Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nike's futuristic running ponchos and vests

Nike's new tech sportswear is so great.

Bonus: the USMNT rocket pop design as boardshorts:

The best new Marvel comics covers

I posted my picks at Screenburn.

Link roundup

1. "How Skechers Beat Nike In The Boston Marathon"

2. "Where once leisure time was a mark of affluence, now it is a marker for poverty."

3.  Robin Hanson considers how humanity should plan for the future, starting with a metaphor:

Imagine you are holding on to a log, floating down the rapids of a wide fast murky river at night. You hear rough water ahead. How should you steer yourself?
You should not try to figure out what river you’d most rather be on, or what landscape you wished the river flowed through. Instead, you should focus on details of the actual river in front of you. You should also not just swim for the best looking spot in the river ahead; in a wide fast river you probably can’t get most places. 
What you should do is, keeping in mind your limited stamina and abilities, look to see the places ahead where you could plausibly swim. See them as clearly as possible, and try to infer what might be just under the water where you cannot see. Don’t immediately swim before you look, but also don’t wait too long before starting a plan. 
Steering humanity’s future is like swimming this river.
4.  Cracked:
In 1948, Britain decided to form a secret government organization called the Information Research Department (IRD), whose goal was to spread anti-communist propaganda. Orwell not only supported this organization, but agreed to work as an informer for them. A year before he died, Orwell provided the IRD with a list of the names of dozens of writers and researchers whom he thought might be "crypto-communist," basing his judgment on everything from opinions they might have held to whether they were homosexual or Jewish.
5. In case you missed, it--Drake using a lint roller courtside.

New IDW covers

Transformers Windblade #4 cover by Phil Jimenez.

The X-Files Season 10 #14 cover by Francesco Francavilla.  Via.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blondie album cover JH Williams III

Blondie Album cover by JH Williams III.

"The 'Final Minute' Of Grizzlies-Thunder Lasted 43 Minutes"

The best new DC Comics covers

I posted my picks at Screenburn.

New Image Comics Solicitations

Saga #21 cover by Fiona Staples

Sex Criminals #7 cover by Chippard Zdwarrggky

The Wicked + The Divine cover by Jamie McElvie and Matt Wilson


Art roundup

Promotional illustration by DKNG for the Ram Outdoorsman.

Age of Ultron Hawkeye custom action figure by Jin-Saotome available at ebay.

Part of the Beauty and the Beast Funko line.

80's Logo collection.

Days of Future Past Minimates revealed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fan art from tonight's Adventure Time episode

Fan art of the thing that happened.

And speaking of Adventure Time, fan art by David Mayzis:

Art Roundup

Batgirl redesign by Jordan Gibson.

Munny commission by Clogtwo.

Warren Ellis will write Supreme. (Alan Moore's Supreme comics were terrific.)

Concept art for Wildstyle from The Lego Movie

Shane Prigmore posted concept art for Wildstyle/Lucy Lego:

Lucy (Wildstyle) was conceived as a rebel with a tendency to try a little to hard (in life and in looks). There was a lot of discussion on what that could mean visually, and above are just a few of my early explorations.