Saturday, October 25, 2014

So John Wick is apparently good....

For obsessives--11 interesting details from the Matrix (just the first movie). Including that the building Neo works at looks like a spinal column, and the spelling of the company's name changes inside.

I was skimming Amazon looking for a plush tiger for my my Calvin and Hobbes-obsessed son, and found this one.

Original art for Mondo's Batman show on sale now.

Friday, October 24, 2014

My score on this week's Slate news quiz.


After all, imagine a world in which publishers were good at marketing books. Then it would be almost trivial for Hachette to get what it wants out of Amazon. It could just not sell its books on Amazon! Unlike in the old days when it might have been inconvenient for someone who lived in a town with a Borders but no Barnes and Noble to go get a book that Borders didn't sell, it's trivially easy to click on some non-Amazon website to order a book. But you do need a customer who actually wants to buy the book.

"Anthony Weiner Still Doesn't Understand How to Use Twitter." (NSFW?)

Blogging for traffic (including writing about GamerGate):

reporting stops being reporting and starts becoming the journalistic equivalent of putting chips on every single number in roulette hoping Reddit or Facebook or someone else picks your story to win that day’s internet traffic lottery.
Relatedly, the best Tumblr devoted to GG.

Eye of Sauron by Jeffrey Alan Love.

Posters by Jock and Kevin Tong for Mondo's Batman show.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Leatherman multitool from the CIA's Escape and Evasion Survival Bag is $26 (36% off) at Amazon.

This family is like the exact opposite of Door's family in Neverwhere.