Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"How the Star Wars immersive hotel will work, and what it means"

Imagining a Rekall-like adventure at the planned Disney hotel:

Disney has a poor track record with immersive storytelling experiences, providing that you look only at most popular incarnation: videogames.


The immersive storytelling experience at the hotel is what guests will be paying for. It’s not an alternate reality game promoting a TV show. It’s not a free smartphone-powered Phineas and Ferb adventure at Epcot, or a $50 interactive Harry Potter magic wand at Universal Studios


Last week, you both received Coruscant Communicators in the mail — they’re larger than your MagicBands because they include a small display. The accompanying briefing card was short and to the point: “Your stay is a fully immersive experience. Don’t make any plans.”

Check in is easy. As soon you walk through the hotel doors (more of a high-tech glass-encased airlock), a ‘starship’ crewmember greets you by name, invites you to a reception with the commander that evening, and deposits your bag with a waiting drone. “BB-2 here is a little slow,” he says indulgently, “but I can highly recommend our bar while you wait for your quarters to be prepared.”

You don’t have long to appreciate the nebula through the multi-storey viewscreen before a scruffy-looking character comes by your table. He presses a bulky-looking scanner to your communicator. “I was expecting someone else. Never mind. Just keep this safe, and whatever you do, don’t give it to anyone — not even the rebels!” He rushes off before you can say anything else.

"The Girl Scouts Have Accused The Boy Scouts Of Secretly Trying To Recruit Girls To Appeal To Millennial Parents"


The strongly-worded letter — obtained by BuzzFeed News — alleged that BSA was "surreptitiously testing the appeal of a girls’ offering to millennial parents."

It also accused BSA leaders of making "disparaging and untrue remarks" about Girl Scout programming at "family meetings" outlining their proposed programs for girls.

"A federal jury in Las Vegas refused Tuesday to convict four accused gunman in a 2014 standoff with federal authorities near the Nevada ranch of states' rights figure Cliven Bundy"


Defense attorneys cast the tense standoff as an ultimately peaceful protest involving people upset about aggressive tactics used by federal land managers and contract cowboys.

They point to skirmishes days earlier involving armed federal agents using dogs and stun guns against Bundy family members; the closure of a vast range half the size of the state of Delaware to collect Bundy's cattle; and corrals set up as protest "First Amendment zone" protest areas for people.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hellboy movie casts white actor in Japanese-American role

New Airplane!-inspired tee at Last Exit to Nowhere

Trans American Airlines.

"WATCH: Indian and Chinese troops throw rocks at each other on disputed border"


Apparently, clashes alongside the lake -- located high on the Tibetan plateau, more than 4,000 meters above sea level, are quite common each summer. India claims one-third of the lake, lying in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, while China claims the rest.

"Fans aren’t exactly flocking to Chargers’ preseason games"


Sunday’s announced attendance at the NFL’s smallest venue, which is also home to Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy, was 21,197. That’s only 143 more people than the crowd for last week’s exhibition opener against the Seattle Seahawks


The Chargers have the highest average ticket price in the league at $192, and preseason football is generally an awful product, but the crowds at StubHub Center the last two weeks cast more doubt over whether Los Angeles will support a second NFL franchise. The Chargers drew more than 45,000 fans to both of their preseason home games last season, their last in San Diego.

"Missing Journalist Kim Wall Died in ‘Accident’ on Submarine, According to Danish Inventor"

"“The accused has told police and the court that an accident occurred on board the submarine which caused Kim Wall’s death, and that he subsequently buried her at sea at an unspecified location somewhere in Køge Bay."

"Disneyland meets Hogwarts at $700-million USC Village"


“And let’s always remember, the looks of the University Village give us 1,000 years of history we don’t have. Thank you, and fight on!”


Covering 1.25-million square feet on a 15-acre site bounded by Jefferson Boulevard, McClintock Avenue and Hoover Street, it represents a major expansion of USC’s architectural footprint north of Jefferson and into the city at large. Along with residential suites for more than 2,500 students — a nearly 25% expansion of campus housing for undergraduates — its six five-story buildings hold a fitness center, classrooms, a dining hall and ground-floor retail spaces, open to the public, that include a Target and Trader Joe’s.

The completed Village suggests that however effective the thousand-years slogan might be as a fundraising pitch, it’s a shaky foundation for new architecture. With its Gothic ornament, peaked arches and 150-foot clock tower, the complex is a fantasia of just-add-water heritage, equal parts Disneyland and Hogwarts.

Even more striking, the Village barely pretends to have the courage of its neo-trad convictions. Once you walk inside any of the buildings it becomes clear that the Gothic exterior is a stage set, a false front behind which lies a drearily conventional series of spaces.

"A Lake Tahoe housing shortage is leaving more residents in dire straits"


Ironically, though, Tahoe has plenty of houses. They just sit vacant most of the year.

More than half of Tahoe homes are vacation residences owned by people who live elsewhere and who come to the alpine resort only for short visits on winter weekends and summer holidays.


Placer County leaders recently began exploring the possibility of offering absentee owners cash incentives or reduced fees to rent their residences on a long-term basis to local workers. The idea needs fleshing out, said Placer County official Jennifer Merchant, and will run up against the popular Airbnb trend of second-home owners renting housing to tourists for weekend or weeklong stays.

"The Tennis Integrity Unit has confirmed it is investigating Sunday’s ATP Tour match between Alexandr Dolgopolov and Thiago Monteiro"


Brazilian Monteiro, who is ranked 114 in the world, took only 55 minutes to win the first round match at the Winston-Salem Open 6-3, 6-3 in a match that saw Dolgopolov fail to create a single break point. In the hours leading up to the match, large amounts of money had been placed on Monteiro that resulted in a dramatic shift in the available odds.
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Ten U.S. Navy sailors were missing and five were injured after the USS John S. McCain guided missile destroyer and an oil tanker three times its size collided near Singapore"

"This was the second time in two months a Navy destroyer based at the 7th Fleet’s home port of Yokosuka, Japan, has been involved in a collision at sea."