 2002, the Yankees announced they were moving their Double-A team [from Norwich] to Trenton, New Jersey. Cervenak, who was depreciating as a prospect, was happy to toil somewhere else. "I said to someone at the gym, 'I tell you what: That's the last time this town will see my shadow!' 
"In December," he said, "I wind up getting a call. 'You got Rule 5'd to the Giants.' I'm like, 'Where's their Double-A affiliate?'" In fact, San Francisco had just moved its Double-A team. To Norwich.
And another, on being briefly called up to the Phillies:
A day later, Cervenak got his first major league at-bat, in extra innings with the score tied. He fouled off the first pitch. The second pitch he hit to deep left, all the way to the track. His mom, Eva, was in the stands, and she got so excited that she spit her gum onto Ryan Howard's mom.
2.  Reporter humiliates guys trying to interrupt his live broadcast.

3.  Attempt to testify over Skype in Zimmerman trial goes awry:
The witness, Scott Pleasants, is a professor at Seminole State College in Florida, and was formerly Zimmerman's teacher; his testimony's not particularly important, it seems, but his inability to make the 15-minute drive from the college to the Seminole County Courthouse in Sanford and the prosecution's inability to go full-screen with the call and/or turn off contact from people beyond the account's contact list made this moment happen. The name of the account being used to connect with Pleasants was fairly clear to anyone who could squint, and there is, of course, a thread on 4chan's /b/ board dedicated to calling in.
4.  Lifehacker recommends this $30 pillow that's designed to keep your head cool at night.