Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Drone with flamethrower

Wargaming miniatures roundup

"Bill Gates-Backed Upstart Helps Costco Keep Avocados Ripe Longer"


fruit treated by Apeel -- avocados that stay ripe for twice as long -- will debut in about 100 grocery stores in the Midwest, including more than 30 Costco locations.


The product, which is certified for use on organic produce, is a lightweight powder that suppliers mix with water to wash fruits and vegetables.

Elastigirl on Elasticycle Funko Pop

Available for preorder. Fun sculpt on this statue, too:

Monday, June 18, 2018

Art roundup

"Nearly Eradicated in Humans, the Guinea Worm Finds New Victims: Dogs"


Martoussia, the celebrity of the moment in this remote fishing village, pants heavily under the awning where he lies chained. Still, he remains calm and sweet-tempered as the crowd presses in.


In this arid central African country, the long global struggle to eliminate a horrifying human parasite has encountered a serious setback: dogs. They are being infected with Guinea worms, and no one knows how.

Scientists are desperate to solve the puzzle. If the answer isn’t found soon, or if the worms begin to spread widely into other species — a handful already have been found in cats and even baboons — then 32 years of work to end the scourge may crumble

Hot Wheels First Order AT-ST piloted by BB-8

Available at Amazon. Stormtrooper on speeder from Solo, also.

Warhammer 40k Saint Celestine cosplay

Thread about a devoted Dungeons and Dragons group with a surprise ending

Friday the 13th-themed jack-in-the-box available for preorder

"Approximately 14 inches tall when 'popped', the Burst-A-Box is a finely detailed tin music box that encases a detailed sculpt and clothed spring character."

"Their pitch? A transportation boarding school [in South Los Angeles] free to its students"


The school would offer a vocational and college-preparatory curriculum, tightly tailored to train students for jobs in the transportation industry.


Metro hopes graduates could address a critical need in Southern California: qualified workers


Though the proposal is in its infancy, it has sparked resistance from some South L.A. residents who say the neighborhood needs more sit-down restaurants, grocery stores and retail space — not a boarding school.

The 4.2-acre site at Vermont and Manchester avenues, where the school would be built, has been vacant since the 1992 Los Angeles riots, when a swap meet was torched and burned to the ground. Since then, the land has been caught in a tug-of-war between politicians and residents who disagree on what should be built there to address blight.


About 400 students in sixth through 12th grade could attend the school, staying on campus during the week and returning home on weekends, said Ridley-Thomas deputy Karly Katona. Room and board would be free.