Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Video shows the remains of an ancient fortress sitting hidden beneath" lake in Turkey


From the surface, Turkey's Lake Van looks like any other large body of water. Turkey's largest, the lake sits in the far eastern region of the country, near Iran. The lake has a striking blue color and is a tourist attraction, benefiting towns around its rim. But below the surface lurks another town, which had hardly been seen in thousands of years.

During a recent dive to explore the lake, archaeologists from Van Yüzüncü Yil University and a team of independent divers found an underwater fortress.


the team estimates the remains are roughly 3,000 years old


The archaeologists believe rising lake levels slowly submerged parts of the city over time

"Private jets and golden parachutes: The L.A. Times Guild asks, 'Where is the money?'"



Michael Ferro’s private jet alone costs the company millions. From February 2016 through September of this year, Tronc spent $4.6 million to sublease and operate the sleek Bombardier aircraft, which costs $8,500 an hour to fly. The kicker? Tronc subleases the jet from Merrick Ventures, one of Ferro’s companies.



Tronc spent nearly $250,000 to buy sports tickets from Ferro's company.

"Maria Sharapova is being investigated by police in India in a cheating and criminal conspiracy case involving a real estate company who used the tennis star to endorse a luxury housing project that never took off"


a project named “Ballet by Maria Sharapova,” a luxury apartment complex with its own helipad, tennis academy and other amenities


Sharapova isn’t the only international sports celebrity that the real estate firm roped in. Its website also advertises a project with Formula One great Michael Schumacher called the Michael Schumacher World Tower.

"In L.A.'s misguided war on blight, an unpainted fence could cost you $660"


In Atwater Village, people have been receiving “courtesy notices” from something called the Pro-Active Code Enforcement division of the Department of Building & Safety


She wondered if the notice was some kind of scam. Others wondered if it were a plot to further gentrify the neighborhood, or if a handyman was trying to line up some work.

The answer is no.

This is for real.

Your tax dollars at work.

I called the inspector whose name was on one of the courtesy notices and pointed out that people use redwood because you don’t have to paint it. Redwood lasts a long time, has beautiful coloring and grain lines, and maintains its character as it ages.


“There’s a city ordinance that says you can’t have unpainted wood,” the inspector told me.


If unpainted wood is a crime, why not go to Hancock Park or Pacific Palisades and drop some “courtesy notices” in mailboxes?

Because, said Zamperini, the program targets only low-income areas.

"How Elite Plotters Toppled Mugabe’s 37-Year Reign"


More than three decades ago, Mr. Chiwenga was a young army officer who tried to kill himself after botching his military exams. Mr. Mugabe summoned the soldier and made him an offer: Pledge eternal loyalty in return for promotion, privilege and power.

By now, Mr. Chiwenga was a general, the head of Zimbabwe’s defense forces. He was also an ally of the vice president Mr. Mugabe had fired. As Gen. Chiwenga prepared to return from a trip to China, police loyal to Mr. Mugabe positioned themselves at the Harare airport to arrest him, in events described by senior security officials.

But the army had been tipped off, and its commandos were also deployed there—disguised as airport workers. As the plane landed, the soldiers shed their airport-worker uniforms to reveal army fatigues and weapons. The police fled, and Gen. Chiwenga was escorted to his army base. The ambush had been foiled.

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