Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gallery 1988's latest art show

The art is now available. Pictured: "Apt 20; Monica and Rachel" by Ellen Schinderman, Skeletor by Geoffrey Trapp, and "Vicki The T-800" by Munk One.

"Mayweather to post Suge Knight's $10-million bail if he wins fight, lawyer says"

LA Times.

Leviathan Wakes is $1.99 today

Nominated for the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novel and being adapted for television by Syfy, it's one of today's bargain books at Amazon.

Friday, May 1, 2015

"The 21 Secret Parks of San Francisco"


Scattered throughout Downtown San Francisco are public plazas, atriums, and roof gardens. Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) hide behind secret elevators, security guards, and stairs. Their elusive trait begs the question: if they are public, then why are they hidden?

In a city where land is scarce, POPOS allocate open space to prevent overdevelopment. The 1985 Downtown Plan mandates developers build and maintain 1 sq ft of public space for each 50 sq ft of commercial space. Yet, developers hide them from the public to keep cost of maintenance low.

The UFOs in Grand Theft Auto V


Yesterday, a Reddit user named trainwreck42o made a thread with an incredible claim: they found code in GTA V that pertains to loading UFO interiors. That is to say, they’re pretty certain there’s something inside of the UFOs; they claim that the game has the capability to load more than what we’ve seen of UFOs thus far. But the only way to view these interiors is to a) not be injured and b) to meet another mystery requirement. Trainwreck doesn’t know what this requirement is. All they know is that once it’s met, the code will recognize it as a specific variable (-1 or 999, to be specific), and it will react accordingly. The assumption is that nobody has met the requirement yet.

"Last year, almost one million firearms were sold in the state of California"

"through legal, official channels that the state knows about."

20% off everything this weekend at Last Exit to Nowhere

Quote: MAY2015 for 20% off.

Lego Zero Suit Samus

More here.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Should the Houston Astros activate the Death Star they've been building?


Every action movie involving a huge, sinister piece of machinery has an activation scene. It usually takes several minutes and includes orders being repeated in triplicate and about a dozen levers and switches being pulled by different men in different rooms, all while stirring music — courtesy of Hans Zimmer or John Williams — thunders in the background. Huge, mechanical arms click into place, gears turn, and computer screens blink ominously....

Since Jeff Luhnow took over the Astros in December 2011, he’s been building the kind of machine I just described. After surveying the terrain in Houston, Luhnow & Co. decided there was nothing of value to build upon and started from scratch. The construction process has been much discussed and debated, and it hasn’t been without the kind of setbacks that play into Luhnow’s supervillain reputation. Most notably, there was an embarrassing theft of Death Star plans and the equally embarrassing Brady Aiken affair. A young hero losing the use of his arm after refusing to join a supervillain’s cause does, after all, fit a certain theme.

But the building stage is almost over....

Hulkbuster paper toy

Available for download.

Spring cleaning sale at the Big Bad Toy Store

Including NECA, ThreeA, Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black.