Sunday, July 24, 2016

When nightmare fuel is defeated

Some good news in California.

"Experience a personalized [yoga] session on the world’s largest observation wheel starting on June 21st."

"Allow your body and mind to soar 550 feet in the sky above the Las Vegas Strip in this unique and personalized yoga experience with a professional instructor. For amateurs and enthusiasts alike, this one hour session provides a soothing yet energizing course while taking in sweeping views of the Las Vegas valley."

"McDonald’s Stops Selling Big Mac in Venezuela Due to Bread Shortage"

"Shortages of everything from rice to toilet paper have worsened over the past several months in Venezuela, with reports of looting and protests on the rise. Venezuela’s economy will contract 10 percent in 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund, with inflation accelerating to around 700 percent."

"Oscar-winning screenwriter asks court to keep Bergdahl interviews from military prosecutors"


In May 2015, Boal teamed up with reporters at the Serial podcast to co-produce a 10-hour podcast exploring the case. The podcast included excerpts of his interviews with Bergdahl.

When Boal interviewed Bergdahl he made promises of confidentiality in connection with portions of the interviews, according to court documents.

Super Powers by Tom Scioli


Stranger Things VHS case

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Big game hunter by Slinkachu

Figma action figure based on Munch's The Scream


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Files to 3D print the ships from Alien and No Man's Sky

The same designer is working on the U-Wing from Rogue One:

X-Men Marvel Legends Wave 1 will include a build-a-figure New Mutants Warlock

Via these sites.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror really is being remade as a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction

Opening summer 2017:

This exciting new presence will transform the structure currently housing The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ (scheduled to close in early 2017) into an epic new adventure, enhancing the breathtaking free fall sensation with all-new visual and audio effects to create a variety of ride experiences. Guests will experience multiple random, unique ride profiles in which the rise and fall of the gantry lift will rock to the beat of music inspired by the film’s popular soundtrack.

Wonder Woman