Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TIL some people didn't think the movie Big was dark and depressing


It’s a fun movie and a silly movie and a lighthearted movie. Except here’s the thing: It’s super not any of those things. It’s the reverse of all of those things. The only way it works as those things is if you look at it through Josh’s eyes, which is what you’re supposed to do because Josh is the centerpiece. But by any other measure and from the perspective of any of the other characters in Big, it is a horrifying movie and a very real tragedy movie. Here are the other characters in the Big universe and what happens to them:
Along the same lines:
The Very Uncomfortable Experience of Rewatching Election in 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ad campaign for the study abroad program of a Japanese university


Milwaukee Bucks President: "Milwaukee Is The Most Segregated, Racist Place I’ve Ever Experienced"

"It’s laudable for Feigin to call out segregation so plainly here. However, this is an interesting stance from a man whose team was the beneficiary of $250 million from the state, city, and Milwaukee County."

Twilight Princess Link deluxe figure

Available for preorder (there's a Zelda figure, too).

Concept art by Mike Mignola for an abandoned New Gods animated series

More here.

Monday, September 26, 2016

"Investigation uncovers the ringleaders profiting from $23bn annual trade in illicit animals after more than a decade of undercover surveillance"


In the absence of effective international attempts to block the business, Freeland has agreed to give exclusive access to intelligence it has accumulated over 14 years that identifies primary traffickers.

It points to two Vietnamese siblings, the Bach brothers, as key suspects who control a primary smuggling route for endangered animals.

Separately, the Guardian will on Tuesday report on evidence it has that suggests the industry has political support across several countries, and that one state even collects a 2% cut from the gross value of illegal wildlife import

Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Phitsawat: a Thai soap that serves authoritarianism"


Thai soap operas play a crucial social role in constructing political ideas of nationalism, Buddhism and morality. This mechanism, however, is not a stagnant process. The recent airing of a nationalistic soap has shown how Thai soaps adapt to changing political contexts.


it is clear that the intention is to highlight Akhara’s suspicion of elected politicians. In this way, the conversation reflects current debates in Thai politics over the junta-backed organic laws governing the political party system. The military appointed lawmakers have proposed that new laws should contain severe punishments for politicians involved in corruption cases. There has also been a proposal to give the Election Commission of Thailand more power to ban politicians and order re-elections

"Dutch manufacturer Vanmoof discovers that printing a picture of a flatscreen TV on their bike boxes reduces delivery damages by 70-80 per cent"

"For some reason, bicycles in big cardboard boxes have a tendency to get dropped, bashed or crushed by delivery companies"

"The governor of California signed a bill into law today that will make it illegal for entertainment websites like IMDB to post the ages of actors if that actor requests the information to be taken down"

"the bill will not apply to news outlets, but is aimed at subscription entertainment sites where hiring decisions are made"

"Shanghai Restaurant Wins Michelin Star, Closes Down Day Later"

"Residents expressed . . . their disappointment that local authorities had neglected the issue for months. They also didn’t understand how an unlicensed restaurant could have received a Michelin star in the first place."

I enjoyed Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

It's about a boarding school for teens who went through portals to magical lands, were forcibly ejected back into our world, and desperately want to find the doorway that will take them back to the only place they truly belong (because their parents sure can't accept the way they were changed by the experience).

The worlds the children fell into vary dramatically and are classified on logic-nonsense and moral-immoral axes.  It's fun to consider how worlds like Wonderland, or Pinhead's realm, or Dracula/Frankenstein's villages (or our own world) would be classified. Available at Amazon.

Fone Bone vinyl figure available for preorder

Supposedly coming out this month.