Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Are You Aware That The Yankees' New Right Fielder Is Extremely Large?"

"Newly named starter Aaron Judge is listed at 6-foot-7, 275 pounds." (Photo gallery)

"People in town call them Dutch Harbor pigeons. The rest of us call them bald eagles"

Great photo gallery:

Andres Ayure, a Coast Guard lieutenant, has lived in Dutch for just over a year. On his third day in Alaska he’d decided to hike up Mount Ballyhoo, a gorgeous, sweeping mountain on the edge of town. On his way down, a juvenile eagle decided he or she didn’t like the look of Ayure in his American Eagle hoodie and dive-bombed him more than ten times — scaring him to death. “I was like, ‘No way. Third day in Alaska. I didn’t want to come here, and now I’m going to die by the hand of an eagle. This is B.S.’”

Ayure barely escaped. When he patted the front pocket of his sweatshirt he realized he’d lost his phone and his keys while ducking and sliding away from the bird’s talons. He looked back up the mountain, just in time to see the eagle fly off with his phone.

"Otherlab has built prototype drones out of cardboard that are designed to airdrop things like medicine, batteries, and communication devices into dangerous or hard-to-reach places"

"The gliders are pre-programmed with their landing destination, then launched from a cargo plane or other aircraft (in tests, one was launched from a bigger drone). A small electronics package then steers each craft to its target. But with no motors and no need of a battery or fuel, they are meant to have as much room as possible for payload."

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

First podcast episode of S-Town is very good

"JOHN DESPISES HIS ALABAMA TOWN AND DECIDES TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. HE ASKS a reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But then someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life."

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"Compton's Former Deputy Treasurer Accused Of Stealing More Than $3.7 Million From City"


According to the criminal complaint, Galvan would take anywhere between $200 to $8,000 a day by skimming money off funds from parking tickets, business license fees and other city services.

The signs, apparently, were evident. According to a release from the Department of Justice, one of Galvan's supervisor's said that he went from driving an "old Toyota" to driving an Audi sedan. The supervisor also said that Galvan had claimed he'd purchased a home in La Mirada just to demolish it and build a new one.

"Sailor performs a dental cleaning on a Colombian patient"

US Navy.

TIL the word boycott is from a protest against Captain Charles Boycott


In 1880, as part of its campaign for the Three Fs (fair rent, fixity of tenure, and free sale) and specifically in resistance to proposed evictions on the estate, local activists of the Irish Land League encouraged Boycott's employees (including the seasonal workers required to harvest the crops on Lord Erne's estate) to withdraw their labour, and began a campaign of isolation against Boycott in the local community. This campaign included shops in nearby Ballinrobe refusing to serve him, and the withdrawal of services. Some were threatened with violence to ensure compliance.

The campaign against Boycott became a cause célèbre in the British press after he wrote a letter to The Times. Newspapers sent correspondents to the West of Ireland to highlight what they viewed as the victimisation of a servant of a peer of the realm by Irish nationalists. Fifty Orangemen from County Cavan and County Monaghan travelled to Lord Erne's estate to harvest the crops, while a regiment of the 19th Royal Hussars and more than 1,000 men of the Royal Irish Constabulary were deployed to protect the harvesters. The episode was estimated to have cost the British government and others at least £10,000 to harvest about £500 worth of crops.

"Three reasons streaming is replacing the Let’s Play industry"

A lengthy discussion:

The fact that Twitch, Hitbox, Beam and other services allow multiple chat moderators is a killing blow over YouTube comments. You can get anywhere from twenty to 1,000 new comments a day on all your videos once you’ve had some success, and you’re not allowed to delegate the work of cleaning those up to other users.

This is a feature YouTubers have been asking for for a long time, and the only recourse was YouTube Heroes, a wonderful non-solution where people you don’t know are designated by YouTube’s algorithms to figure out what’s an acceptable level of audience communication for you!

Wonder why they scrapped that.

So your choice is to either give up and know the comments on your YouTube videos will be terrible, curate them by hand from your one account or turn them off completely. Each option is uniquely bad.

Most Twitch streams are transitory; you just need a group of good mods to be around for a couple of hours. And, odds are, they’re there because they enjoy the community as well, so it’s win-win! Bad actors only have a relatively brief window of time to be an asshole before the chance to troll the stream is gone forever, and they can be shut down instantly by your moderators. If you have a friend or viewer who wants to help keep your chat clean and friendly for a few hours a week, you’re in business.

Monday, March 27, 2017

"Controversy Erupts in Open-Source Community After Developer's Sex Life Made Public"

"According to the developer, several people had orchestrated a gossip campaign that culminated in informing Drupal's authorities about his unconventional sexual and romantic proclivities, which are based on the 'Chronicles of Gor' sci-fi series."

Little girl meets a "robot"