Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Warning men of Halifax: The Glove Man"

Last weekend I was on my way back from downtown walking alone on Spring Garden road scouting for a cab when a well dressed guy in a black SUV pulls up beside me and asks if I'm looking for a cab. I said yes, he asked where I was going and I told him. He said he was headed in the same direction and that he offers rides around town on the weekend. Thinking this was some friendly guy running his own Uber service, I got in hoping for a cheap ride home and handed him $10 out of my pocket. I'm 6'3 and 200lbs so I didn't feel threatened. Stupid of me.

The guy is wearing a leather jacket and leather gloves, and as soon as we're driving, starts talking about the business he has selling leather gloves. He gives me his business card. At this point I think he's just a quirky salesman with a small business which he promotes on the side while driving people.

When we get near my street, he tells me he wants me to try on some gloves. He is very excited about his gloves and despite being a bit weird I thought I'd humor him, give his business a chance and then tell him I wasn't interested and be on my way.

He gives me a pair of leather gloves which are extremely tight to fit on my hands and I start to put one on, despite it obviously not fitting. He then prompts me to pull the glove right on and thread my fingers together to stretch it on properly, and shows me how to stretch the glove by pulling on it and making a fist. At this point I'm getting extremely wierded out by the whole thing, and we turn onto my street, when he pulls over and encourages me to put the other glove on too.