Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"NBC has taken what was a single great product and sliced it into two unsatisfying parts, making it worse, more expensive, and less convenient than the previous unified whole"


Have you been loving NBC’s amazing English Premier League coverage these past few years, as they’ve coupled smart and engaging studio and commentary teams with unparalleled access to the matches through multi-channel broadcasts and a streaming service that brought every single league game live to your computer or phone as part of your cable package?


Today’s news is bad for everyone.

"An Award-Winning Novelist Is Lifting Viral Tweets"

Previously fired for plagiarism.

"Nearly three dozen illegal weapons found in home of LAPD officer accused of unlawful sex with teen cadet"

"The investigation into the cadet scandal is ongoing, but Beck has said he does not believe any other officers committed criminal behavior."

Crest teeth-whitening strips are on sale

Regular price is $45, but it's $20 right now at Amazon after the discount and coupon link on the page.

"Yankees Charity Neglects Stadium’s Neighbors"


In the summer of 2006, when the Yankees broke ground on a gleaming new stadium in the South Bronx, they offered an olive branch to a community furious that more than 25 acres of treasured public parkland had been seized for the project. The Yankees created a charity, called the New Yankee Stadium Community Benefits Fund, which it intended to distribute almost $40 million in cash grants and sports equipment, along with 600,000 baseball tickets, to community organizations in the borough over four decades.

Ten years later, however, an examination of the fund’s public financial records and interviews with community members and a former administrator of the fund show that it has operated with little oversight or public accountability, neglecting those who live near the stadium and instead sending money to other, often wealthier parts of the Bronx that were not affected by the construction.

"The Kawasaki Warehouse is a gaming center complete with a recreation of the famous Kowloon Walled City"


As you enter through the sliding door, you find yourself in a red chamber which looks and feels like something out of a movie. As you proceed through the hissing door you’re immediately immersed in a dark and dingy alleyway constructed with the look and feel of the original Kowloon Walled City – grimy, devoid of sunlight and complete with the sounds of a sprawling ghetto. The Kowloon Walled City setting is set on the first and second floor and the 2nd level facade opens out into the modern video game arcade which sprawls out over three levels.

"Tebow’s season was actually below replacement level, in the 4 percent tail of the worst seasons in the last 12 years of low-A ball"

"Tim Tebow Is Failing Up"

Gundam HGUC 1/144 Byarlant Isolde Exclusive Model Kit

Available for preorder.

"GOP lawmaker loses nearly $17 million after pharma stock tanks 92%"

"The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Collins' role as an Innate investor and his impact in attracting investors"

"R.L. Stine Talks ‘Goosebumps’ Book That Originally Went Too Far"


“In my original manuscript, the librarian eats a kid. And everyone thought that maybe was going a little too far. They said, ‘You can’t eat a kid in Goosebumps.’ So I changed it. I put a big bowl of live turtles on the librarian’s desk. And every once in a while, the librarian would reach out and grab a turtle and chew it. Eat it up. Which actually is better than a kid. It’s crunchier. It’s a lot crunchier. And you can hear it. It’s more horrifying, I think.”

"Zillow doesn’t even own the photos it threatened to sue a popular blogger over"


Zillow caused a whirlwind of controversy yesterday by issuing a fiercely worded cease and desist letter to Kate Wagner, who operates the popular McMansion Hell Tumblr blog. The letter accused Wagner of copyright infringement and walked right up to the line of claiming that using Zillow’s real estate photos for architecture criticism is a crime. Really!

The letter scared Wagner into pulling the blog down entirely and asking Twitter for help.


But here’s the thing: Zillow doesn’t actually own the photos in question here. Seriously: I asked if Zillow owns the photos, and Zillow’s PR person Emily Heffter responded with “No, we don't own the photos.”

"Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members"

"Documents obtained by the Guardian show Sekulow that month approved plans to push poor and jobless people to donate money to his Christian nonprofit, which since 2000 has steered more than $60m to Sekulow, his family and their businesses."