Friday, April 28, 2017

For Dark Tower fans,

He looks annoying, right? Like you want it to happen?

Anyone selling Fyre Festival merchandise?


At one point in the evening, Ms. Kumar said, staff members dumped a bunch of unopened containers — like “Amazon shipment boxes” — at the site, and instructed concertgoers to rifle through them for anything that was missing from their tents. “It was everything from, like, bongos to floaties to sleeping bags,” she said.

On Friday, Ms. Kumar and her friends managed to get a room at a hotel, hitching a ride from a local. Taxis were hard to come by, in part because the festival had promoted itself as a cashless event, asking attendees to upload funds to digital wristbands instead. So people were stranded without money.
At this point it was pretty clear that this was a mess and I shared my concerns with the man I reported to. But he assured me that the Fyre execs were legit, and said some socialite was underwriting the whole thing.
Rolling Stone:
We were a little naïve in thinking for the first time we could do this ourselves. Next year, we will definitely start earlier.
"So my group of friends and I went into fight-or-flight mode."


"It was such a shit show. I’m sorry—I’m delirious from not eating, I’m still in my bathing suit"
D and T:
Who is Billy McFarland, the Fyre Festival founder who just scammed a bunch of rich kids?
Reddit, two weeks ago:
If you look at just about anything they claim on the website you'd see that nothing adds up. -It's not on a private island -Nothing has really been built yet -You won't fly in on a private plane -Their accommodations are hugely inflated in price -Some of their artists are complete nobodies and others have booked gigs in other locations -None of the artists are promoting this event

Not saying its a scam but it doesn't sound completely legit either. Read more about it here to make up your own mind

"Facebook and Google Were Victims of $100M Payment Scam"


In 2013, a 40-something Lithuanian named Evaldas Rimasauskas allegedly hatched an elaborate scheme to defraud U.S. tech companies. According to the Justice Department, he forged email addresses, invoices, and corporate stamps in order to impersonate a large Asian-based manufacturer with whom the tech firms regularly did business. The point was to trick companies into paying for computer supplies.

The scheme worked. Over a two-year span, the corporate imposter convinced accounting departments at the two tech companies to make transfers worth tens of millions of dollars. By the time the firms figured out what was going on, Rimasauskas had coaxed out over $100 million in payments, which he promptly stashed in bank accounts across Eastern Europe.

"The Backstory and Aftermath of Philly’s Teen Bicycle Freeway Takeover"


The Sunday afternoon ride was organized by Corey “Oneway” Murray, a 16-year-old high school sophomore from South Philadelphia. He’s described in a news report as the “LeBron James of biking in Philly,” known for sharing videos of his BMX tricks with more than 94,000 Instagram followers, social media fame that helps him score free bikes. He put together Sunday’s ride to celebrate his birthday, promoted it online, and decided at the spur of the moment to lead the group down an on-ramp to the Vine Street Expressway in Center City Philadelphia.

Earlier this week, police said there were no injuries or arrests related to the unsanctioned bike ride. Yet on Thursday morning, state police arrested an unnamed teenager for organizing the ride and charged him with disorderly conduct.

The arrest came after Murray appeared on Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” Tuesday morning and identified himself as the ride organizer. In the interview itself, morning host Mike Jerrick delivered a bizarre dressing down of Murray with lots of generalized hostility and condescension toward bikes and young people.

Measles outbreak in Minneapolis has struck Somali families with unvaccinated kids


Ironically, just a few years ago Somali children in Minnesota had extremely high vaccination rates. Then, in 2008, an apparent cluster of autism cases among Somali children in Minneapolis prompted a scare based on a discredited theory involving the measles vaccine that was popularized 20 years earlier by British researcher Andrew Wakefield.


In 2011, Andrew Wakefield drove off after speaking to a group of Somali parents in Minneapolis.

"The Fate of the Furious" is called "Wild Speed: Ice Break" in Japan

And Furious 7 was called "Wild Speed: Sky Mission."

"'Seductive' dress gets girl barred from chess tournament"

"A 12-year-old girl was forced to withdraw from a chess championship for wearing a dress that was allegedly deemed "seductive" by the organisers of the National Scholastic Chess Championship 2017 on April 14 in Putrajaya."

"DC Comics Multiverse Bat Mech Suit Collect & Connect Wave" available for preorder

Including Reaper. The Figuarts Star-Lord action figure is available for preorder, too ("It even includes explosion effects to let you replicate scenes from the film!").

Thursday, April 27, 2017

From Val Kilmer's AMA


Q: I hear you own and love buffalo? I have loved them ever since Dances with Wolves. How many do you own and do you name them?

A: Alas i had to sell them in 2008 as I suffered in the crash like so many other honest Americans because of the perverse greed of Wall street.

"Fiona Staples Reveals the Secrets Behind 10 of Saga‘s Weirdest, Most Wonderful Characters"

"Ghüs is unique because he’s just an idea out of my sketchbook that I sent to Brian one day, hoping he’d get a cameo appearance or something."

"There's a shortage of women in the Faroe Islands . . . So local men are increasingly seeking wives from further afield"


There are now more than 300 women from Thailand and Philippines living in the Faroes. It doesn't sound like a lot, but in a population of just 50,000 people they now make up the largest ethnic minority in these 18 islands, located between Norway and Iceland.


Officially part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroes have their own language (derived from Old Norse) and a very distinctive culture - especially when it comes to food. Fermented mutton, dried cod and occasional whale meat and blubber are typical of the strong flavours here, with none of the traditional herbs and spices of Asian cooking.

And, although it never gets as cold as neighbouring Iceland, the wet, cool climate is a challenge for many people. A good summer's day would see the temperature reach 16°C.

"The four towering structures of the Washington Bridge Apartments actually 'included the first building examined as an ‘environment’ by the Environmental Protection Agency'"


Indeed, this interior corporate bioregion even inspired new types of botanical research: “landscape architects and horticulturalists sought to identify those species of plants that would thrive in the unusually consistent indoor climate,” he writes. “In the 1980s and early 1990s, literature from the field of indoor landscaping mentions informal expeditions to discover new cultivars in the tropical world that were suitable to the inside of office buildings and other commercial applications.”

This vision of botanists traipsing through rain forests on the other side of the world to find plants that might thrive in Manhattan’s rarefied indoor air is incredible, an absurdist set-up worthy of Don Delillo.