Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Today's news and jokes

@pubity New level of laziness unlocked🤣🤣 #Pubity ♬ original sound - Pubity

@wildnorthab Have you ever seen a baby Beaver? This cute little North American Beaver was found orphaned and requires care for two years, which is when it becomes a releasable age! Considering this, it was in the Beaver’s best interest to be transferred to AIWC for long-term rehabilitation due to their facility setup. Thank you @albertawildlife for helping us help this baby Beaver 🦫 #northamericanbeaver #beaver #orphaned #wildnorthab #wildnorth #wildliferehabilitation #wildliferehab #wildlife ♬ Soft and minimal instrumental music(1259336) - MaxRecStudio

@authorabbyjimenez The silence was so loud 😂 #pudelpointer #birddog #huntingdog ♬ Lacrimosa - Vienna Mozart Orchestra

@julessaviles They really made me feel at home, such great hosts ! They were probably so confused wondering what i was doing there lol #fypシ゚viral #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok ♬ Nice and Easy - Louis Adrien

@wetrabbitkayaks Manatees have poor eyesight. Basically, they can see colors and shapes up close just enough to find food, but thats about it. Because of the shape, size and colors of our kayaks and the glass bottom resembling an underbelly, we often get mistaken for manatees when a young male is feelin’ frisky. 🥰 During manatee season, these boys will grab onto the kayak and try to mate with it until they realize it isn’t a manatee! Its such an awesome experience and sooooo dang funny 😆 Our guides and guests are so great about sitting still and lifting their paddles out of the water when this happens. The best thing you can do is shift your weight to stay balanced, stay calm, be patient and as soon as the manatee lets go, put a safe distance between you two to avoid another interaction. As always, leave ‘em wild. Manatee seasom for us is October - Februrary. Will you be joing us? Scheduling will be available next week at #manatee #manateeseason #manateetiktok #underwater #wildlife #glassbottomkayak #kayaking #kayaktour #tourguide #paddleguide #florida ♬ Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

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