Saturday, June 30, 2007

Forget the film, watch the titles

It's a catalog of film titles. I'm partial to the titles from Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Via Designboom.

Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say "No" to Drugs

Follow the link for some excellent reviews:
Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, Learns to Say "No" to Drugs

Via Coudal Partners.

Swarovski USB Drives (?)


Illustration: Joy Ang's redesigned fairy tale characters

Link. Joy's site is here, and blog is here, where I found this rabbit:

Blowup Gorilla Desktop Wallpaper

Large size here.

Margot At The Wedding Poster

More on the movie here.

Pepsi Optimus Prime


Iron Man Teaser Site: IRONWORKS

The logo should be on a t-shirt. Via Newsarama.

"Frozen Beer-On-A-Stick Sells Like Hotcakes"

It's called a "Hopsicle." Video here.

Test: Am I

Take the test here.

Also, my website's not worth very much (yet).

Both links via Bits&Pieces.

Clever Fantastic Four Ad

"Four mirrors were placed in the main movie theaters around town (São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro). Each mirror reflected the 'super power' of the movie’s characters."

Large photo here.

Original treatment for William Gibson's new book Spook Country

Amazon posted the original treatment for William Gibson's new book Spook Country. Here's a small sample:

one of Warchalker's stories involves a truly enormous bale of well-circulated US hundreds (looking, he puts it, "like a HumVee shrink-wrapped in a humongous garbage bag ") gone missing from Baghdad in a fog of war.

Read the rest here (it's a pdf).

Video: Amnesty International "Signature" Ad

Via Adweek

DeviantArt: Adorable Leia and R2D2


Darwin Dating: Online Dating Minus Ugly People


Denver Post Writer has "a Jerry Maguire moment, if Jerry Maguire hated ESPN with every fiber of his being."


Games Workshop Golden Demon Awards Baltimore 2007


The Goblin's by Tim Lison. You can see a few more of his miniatures here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Video: Waterskiing Monkeys

Via Japan Probe.

Photo: Caution This Is Sparta


A good time to repost the best Transformers Desktop Wallpaper ever

Larger sizes here.

What happens when several artists "get the Disney get-out-of-jail-free card to put their own spin on" Mickey Mouse?

Nothing very interesting, actually. Too bad Neo-Mickey was taken off Youtube.

Wild memory test

Consider an experiment that was done by Daniel Simons, a psychologist at the University of Illinois. He or a member of his lab would walk up to a pedestrian on the street and ask him or her for directions. While the pedestrian was responding, workmen carrying something large (like a doorframe) would walk between them. As the workmen passed, the experimenter switched places with someone else. Only half of the pedestrians noticed, even though the two people could be quite different.

Link. Test your own memory here. I scored a 2.6.

Elephants communicate with each other across dozens of miles. With their toes.

"[A] Stanford University scientist has discovered that elephants actually have two distinct ways of communicating: by ordinary soundwaves rippling through the air, and by vibrations transmitted through the ground to exquisitely sensitive elephant toes."

Read more. Via Wired.

DeviantArt: Army of Two

It's just Business - by *adonihs on deviantART

DeviantArt: Adorable Comic Book Characters

mini heros by ~kungfumonkey on deviantART

Protests you may have missed this week

"A planned caravan of 100 big rigs with a clean-air message falls short, and few commuters notice."

"On Tuesday, June 26, hundreds of Internet radio stations across the country went silent in protest," united "in an effort to unite radio webcasters in the fight against the exorbitant new music royalties established by the Copyright Royalty Board in March."

Best opening paragraph I read today

Here's Andy Klein reviewing Sicko:

So a couple of months ago, I was getting jerked around by my health plan. The details are probably of interest to no one but me and a few friends (and I'm not so sure about them), but suffice it to say that it seems to have all worked out. Various functionaries kept telling me I was out of luck, citing a succession of bogus reasons, but my experiences years ago navigating the financial aid office at UCLA taught me a valuable lesson: The red tape is designed to wear you down, in hopes that you'll just give up. So don't.

"How macho movies get misread as homoerotic."

Read on if you want, or just watch Point Brokeback:

Lionel Richie Hankerchief


Darwin Award

"Two teens were smoking as they jumped atop an oil tank in Routt National Forest just before it exploded."

"Some poor judgments were made," Undersheriff Michael Joos said.

Link. Via Obscure Store.

Movie Concept: The $40,000 Man

It's "about an astronaut in a car accident who gets bionically rebuilt by the government -- but on a budget of only $40,000."

Friday Papercraft: Skeleton Marionette


Movie review of the day: `Transformers': Less than meets the eye

Here's David Germain writing for the AP:

Images of the sleek new Camaro that Chevrolet is introducing for the 2009 model year are pervasive throughout the movie, and the car winds up a more memorable figure than the robot Transformers themselves (though the machine characters do have more personality than any of the humans on screen).


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Video: Diesel's Spring/Summer 08 Catwalk Show

"Diesel’s Spring/Summer 08 catwalk show, staged a few days ago at the Pitti Immagine Uomo fair in Florence, was nothing short of stunning. While regular human models paced up and down the runway, a host of polyp-like CGI characters appeared in mid-air to interact with them within an underwater landscape."

See more images.

Miniature Motorcycles Made From Watch Parts

Link. Via Metafilter.

Aarrr License PLate

See the entire image here.

Video: Henry Rollins Sleepwalks (Sleeptalks?) Through The Narration Of The New Civ Ad

Civilization Revolution is on the way for the Nintendo DS (and other systems). Here's the video, Henry Rollins really mailed it in on the narration.

“Straws . . . made of cereal? This is f'ng AWESOME!”

Kellog's is selling "Cereal Straws" that it describes as "Fruity, crunchy tubes for milk-sippin' fun!"

Read a review here. Via The Consumerist.

Matchstick Garden Set

These cute matchbooks hold a clever secret inside. On the tip of each match are seeds already mixed to grow. Choose an assortment of either wildflowers--which includes cornflower, Shasta daisy, corn marigold, and field poppy--or herbs--which includes basil, chives, parsley, and thyme. Simply tear out a matchstick and plant it tip first in the soil. Includes two matchbooks of 10 matchsticks each.


Cookie Monster Meets Edvard Munch


This Book Sounds Like Fun

A Martian Wouldn't Say That

A reviewer on the Barnes and Noble site writes:

This book is a highly amusing compilation of the real-life memos that network execs would send to show producers and writers regarding content. It's what you'd more or less expect from a comedy book, except everything is real... high-powered, high-paid execs contradicting themselves, saying things that make no sense, etc. It gives insight into the ludicruous process that leads to the TV we eventually see on our sets every night! (After you read this book, you may ask yourself how anything good ever GOT to the TV.)

Best Thing I Read This Week

Here's Ann Patchett, writing in the Washington Post about joining the Los Angeles Police Department:

Now I'd have the chance to understand what it was that my father had done all those years I wasn't in the house. I would relearn Los Angeles. I would drive up Elysian Park and spend my days at the academy, where as a child I had swum in the long blue pool shaded by eucalyptus trees, eaten tuna melts in the coffee shop with my father, and learned to shoot a revolver.


The last event was a 160-pound weight drag. Run 25 yards, tug a lead weight the size of two encyclopedias tied to a thick rope through deep, soft dust, backward for 25 yards. When it was my turn, the crowd went wild. I was the mascot now, the favorite girl. No sense in cheering for the two who'd never pass or the one who might beat your score. Cheer for the one who barely makes her time but somehow, miraculously, manages. I yanked the weight backward as the giant men began to chant my name, dragging one syllable into two until it became "Ay-un, Ay-un, Ay-un." It would never happen again; 26 broad-shouldered young men would never call my name at once, and I let the sound trace against my pounding heart.

Read the rest, it's excellent.

And so was her book Bel Canto.

Bel Canto (P.S.)

Face Your Pockets Project

The concept is to place the contents of your pockets on a scanner, and put your face on also. There's also a warning:

During the scanning process it is recommended not to open your eyes. If you feel that you can handle it and open them, DO NOT follow the light on its move! The authors of this project didn't find any side-effects on themselves. However, the authors do not bear the responsibilty for possible consequences. At your own risk.

Link. Via Pop Candy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Video: World's Smallest Dog

4.9" Chihuahua. His head's the size of a strawberry. Link.

French Fry Crab Monster


Video: Five tips on avoiding getting ripped off by mechanics

Summary = everything Jiffy Lube says is a lie. Watch the video here. Via Lifehacker.

"The Empress is a giant arachnid from deep within space. "

Funny description, creepy toy. I don't watch Dr. Who.

Inner peace through outer violence

The site for the new Burnout game is excellent.

Animated Gif: Mac From Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends


Lego Van Gogh

Le'gogh by ~nismo4banger on deviantART

This man is not happy with Verizon

Link. Read why, here. There's also t-shirts.

The Fifty Greatest Muppets

Read part one. Via Coudal Partners.

Eve S. Mosher is drawing a chalk line through New York to show where waters could rise after a major storm

Read more.

Medusa Illustration by Van Arno

See the entire image here. Visit Van Arno's site.

*Buy Medusa toys at eBay.

Boring Business Systems

Seems to be a real company, but how could they not sell t-shirts? Via SayNoToCrack.

Tallest Man T-Shirt

8.9' long. Link.

The smallest fuel-cell car in the world

"The H-Racer from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is a palm-sized toy hydrogen car with its own fuel cell refueling station that creates hydrogen fuel by combining solar power and water. Watch the blinking lights and the hydrogen bubbling up in your little fuel station, and then dispense a tiny amount of hydrogen fuel into the H-Racer."


Best GigPosters This Week

By Nat Damm

By Willem Kolvoort

By Mike Carnevale

By Mike Carnevale

By Slowboy

By Paul Mackay

By Chris Bilheimer

By Diego Cano

By ?

By Punchgut Studio

By Madhouse