Monday, September 25, 2017

Very good write up of an XCOM mission


The VIP is dead and the mission is lost, but we spend a turn cleaning up the enemies before Evacuating.

Except: I can’t place the Evac zone. The button’s not working.

You can’t place the Evac on VIP extractions. It’s pre-set. It’s miles away. And the ship leaves in 2 turns.

Part 2: The Escape

Everyone runs – ignoring cover, ignoring the risk of triggering enemies.

"When archaeologists found a tunnel under Mexico’s ‘birthplace of the gods’, they could only dream of the riches they would discover."


Even more remarkable was a miniature mountainous landscape, 17 metres underground, with tiny pools of liquid mercury representing lakes. The walls of the tunnel were found to have been carefully impregnated with powdered pyrite, or fool’s gold, to give the effect in firelight of standing under a galaxy of stars.


Watermarks along the walls of Gómez Chávez’s passage have proved that the huge plaza above it was deliberately flooded to create a kind of primordial sea, with pyramids as metaphorical mountains emerging from the water as at the beginning of time. Thousands of people would have witnessed ceremonies re-enacting the creation myth.


The inhabitants of Teotihuacan would have walked past thousands of square feet of bright illustrated surfaces

"Football fans fill dorms left empty at Mizzou after enrollment drop"


with almost 2,000 fewer freshmen this fall than there were two years ago, there is no shortage of empty rooms.

It’s scrappy, Merz argues. It shows leaders are “thinking outside of the box.”

It’s not a Band-Aid for the millions of dollars in lost tuition revenue, but Mizzou spokesman Christian Basi said the school pulled in more than $20,000 per game so far on the dorm rental.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

"Is Disney paying its share in Anaheim?"


Faced with growing criticism inside City Hall, last year Disney stepped up its local political spending


Even with Disney’s large PAC contributions — which dwarfed the money raised by the candidates it opposed — two politicians supported by the company lost to reform candidates, flipping the balance of power on the council. Now, Disney’s ability to extract lucrative deals from the city is in question.

"an ongoing debate between street style photographers and influencers . . . came to a boil at Milan Fashion Week"


It all began on Thursday, when a group of 30-something street style photographers met to organize an “unofficial union.” Their goal, as outlined in a statement obtained by WWD, is to stop to “disproportionate gain being derived by the influencers” and to “no longer be viewed as a passive entity in the equation of this industry.” In other words, “The Photographers,” as this anonymous group calls themselves, argue that they need to be seen as an invaluable part of the equation; they’re done watching influencers profit off their images, with no compensation or acknowledgement in return.


In a recent article titled, “The Big Business of Street StyleBait,” the blogger Zanita Whittington told Refinery29 that street style is a “huge part of [her] business.” She explained that these photos help boost her reputation as a “style authority,” and a single New York Fashion Week season could yield as much as $100,000.

Some bloggers and street style stars hire their own photographers, but most of the time, they’re relying on the photographers outside of shows — some of whom are being paid by magazines, and others who are also working for free to kickstart their careers. These photographers run after influencers for the chance to be featured on their Instagrams, and the influencers know this, with some then turning it into a game of cat and mouse — as well as a competition amongst photographers. This is exactly the power dynamic that #NoFreePhotos is trying to dismantle.

Character designs by Evgeny Viitman

"Lowe built several balloons during the Civil War to spy on the Confederate Army, winning him official appointment by President Lincoln as Chief Aeronaut of the Union Army and the unofficial title of the most shot-at man in the Civil War"


He was also the grandfather of Florence Lowe, whom he took to the 1910 air meet when she was nine years old. The spectacle of flight entranced the young girl, and she went on to acquire fame as “Pancho” Barnes, a pioneer barnstormer, Hollywood stunt pilot, industry test pilot, and later owner of the Happy Bottom Riding Club, the celebrated watering hole at what became Edwards Air Force Base in the “Right Stuff” era.

"In 1906, this Congolese man was displayed in a zoo. Now, Virginia is honoring him"


Last weekend, Virginia — one of three states in the country that prominently display a statue of Confederate leader Jefferson Davis in its capitol — unveiled a historical highway marker for Ota Benga, a Congolese native and Lynchburg resident who in 1906 garnered global headlines when he was exhibited in the Bronx Zoo monkey house.


For nearly a century, the story of Benga’s tragic life was narrated by the very men who were most complicit in his degradation. In dozens of accounts — including one in a Virginia encyclopedia — the man most responsible for his exploitation was absurdly depicted as his friend.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

"The end-of-the-world message heard on some Orange County channels during an Emergency Alert System test on Thursday was a technical glitch prompted by a local radio station, broadcasting officials said on Friday"


KWVE-FM, a Santa Ana station that broadcasts Christian programs, was conducting the test for the region that did not properly kick off – prompting a pastor’s comments meant only for that station to be heard over TV and probably radio channels in the county and beyond.


“It’s not like we planned the broadcast to coincide with that,” Gemaehlich said. “It was just a fluke thing. Pastor Swindoll would never try to line something up with that. He is a very conservative, sound theologian and not a conspiracy person.”

Casey Jones Mask (by NECA) available for preorder

At the BBTS.

New Coraline figure by NECA, too.

"Lakers to get more than $30 million from three-year jersey sponsorship deal with Wish"


Like many who heard the news on Thursday, the Lakers chief operating officer hadn’t heard of Wish either


The app offers budget shopping options and quirky products.

"A huge 5.2 m crocodile has been shot dead in Queensland"

"People need to clearly understand the death of this animal has changed the balance of the crocodile population in the Fitzroy and we can expect increased aggressive activity by younger male crocodiles"