Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sad rock creature

"A hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii has sickened at least 168 people, with at least 46 of them hospitalized"

"Health officials found that the outbreak was likely linked to frozen scallops served raw at a chain of sushi restaurants, Genki Sushi."

The latest edition of Doom is $19.99 at Amazon

PS4 and XboxOne. The Collector's Edition is 58% off.

New tee at Last Exit to Nowhere

Based on The Lost Boys.

Daisy Ridley was an excellent guest on the most recent episode of the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast


"Should I Switch to Aluminum-Free Deodorant?"


There are two rumors, older than “them thar hills,” that aluminum in underarm antiperspirant is potentially harmful to our health. The first is that it causes breast cancer, the second is that it causes Alzheimer’s. There isn’t any good evidence for either.

The recently opened Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center at the University of Oregon


The physiology area is the most eye-catching with a small boxing ring for shadow boxing, complete with overhead ring lighting in the shape of a glowing yellow "O." It is important to note that no sparring is allowed in the boxing ring; it is for exercise purposes only. The area also features heavy punch bags, speed bags, exercise bikes, antigravity treadmills and strength diagnostic areas in the form of instrumented platforms. The physiology area also contains a bone density scanner and an examination room, as well as a neurocognitive center, which in part will help diagnose and treat concussion symptoms.

"Vogue Brazil criticised for photographs of able-bodied actors digitally altered to look like Paralympians"


A publicity campaign for the Rio 2016 Paralympics has come under fire for digitally altering photos of able-bodied pin ups to give them disabilities.

The images of actors Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena, who are ambassadors for the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), appeared in Vogue Brazil under the tag “We are all Paralympians”.

They had been photoshopped to feature the disabilities of Paralympic table tennis player Bruna Alexandre, who had her right arm amputated when she was just three months old, and sitting volleyball player Renato Leite, who has a prosthetic leg.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Designing Symbols of Identity for the Refugee Olympic Team"

"my first reaction was to use black and orange, the colours of the life vests. My second reaction was to design a flag so easy that a six-year-old kid can draw it.”

Gilbert Gottfried podcast about the The Golden Girls

He interviewed the author of a book about the show--anecdotes include Bea Arthur so hating being teased about her looks that she was driven to tears at a script-reading.

Nnedi Okorafor talks about the inspiration for Binti

The scifi novella that just won the Hugo award had present day inspiration:

My own situation inspired the plot- I left my rather close-knitted Nigerian American family in Chicago to go teach at the University at Buffalo, NY. It was a contentious departure. Writing Binti was a way of exploring my own fears of making the wrong choice (which it wasn't). I'd also never written a story set in space because space scares me. Facing and conquering fear seems to be at the heart of the novella's inspiration . . . . Also, I have always loved the Himba people of Namibia, so I knew I wanted to write about them at some point. And lastly, for some reason, I was inspired to write murderous aliens when I saw a sweet little blue jellyfish in a lagoon while in the strange awesome country of the United Arab Emirates.

"Small towns can’t handle the sharing economy tourism boom"


In the teeny-tiny village of Joshua Tree, California, population 7,000, there are more than 200 vacation rentals on Airbnb.


In recent years, visitors to Joshua Tree National Park have soared, and last year the number of visitors hit a record high, surging by more than 27 percent to over 2 million.


Whereas before visitors might have been forced to find a new vacation destination if all the local hotels had booked up, now admirers of the region’s famous stark landscape have a bevy of alternatives.