Thursday, October 30, 2014

Playing GTA as a horror movie slasher:
This dude plays GTAV on passive mode, so he can’t kill or be killed. He also plays creepy music through his mic and slowly, wordlessly stalks people across the city. 
At which point he turns passive mode off and stabs his victim to death.

Emily Carroll posted an excellent new horror webcomic.

(You should also buy her book Through the Woods. It's one of my favorite purchases of the year.)

"Here are the winners of the New York Times Best Illustrated Books Awards for 2014."

(The only one that really caught my eye was Shackleton's Journey. My son just wrote a report about him.)

Last Exit to Nowhere's latest tee is based on Trading Places.

Gawker's latest edition of The Best Restaurant in New York.

Substantial drop in price on Mondo's first toy, one week after being posted for preorder, explained in this way:

We had planned on listing Lil' Mikey for under $100 from the very start, but for reasons beyond our control, we were unable to make it happen before the official release date. For the past week, we have been fighting to bring down the price for you guys, and today we are proud to announce that Lil Mikey will now be available for Pre-Order for $85 (plus shipping).

From an interview with Guillermo Del Toro:

We unfortunately were involved on a game that took about two and a half years’ pre-production with THQ that was called Insane, and then THQ went under before we could make the game, but I learned a lot there. 
With Hideo we are still in the early stages. I don’t think the game will come out for another couple of years.
So the bad news is Silent Hills is years away. And the worse news is that his prior game history indicates the game may never come out. I suppose the silver lining is there will be plenty of time for more demos like PT.

The latest Monument Valley tease.

The first episode of Cartoon Network's Over the Garden Wall is terrific--you can watch it here or download at iTunes.  I liked it so much I ordered the entire series to show my support. $10 gets you all episodes, which I'm currently downloading.

There's a new download available for Kentucky Route Zero, and also a strange ebay listing:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014