Monday, December 31, 2007

Sappy song from Allstate commercial made it to No. 40 on the Billboard charts

NY Times: It would be unremarkable that the song “From Where You Are” by Jason Wade, a singer in the band Lifehouse, had cracked the Billboard top 100 list — except that it was written for an Allstate commercial.

Unavailable on any album, the song has received little airplay on the radio but it had wide exposure in a 60-second Allstate spot promoting the insurance company’s safe driving program for teenagers. The commercial first ran after an episode of “Friday Night Lights” on NBC in late October that had a teenage driving theme.

On Nov. 6, “From Where You Are” was made available on iTunes, where it sold briskly enough to hit No. 40 on the Billboard charts for the week ended Nov. 24.

Wow, that song's terrible. Via.


  1. How about the fact that the douche on the piano is somehow making it sound like a Celeste? Either he's a fucking wizard or the whole thing is just a big pile of crap.

  2. Actually, Wade said in an interview that when he was younger he had a 16 year old friend who fell asleep behind the wheel just after getting his license; the crash killed him. This song was written in memory of Wades friend and when he foundout that Allstate was dong a commercial on teen safe driving, Wade jumped at the chance to commemorate his friend through this song and bring about awareness of teen accidents. I think it's awesome, my mother was killed by a teen driver when I was 18; the two boys were in my class at school, someone needs to wake these kids up about paying attention while driving because they don't seem to care or think it will happen.