Monday, September 29, 2014

The new Star Wars Art: Posters hardcover includes I believe 150 posters, including posters by Olly Moss and Tyler Stout. $25 at Amazon.

The 1/6 scale Dark Knight Returns Batman figure I posted a while back is now available for preorder. ($65 for 6.75".)

Bret Easton Ellis:

My generation was raised by Baby Boomers in a kind of complete fantasy world at the height of the Empire: Boomers were the most privileged and the best educated children of The Great Generation, enjoying the economic boom of post-World War II American society. My generation realized that like most fantasies it was a somewhat dissatisfying lie and so we rebelled with irony and negativity and attitude or conveniently just checked-out because we had the luxury to do so. Our reality compared to Millennial reality wasn’t one of economic hardship. We had the luxury to be depressed and ironic and cool. Anxiety and neediness are the defining aspects of Generation Wuss and when you don’t have the cushion of rising through the world economically then what do you rely on? Well, your social media presence: maintaining it, keeping the brand in play, striving to be liked, to be liked, to be liked. And this creates its own kind of ceaseless anxiety.
What the Vice interview didn’t allow was that because I’ve been living with someone from this generation I’m sympathetic to them as well, remembering clearly the hellish year my college-educated boyfriend looked for a job and could only find non-paying internships. Add in the demeaning sexual atmosphere that places a relentless emphasis on good looks (Tinder being the most prevalent example) in such a superficially nightmarish way it makes the way my generation hooked-up seem positively chaste and innocent by comparison.

I guess the Falcon looks kind of cool

Joe Quesada's cover for Star Wars #1 is otherwise instantly forgettable.

The new Houston Rockets sleeved jersey is in Chinese?

Who needs Destiny, here's a game devoted to leveling up by shooting at a cave

Cave Shooting Simulator.

New Star Wars figures preorder listings, including Sabine and Tie Pilot from SW Rebels.

The Shining poster by Brandon Schaefer on sale at Spoke ($35).

This Breitling watch notifies satellites when you need an emergency rescue

The Breitling Emergency 2 watch signals satellites when you need emergency help (and then yadda yadda yadda help arrives).


No-brainer purchase of the day: Thor: God of Thunder #18

Thor: God of Thunder #18, illustrated by the great Das Pastoras, is 99 cents right now at Comixology.  Great art and a great standalone story about Thor being drinking buddies with a dragon.

And speaking of deals for outstanding comics, Batgirl Year One, illustrated by Marcos Martin, is 99 cents an issue right now at Amazon.

"Mythic Articulations was created in late 2013 with one goal in mind - to create what nature won't. More specifically, to create the skeletons and skulls of mythical creatures and cryptids."

Also available in a can: