Monday, December 11, 2017

Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Original Series

Booster bricks are $22 off at Amazon.

"Photos of bullied kid’s family shows them waving Confederate flags and attacking Kaepernick"

"A number of athletes and celebrities rallied around . . . a young boy from Tennessee who has been a victim of bullying at school, after a video posted by his mother went viral."

Dallas Creamer, Oralee Hespenheide, and the rest of The 2018 Men's and Women's Lacrosse All-Name Teams


Nosferatu figure available for preorder

Hitchcock and Iron Maiden, too.

Universal Studios had a Creature From the Black Lagoon musical

From Wikipedia:

Creature From the Black Lagoon: The Musical was a live performance show formerly located at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles, California. It debuted on July 1, 2009, replacing Fear Factor LIVE. As of March 9, 2010 this show was officially closed


The show began with a clip from The Today Show with Matt Lauer, talking about the Creature
Here's the full show:

Related snow globes are available at Amazon:

"According to screenshots from the YouTuber’s account reviewed by BuzzFeed News, in the past two months, Ted made more than $100,000 on his videos — after YouTube’s 45% cut"


And then, suddenly, YouTube pulled advertising on the channel — with what Ted described as “no communication, notification, [or] reason … and no way to appeal or request review” — as part of its effort to remove and/or demonetize (remove ads from) hundreds of thousands of questionable and exploitative kids’ videos on the platform.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cracked pavement FAQ

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"Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon will submit an explanation on his luxury watch and diamond ring to the National Anti-Corruption Commission Tuesday"

"The Richard Mille watch and diamond ring came under the media spotlight when Gen Prawit raised his right hand on which he wore the items to shield his face from the sun during a group photo session for the new cabinet on Monday."

Savannah College of Art and Design "gives [its president] a salary and a lifestyle unheard of in higher education"


Between 2011 and 2015, the school paid her $19.9 million in salary and other compensation. During the same five years, Harvard University paid its president less than one-third as much. Wallace’s pay spiked to $9.6 million in 2014 - more than any other president of a nonprofit or public university in the United States. She made $2.1 million in the 2016 fiscal year.

In its tax returns, SCAD says performance reviews and a consultant’s recommendations justify Wallace’s compensation. But the benefits don’t stop with her paycheck. SCAD provides her with a restored 19th-century house in Savannah, pays her an allowance for a home in Atlanta and maintains a residence that she uses in the Provence region of southern France. Wallace travels on SCAD’s private jet or, when she takes commercial flights, in business class. To help Wallace focus on work, SCAD’s board decided in 2011 to pay for an assistant to manage her personal affairs.

For Wallace, the personal and the professional are barely distinguishable.

Wallace and 13 members of her family have worked at SCAD during the past 20 years, with combined earnings of $60 million. Wallace made millions more through a real-estate transaction involving SCAD.

Rejected Thor Ragnarok monster design got a Lego minifig

Saturday, December 9, 2017