Monday, June 26, 2017

"A CHP Helicopter Spotted A Motorcycle Rider Accused Of Routinely Smashing Drivers' Mirrors And Followed Him Home"

"During the past week, reports were coming in to the CHP’s office of a green Kawasaki motorcycle rider causing damage to motorists vehicles on their commutes."

"Yoplait Just Launched A 'French Yogurt'"


It's made from whole milk only, comes in "a French-made glass pot," and at $1.50 costs about twice as much as regular Yoplait.

If you've never heard of "French yogurt," join the club.

"A radio PSA in Ariz. taught listeners how to hide child porn. Then the sheriff heard it"

WaPo, from last month:

Now, Lotsof has pulled his warning from the airwaves altogether because some of his advertisers have received threats.

But he’s not backing away from why he recorded the PSA in the first place: Arizona’s penalties for possession of child pornography, he believes, are far too harsh.

Beasts of the Mesozoic: Raptors available for preorder

Over a dozen designs, including build-your-own options.

3D Tattoos

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blog devoted to exposing GoFundMe fraud


"Teenage boy from Mumbai slum dances way to NY ballet school"


Shah began studying ballet less than three years ago when Israeli-American instructor Yehuda Maor was invited by the Danceworx Academy to teach in India — a country with no special ballet academies.

Maor happened to catch Shah doing cartwheels and backflips as part of the Danceworx jazz and contemporary dance program for underprivileged students.

"I had no idea about ballet," Shah recalled. He had been dancing freestyle whenever he got the chance — sometimes he was invited to weddings to perform, sometimes he just goofed around with friends.

Maor was impressed with how Shah moved and asked to see the bottom of Shah's feet. He discovered the boy had perfect arches for ballet and urged him to train.

"Kieron Gillen talks about his love for Warhammer 40.000"

Fun interview about growing up with Games Workshop.

"the secret underwater world of plankton"


Oklahoma doctor charged with five counts of second degree murder for prescribing large amounts of painkillers

"Court documents show each of the five women Nichols is accused of killing died within a month of filling their prescriptions, which were written for hundreds of pills at once." Via.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Miracle Merchant characters

Some of the Miracle Merchant characters by Thomas Wellman. (In the upcoming game, a steady stream of customers request custom-made potions.)

Deluxe House of M Iron Man available for preorder

Marvel RE:EDIT #12 House of M Armor Iron Man Figure.

The just-revealed Ripley and Vasquez figures are also available for preorder.