Monday, January 23, 2017

"Think open kitchens and huge master suites will always be desirable? Think again"


“The concept of a master bedroom is becoming obsolete because we have a different relationship with sleep now—we don’t hang out in the bedroom the way we used to.” Disend notes that millennials are driving this shift. Their relationship with privacy is radically different from those of the generations preceding them—though digitally nonchalant, they’re prudish in person.

“Millennials don’t like to get naked—if you go to the gym now, everyone under 30 will put their underwear on under the towel, which is a massive cultural shift,” he continues.


The same instinct is driving the renewed boom in so-called accessory apartments, typically a second, studio home purchased by wealthy couples in the same luxury development where they live, so that boomeranging 20-somethings can enjoy full privacy when moving back in with mom and dad.


If 3D printers for food ever pass the gimmick phase, future homeowners may be able to dispense with the cooking entirely.

And where would you put that printer? Well, an "appliance garage," which Elliman’s Kim predicts will replace the open-plan showcase kitchen. “We’re recommending appliance garages in our upcoming projects, a place to put your espresso maker, juicer, and anything that might clutter the countertop or cause smells, a bit like a mini version of the chef’s kitchen.”

"Is This An Ad? Mindy Kaling And Casper Mattresses"


A Casper rep told me, “Mindy is a Casper employee’s roommate’s friend’s boss. She’s also one of our favorite comedians.”


But did she get it free? Yup. According to Casper, “We heard she was interested in buying a mattress and we were happy to gift her new beds.”


But you’ll notice in the comments that… it’s also clearly working for Casper, regardless of whether or not it’s an ad. Mindy Kaling fans are chatting with each other about Casper mattresses — one person has some of her own and recommends them, another asks if they’re really too firm, other people say how they want to get one. This, my friends, is exactly why Casper gave two free mattresses to a celebrity.

"The Demon Voice That Can Control Your Smartphone"

"Researchers have created creepy sounds that are unintelligible to humans but still capable of talking to phones’ digital assistants."

Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Per a league source, Facebook actually encouraged [Antonio] Brown to engage in a Facebook Live session from the locker room after the game"

"It provides another layer to Brown’s blatant violation of the league’s social-media policy, and it pulls a corporate behemoth into the middle of the potential violation of the league’s broadcast deals by infringing on the exclusive rights of the networks to broadcast locker-room video and audio."

"Young Thug 'Wyclef Jean' Director on How He Saved His Nightmare Shoot"


The music video for Young Thug's song "Wyclef Jean" was released late last night, and has become an instant sensation, getting more than a million views in 24 hours. The clip was co-directed by Ryan Staake, founder of the Brooklyn-based production company Pomp&Clout, and Young Thug himself – though as the video clearly states, the star never quite made it to the set. Instead Staake details through a series of blunt title cards how everything they had planned to film managed to crash and burn. It's a hilarious and honest approach

From a lengthy discussion on why "Edit-The-Hobbit efforts are doomed to failure"

After explaining why the Hobbit movies can't be edited into a good product:

IMO the craziest thing about the Hobbit movies is that if you think about them critically you start to realize that the same flaws nearly took down the LOTR trilogy. Did you guys know that Peter Jackson originally shot a final showdown battle in Return Of The King between Aragorn and Sauron? I shit you not, it's in the behind the scenes DVD, and the huge CGI troll Aragorn fights was originally intended to be a badass Walking-Around Sauron like in the Fellowship prologue. It's a fucking miracle that they slapped themselves and said "We Better Not."


I think that Peter shot the Aragorn half of TTT+ROTK in a very Aragorn-centric way just as a desperate backup in case this weird story of

"two homoerotic leprechauns being led through a swamp by a CGI skeleton-man on a quest to throw away magic jewelry"

didn't test well with audiences and he had to fall back on telling a more intelligible Disney-fantasy story of

"a prince and his cool comic-relief sidekicks returning to the prince's kingdom, fighting awesome battles against a demon king and winning a princess's hand."

I mean which of these is the easier movie pitch? It's not really a contest, huh? If the entire Fellowship had gone to Mordor together, I think poor Sam might not have even made it into the script. But Tolkien gave PJ no choice. It was all because Tolkien divided the story threads that Peter even gave the Hobbits a fighting chance. In the new movies everyone's in the same group so Peter naturally gravitates towards the Aragorniest character.

How to add liquid effects to miniatures


Friday, January 20, 2017

"James Cameron To Godfather ‘Terminator’ With ‘Deadpool’ Helmer Tim Miller"

"David Ellison, whose Skydance co-financed Terminator Genisys, is bankrolling an exploratory effort that includes engaging some top-flight science fiction authors to find the movie creatively."

"there's evidence to suggest Nintendo might have actually repurposed an illegally-copied ROM and then sold it back to us"

"Surely that can't be the case. Right?"

"Uber Technologies Inc. agreed Thursday to pay $20 million to resolve Federal Trade Commission allegations that it misled drivers about potential earnings and vehicle financing"


The consumer protection agency . . . said Uber claimed on its website that median annual driver income topped $90,000 in New York, for example, and was more than $74,000 in San Francisco.

Less than 10% of drivers in those areas made that much, the commission alleged.

"The quick-moving crook who brazenly stole a bucket of gold flakes worth nearly $1.6 million from an armored truck in Manhattan last fall has been nabbed in his native Ecuador"


Nivelo is a convicted felon who is known to the NYPD as Luis Toledo, among other aliases. He's a career thief


The video shows the thief setting down the heavy bucket, putting it on his shoulder, then taking a breather. He takes another few steps and pauses again. The normally 10-minute walk takes him an hour. He then jumps into a van

"Japan city sorry for offensive welfare team jackets"


The jacket's crest features the initials for the Seikatsu Hogo Akuobokumetsusuru Team (meaning "team to eradicate evil") . . . . It's not clear if it was intentional that the resulting acronym spells out an English swear word.


City officials say the jackets were meant to boost morale after a 2007 incident