Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Sixth scale Snake-Eyes figure

By 1000Toys:

This will be our first collaboration project with BAIT, the North American premium retailer for the West Coast region.
Snake Eyes, the iconic ninja commando from the G.I. Joe series, will be the first product from G.I. Joe×TOA Heavy Industries!
A project to resurrect an old-generation soldier using his DNA info has been requested to TOA Heavy Industries from the Arashikage Clan.
After a successful DNA restoration close to 80%, the soldier was then resurrected using the Synthetic Human body with the restored DNA info.
Even though the memory restoration was incomplete, the soldier became to successfully accomplish numerous covert missions on his own.
In the midst of a rescue mission for captured engineers, the soldier is ambushed by a mysterious white shadow…

Link roundup

1. "17 Women Talk About How to Make Friends"

2. "Sinead O'Connor took to Facebook on Monday making a series of controversial allegations including the claim that comedian . . . supplied Prince with drugs over the years" and "spiked" her drink.

3. "Connor Cook, long projected to be picked in the early rounds of the NFL Draft, ended up slipping to the Raiders in the fourth round. A report about why he fell despite his obvious talent pointed to attitude problems and a bad rap from his teammates. According to the Detroit News, there wasn’t one incident that turned teams off, but rather, nobody seemed to like Cook much"

4. New Funko figures for The Force Awakens, including bearded Luke and General Leia.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tom Scioli reminisces about a bootleg Star Wars ride from his childhood


"I Was Catfished By ABC's What Would You Do?"

Ripe for a lawsuit:

As the initial stun dissipated a bit, I realized that I would have to be the one to address the very obvious cause for the awkwardness between us. Jess was not the woman pictured in her Bumble profile, and I said so. As she laughed nervously, she suggested that the photos of her were merely dated.

“The pictures I have on there are old,” she said apologetically. “I look a little different now.” Blown away by the suggestion that I simply had not recognized her, I pulled out my phone and brought up her profile page.


I told her I didn’t want to continue our date because she had been dishonest, and given that honesty is the foundation of any meaningful relationship, this was clearly not a good start. After a pause, thick with the tension between us, I took some of the hostility out of my voice. “Look, humor is really important to me, and you’re funny,” I told her. “Be honest next time, and you will find you the right guy. It’s not me.” I told her I was going to leave and got up from the table.

That’s when the cameras came out. In front of them, a shiny-faced man dressed in a suit approached me with an extended microphone. It was John QuiƱones, and he told me that I was on ABC’s What Would You Do?

Rian Gonzales has a new art store

Prints and originals.

New tee at Last Exit to Nowhere based on Scanners by David Cronenberg. (They're also giving away Star Wars tees today.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blog Bookslut will close after 14 years

"Well, the only reason why Bookslut was interesting was because it didn’t make money, and when I realized the sacrifices I was going to have to make in order for it to make money, it wasn’t worth it. It used to be you could get an advertiser for a month; now it’s all directly linked to how many pageviews you get. So you can’t write about obscure literature that only ten people care about and make eight cents. You have to write about the books that all the people already know about. And then it just orients you toward clickbait, and you have to come up with stunts and your design has to be beautiful. The only program that actually gives you money is Amazon. We used them back when we were profitable — we paid some writers back when we were profitable — and then, at some point, I realized they were fucking trashing the industry. Then we switched to Powell's, which gave us absolutely no money."

Link roundup

1. "A review of police reports and interviews by The Associated Press reveal 185 instances in which patients escaped or walked away from 'Washington state's largest mental hospital' in just the past 3 1/2 years or so"

2. "Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the Lyttle Lytton Contest!"

This contest has two divisions.  In one, entrants write relatively short openings to very bad imaginary novels.  In the other, entrants submit relatively short passages they have found elsewhere, and we are to re-imagine them as the openings to very bad novels.
3. Zine featuring Benjamin Marra's D & D-inspired illustrations.

New Civil War Heroclix figures, including Night Nurse


Packaging for Ancient Olive Trees Olive Oil

Available at Amazon.

Link roundup

1. "Design a Heavy Metal magazine cover."

2. "NBA Says Refs Missed Five Calls On Final Thunder-Spurs Possession"

3. A look at the high school run by the LA Galaxy for elite soccer players.

4. McFarlane Titanfall figure available for preorder.

Monday, May 2, 2016