Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Chris Gethard Show: what's in the dumpster

"Remember When 'Baywatch Nights' Turned into a Weird Horror Series?"


Season two of “Baywatch Nights” was very obviously inspired by the success of “The X-Files,” and this time around, Buchannon wasn’t squaring off with burglars and murderers but rather werewolves, aliens, and homicidal spirits. The horror/sci-fi-themed season kicked off with the episode “Terror of the Deep,” which pit Buchannon up against a goddamn sea monster.

Free graphic novel promotion at Amazon

I preordered Fantasy Sports 3 (32% off), and was notified it came with a credit for a free Marvel graphic novel. There was a large selection, I chose Vision volume 2.

Friday, May 26, 2017

G.I. Joe/Transformers mashup custom figures

Available for purchase.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout! walkthrough

Big sale on third party Transformers

Big combining Devastator is $400 off, little combining Devastator is $55 off.

Nike "Be True" collection

Available June 5.

Glowing review of the new Friday The 13th game


As a counsellor, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of the hunted. Jason is an intimidating figure and because hiding is an option, it’s tempting to do precisely that. My successes as a survivor have come when I’ve played as if I’m in a survival horror game, using stealth to stay out of the action. The killer himself is clearly the greatest threat, but fear is a great danger. Essentially, the more frightened your character is, the greater the chance of detection. Terrified counsellors scream, giving themselves away, and managing your composure is vital.

To stay calm, you’ll want to stick to the paths rather than running into the woods, avoid seeing Jason or the corpses of his victims, and try to keep your friends close. Brilliantly, all of this fear management feels like an emergent part of the slasher sim side of the game rather than a meter to handle. As Jason, you want to divide and conquer, chasing your victims into the woods where their fear level rises, isolating them from their friends, cornering them in cabins and then dragging them from underneath beds or from inside closets.


When he’s in the vicinity, counsellors hear a musical sting, alerting them to his presence.


Oh, but that musical giveaway? Jason can temporarily mute it when he enters stalking mode. Even knowing that the Jason player has that ability, I’ve still been startled to see the big bastard standing there, unannounced.

BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain Pack available for preorder

Around $20, free shipping.

"Caltech Professor Who Harassed Women Was Also Investigated For Creating An Imaginary Female Researcher"

"The phony female scientist, 'Ursula Gamma,' was mentioned in at least 11 papers and had an email address on a Caltech website."