Monday, July 24, 2017

Augmented Reality Mario Kart

Hado Kart.

The deluxe Patrón x Guillermo del Toro set is available for preorder

$475. And not remotely the most expensive item on the page.

New alternative mascot for the Las Vegas 51s minor league baseball team

Las Vegas Reyes de Plata.

Captain Marvel to receive $20.8 million in tax breaks from California

"Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito said, 'Our headquarters and postproduction facilities are in California, so it’s very exciting to be able to film ‘Captain Marvel’ here in our home state thanks to this California tax credit.'"

"Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder"

"Spatial mapping could improve audio performance by taking advantage of the room’s acoustics. Do you have a large room that’s practically empty? Targeted furniture ads might be quite effective."

"key allies objected that an independent Bosnia would be 'unnatural' as the only Muslim nation in Europe"

NYT from 2009:

Clinton said U.S. allies in Europe blocked proposals to adjust or remove the embargo. They justified their opposition on plausible humanitarian grounds, arguing that more arms would only fuel the bloodshed, but privately, said the president, key allies objected that an independent Bosnia would be "unnatural" as the only Muslim nation in Europe. He said they favored the embargo precisely because it locked in Bosnia's disadvantage. . . . He said President François Mitterrand of France had been especially blunt in saying that Bosnia did not belong, and that British officials also spoke of a painful but realistic restoration of Christian Europe.

"Please help save!"


We had previously contracted with an outside vendor to provide certain services for That contractual relationship ended earlier this year, but the vendor will not acknowledge the change in contractual status and continues to essentially hold the web site hostage. Although we maintain editorial control (for now), the vendor will not relinquish the site’s hosting to our control, so we cannot modify the site, develop it, or — most crucially — place advertising on it. The vendor continues to insert their own ads and has been withholding the advertising revenue from us.

Our legal team is fighting hard for us, but, having been cut off from all revenue, we are facing the prospect of having no financial means to continue operating the site and paying our staff (not to mention covering our legal fees) in the meanwhile.

"Overnight inside a Polar Bear’s Den"

"the Safari Lodge of Zoo de la Flèche, a 14-hectare zoo that opened in 1946 in the Loire Valley of France. Two years ago, the park ventured into the world of luxury hospitality when it began expanding the enclosures of their polar bears, grizzlies, wild tigers and wolves, so that guests could spend the night."

"Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years"


With the Windows 10 Creators Update, released in April, Microsoft introduced the new Paint 3D, which is installed alongside traditional Paint and features 3D image making tools as well as some basic 2D image editing. But it is not an update to original Paint and doesn’t behave like it.

Now Microsoft has announced that, alongside Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, Microsoft Paint has been signalled for death having been added to the “features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” list.

Bearded ("Hot") Street Fighter V Ryu SDCC 2017 Exclusive action figure available for preorder

At the BBTS. Also available for preorder, Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 Ultimate Freddy Krueger Figure and Horror Plushies Series 1.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Rise and fall of General Manas: Thailand's top trafficker"


Around the time of the money transfers, Manas served as a top commander of Thailand's southern security arm.

His job was to enforce its controversial "push-back" policy -- which meant turning around boats of stateless Rohingya who were trying to flee persecution in Myanmar.

But he used this position to do just the opposite, according to last week's verdict, which exposed a matrix of collusion between state officials and businessmen who profited from trafficking.

Witnesses said Manas instructed officers to force back a boat of 265 Rohingya in 2012 -- only to covertly re-route the ship to shore and truck the human cargo south to the jungle prisons.

"Diver survives 60 hours trapped in an underwater cave"


Gracia was trapped in that underwater cave for 60 hours, not knowing whether his diving partner, who he had sent to get help, even made it out of the maze below the Spanish island of Mallorca.


Gracia, 54, and his diving partner, Guillem Mascaró, left a rope that day, according to the BBC. But something ended up severing it, leaving them lost and with a dwindling amount of air in their oxygen tanks.