Thursday, July 4, 2024

New Orleans police officer charged with helping a "political rainmaker" submit a false insurance claim


The indictment charging [the officer] was long expected. He was fingered, although not by name, in the April 2023 guilty plea of ... the former owner of the Magnolia Mansion, a popular Lower Garden District fund-raising venue for a long list of politicians. More recently, ... a Nevada art appraiser who knew [the officer], agreed to plead guilty to participating in the grift by wildly inflating the value of the never-stolen artwork.

Both are expected to testify against [the officer].


At times, the indictment's details have an element of farce. At one of the men's meetings, it says, [the officer] held up a sign that read "NOT CONRAD" to remind [the homeowner] not to address the officer by his middle name, used only by acquaintances. The indictment suggests the sign was captured by [the officer]'s body-worn camera.


[The officer previously] received a letter of reprimand for allowing a handcuffed suspect to escape from his squad car.