Monday, December 5, 2016

Netflix Voltron figures available for preorder

At the BBTS.

"Apparently the uterus is see-through when there's a baby in it"

When you're pregnant and have an emergency appendectomy.

The soccer team the defected from Eritrea


Despite its self-imposed isolation, Eritrea wants to be seen as a normal country, and international sporting competitions are a way to present a good face to the world. Eritrean athletes—runners, cyclists, and soccer players—are sometimes permitted to compete in other countries. The Red Sea Camels are a particular source of pride; Eritrea is no less soccer-mad than Italy or Brazil. But, embarrassingly for the government, members of the national soccer team have repeatedly defected after games abroad: Angola in 2007, Kenya in 2009, Uganda in 2012.

After the last defection, the government disbanded the team. Then, in the fall of 2015, it came up with a solution.


Arefaine had been contemplating escape for years. He had kept in touch with several players who defected in Uganda, and after they resettled, in Holland, he had asked them for advice on how to get asylum. The most important thing, they told him, was to persuade the entire team to go with him. Any one of his teammates who refused to go could betray him.

It was hard to know whom to trust. Some of his teammates later confessed that Eritrean security officials had asked them to inform on the others in case of an escape plot. “There was no closeness among the ten of us—we were not friends,”

"The only thing almost as mysterious as Sherri Papini’s disappearance was the hostage negotiator supposedly retained by an anonymous donor to find her"


Gamble’s backer, an anonymous donor who offered at least $50,000 cash for Papini’s return, also sang his praises.
“My hired negotiator has negotiated hostage releases all over the world, so he will determine immediately if you are lying,” the person cautioned would-be scammers on his website


The donor’s website offered a chilly message to police: “A note to Redding Police and Shasta County Sheriff’s department. Please don’t threaten me. I have received legal counsel and what I am doing is within my rights.”

Despite the fact that no ransom had been demanded and law enforcement was still actively pursuing leads, Gamble appeared in a number of televised interviews, offering supposed abductors a pathway to a large cash sum in exchange for Papini’s safe return, no questions asked.

Recent Marvel Legends are about $8 today at Amazon

Including Cable and Phoenix.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trailer for Tom Cruise's Mummy

"Heretic" sand sculpture

By Guy-Olivier Deveau.

"Fortune: Luck and Auspicious Times" art show

Prints by Kevin VQ Dam, Yoshi Yoshitani, Grace Macfarlane, Audrey Gonzalez, Agnieszka Grochalska, and Alex Dos Diaz.

"near the town of Qayyarah"

From the photos of the day.

"Shirley Curry [79-years-old] woke up to a terrible surprise. Her email inbox had been flooded with 11,000 emails from strangers commenting on the first episode of her Skyrim let's play"


The day before, a user by the name of 'Jacobthebro' posted her Skyrim video to Reddit and it instantly became one of the biggest submissions that day.


Confused and scared, Shirley did the only thing that seemed natural to her: She began opening each email, one after the other, and writing back. Slowly, with each response, Shirley's dread turned to joy. "When I realized the kind of comments I was getting, it got really fun. Some of them were really touching, and as the days went on and the comments kept coming I started getting attached to these people. Some of them would really make me cry and some were so hilariously funny I'd just sit here and laugh. They were all so very sweet."


She creates a space where no matter who you are, you are still her grandkid. That's why she even tries to respond to those who leave rude or hurtful comments, offering them a chance to apologize.