Saturday, December 20, 2014

Google is suing the Mississippi Attorney General (due to information disclosed in the Sony hack)

The Verge:

This morning, Google filed a lawsuit in Mississippi district court against State Attorney General Jim Hood, alleging Hood had singled the company out for a "burdensome, retaliatory" subpoena. (Hood has faced scrutiny for his role in the MPAA efforts.) "We regret having to take this matter to court," Google said in a statement, "and we are doing so only after years of efforts to explain both the merits of our position and the extensive steps we've taken on our platforms."

Alongside the lawsuit, Google has launched evidentiary actions against the MPAA and its retained counsel at Jenner & Block, asking them to retain documents for a possible future action.
Techdirt has much more.

Tim Duncan's Punisher car

Sir, the mussels are attacking

I have no idea what Dwarf Fortress is, but these are some memorable scenarios.

Kindle deals today include

A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius: A Memoir Based on a True Story for $1.99


Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick for $2.99

Friday, December 19, 2014

"The Best And Worst Television Moments of 2014"

According to io9.

"Shadow of Revan's story does not provide a good reason for former players to return or new players to give it a try for the first time"

Kotaku on the latest update to Star Wars The Old Republic.

Flickr reversed course, won't try to profit by selling creative commons-licensed photos


We’re sorry we let some of you down.

Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face

From the alternate reality where Tim Burton's Batman series continued. By Jordan Gibson.

New horror story by Emily Carroll

All Along the Wall.

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Disney Infinity 2.0 starter sets at major markdown

For example, PS3 Avengers version is $39.99, or 47% off at Amazon.

The pulpy Nintendo illustrations are now available as prints.

Last Man Standing, The Matrix exo-suit, and Chappie by ThreeA

Shown off in Hong Kong.

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