Friday, August 31, 2007

NFL to revamp its logo

See a side-by-side comparison here.

California Senate Has Been Reading Too Many Sci-Fi Novels

Senate blocks mandatory ID implants in employees

The bill would prevent employers in the state from requiring workers to have the devices.


Nine senators opposed the measure, including Bob Margett (R-Arcadia), who said it is premature to legislate technology that has not yet proved to be a problem. "It sounded like it was a solution looking for a problem," Margett said. "It didn't seem like it was necessary."

Link. Bob Margett just became one of my favorite elected officials.

Movie Posters: Trade; Right At Your Door

Found at Movie Poster Addict.

Games Workshop Golden Demon Awards - Los Angeles 2007

The gallery of winners is up. The dreadnought is by Patrick Nankil.

Gallery of 19th Century Circus & Magic Posters

Flickr gallery. Via Ectomo.

"I would like to thank the press from the heart of my bottom."

50 greatest sporting insults.

Thai government to issue list of approved nicknames

I don't think this story is from The Onion:

But now, to the consternation of some nickname purists, children are being given such offbeat English-language nicknames as Mafia or Seven — as in 7-Eleven, the convenience store.


With help from language experts at the Royal Institute, the official arbiter of the Thai language, Mr. Vira plans to produce by the end of the year a collection of thousands of old-fashioned nicknames, listed by such wholesome categories as colors, animals and fruit and including simple favorites like Yaay (big), Ouan (fat) and Dam (black).

Published in a small booklet, the names will be distributed to the news media and libraries, and posted on the Internet.

Read more.

Some new snowglobes by Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

See more here. Spotted by Who Killed Bambi.

Friday Papercraft: Papercraft Skull (with Articulated Jaw)


Thursday, August 30, 2007

"El Pulpo," the polydactyly pitcher

This post earlier today mentioned a boy born with 24 digits.

My all-time favorite baseball player is Antonio Alfonseca, currently on the Phillies. Wikipedia says:

His nicknames are El Pulpo ("The Octopus"), and Six-Fingers. He has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, a condition known as polydactyly. His grandfather also had this trait. Alfonseca regards it with pride, as a kind of family emblem. The extra finger has no influence on his pitching, as it does not touch the ball.


I found the photo of Alfonseca's hand on this page, which discusses the top 30 nicknames in professional sports.

Brilliant Ugly Betty Mall Ad

Spotted here.

Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit Logo Desktop Wallpaper

Made from an image posted at Wired. Via BoingBoing.

The Last Supper, Popeye Version

Supper at Sea by *ATLbladerunner on deviantART

Flickr: Boy climbing a web

Larger size here.

Coal miners survived in collapsed mine by drinking urine and eating coal


Here's the part that really interested me:

Then they "totally had a breakdown" and eventually began to use humour to help them get through the ordeal.

"I told my brother 'your wife is going to have to marry someone else'", Meng Xianyou told the newspaper.

His brother replied: "I laughed too. I said my wife could find a rich man in Shenyang.

"But then I thought, I have two children and my wife is ugly, so it would be hard for her to remarry."

Wife's probably going to serve him urine every chance she gets, right? Read the whole thing. Photo found here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sign: "Unauthorized vehicles will be worked over with a sledgehammer..."

Photo found here.

Octopus Pulp Covers


"Men will never reach the edge of the solar system"

Several fascinating quotes courtesy of Bill Bryson, and their explanations can be found here.

The Angora Rabbit And 24 Other Bizarre Animals

Link. Via MeFi.

Movie Prints By Scott Campbell

These were very briefly for sale, but sold out almost immediately (with good reason). See more terrific art at Scott's blog.

Mints shaped like bullets

Buy. Via I Like Totally Love It.

Photoshop: New products, vintage ads


My first riot helmet

baby riot helmet

Our most popular riot helmet provides outstanding protection and superior comfort for your baby. The model features an optically clear, UV resistant, polycarbonate face shield with an integrally molded liquid seal. My first riot helmet can be trusted to protect your baby in any riot situation.

One of the many delightful devices described at Bullet Proof Baby, a terrific tie-in site for the upcoming movie Shoot 'Em Up. Spotted at The Defamer.

So You Think You Can Be President?

Alex Tabarrok suggests a better way to pick presidential candidates - - make them compete in a gameshow:

"Presidential candidates have 12 hours to get a bitterly divorcing couple to divide their assets in a mutually agreeable manner. (Bonus points are awarded if the candidate convinces the couple to stay together.)"

Read the other challenges here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The day the Pacific was whipped up into an ocean of froth"

Incredible photos and explanation here.

Blog Headline of the Day: "Tetris cosplayers in parking-lot brawl"

Headline courtesy of Cory Doctorow.

Brett Ratner's Notes For His Film Version Of "The Road" By Cormac McCarthy

Wendy Molyneaux:

When the father and son discover the boat, boat should be loaded with machine guns and hand grenades. Also, smart sharks.

In book, they say "carrying the fire" and it's some kind of abstract thing about carrying the spirit of humanity around in a time of hopelessness. Afraid people will not get. What if "fire" is a secret weapon that will restore atmosphere and kill the robots? Or it turns out at the end that boy can shoot fire out of eyes and mouth? He's like a messiah guy, but a fire-shooting-eyes messiah guy.

Read the whole thing.

If you go see a sequel, the terrorists have won

Writing for the NY Times, Jeannette Catsoulis suggests a reason for why people go see sequels:

Harder to fathom is why audiences return. Fans who tolerate the repetitiveness and ideological bankruptcy of the "Rush Hour" franchise, for example, may be testaments to the power of hope and a need for familiarity at a time when the Iraq war continues unabated, pensions and polar ice disappear, and Al Qaeda videos enjoy wider distribution than Sundance winners.

Spotted at Dateline Hollywood Daily.

Buy a new Chevy Aveo, get a free ... Transformers toy?

Story and photos here.

In a fight between Neal Stephenson and William Gibson, who would win?

Seems everywhere I look someone's linking to another interview with William Gibson, and all of the interviews have been pretty boring (I say this as a big Gibson fan). It reminded me of a great Neal Stephenson interview on Slashdot. One question was:

In a fight between you and William Gibson, who would win?


You don't have to settle for mere idle speculation. Let me tell you how it came out on the three occasions when we did fight.

The first time was a year or two after SNOW CRASH came out. I was doing a reading/signing at White Dwarf Books in Vancouver. Gibson stopped by to say hello and extended his hand as if to shake. But I remembered something Bruce Sterling had told me. For, at the time, Sterling and I had formed a pact to fight Gibson. Gibson had been regrown in a vat from scraps of DNA after Sterling had crashed an LNG tanker into Gibson's Stealth pleasure barge in the Straits of Juan de Fuca. During the regeneration process, telescoping Carbonite stilettos had been incorporated into Gibson's arms. Remembering this in the nick of time, I grabbed the signing table and flipped it up between us. Of course the Carbonite stilettos pierced it as if it were cork board, but this spoiled his aim long enough for me to whip my wakizashi out from between my shoulder blades and swing at his head. He deflected the blow with a force blast that sprained my wrist. The falling table knocked over a space heater and set fire to the store. Everyone else fled. Gibson and I dueled among blazing stacks of books for a while. Slowly I gained the upper hand, for, on defense, his Praying Mantis style was no match for my Flying Cloud technique. But I lost him behind a cloud of smoke. Then I had to get out of the place. The streets were crowded with his black-suited minions and I had to turn into a swarm of locusts and fly back to Seattle.

The second time was a few years later when Gibson came through Seattle on his IDORU tour. Between doing some drive-by signings at local bookstores, he came and devastated my quarter of the city. I had been in a trance for seven days and seven nights and was unaware of these goings-on, but he came to me in a vision and taunted me, and left a message on my cellphone. That evening he was doing a reading at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus. Swathed in black, I climbed to the top of the hall, mesmerized his snipers, sliced a hole in the roof using a plasma cutter, let myself into the catwalks above the stage, and then leapt down upon him from forty feet above. But I had forgotten that he had once studied in the same monastery as I, and knew all of my techniques. He rolled away at the last moment. I struck only the lectern, smashing it to kindling. Snatching up one jagged shard of oak I adopted the Mountain Tiger position just as you would expect. He pulled off his wireless mike and began to whirl it around his head. From there, the fight proceeded along predictable lines. As a stalemate developed we began to resort more and more to the use of pure energy, modulated by Red Lotus incantations of the third Sung group, which eventually to the collapse of the building's roof and the loss of eight hundred lives. But as they were only peasants, we did not care.

Our third fight occurred at the Peace Arch on the U.S./Canadian border between Seattle and Vancouver. Gibson wished to retire from that sort of lifestyle that required ceaseless training in the martial arts and sleeping outdoors under the rain. He only wished to sit in his garden brushing out novels on rice paper. But honor dictated that he must fight me for a third time first. Of course the Peace Arch did not remain standing for long. Before long my sword arm hung useless at my side. One of my psi blasts kicked up a large divot of earth and rubble, uncovering a silver metallic object, hitherto buried, that seemed to have been crafted by an industrial designer. It was a nitro-veridian device that had been buried there by Sterling. We were able to fly clear before it detonated. The blast caused a seismic rupture that split off a sizable part of Canada and created what we now know as Vancouver Island. This was the last fight between me and Gibson. For both of us, by studying certain ancient prophecies, had independently arrived at the same conclusion, namely that Sterling's professed interest in industrial design was a mere cover for work in superweapons. Gibson and I formed a pact to fight Sterling. So far we have made little headway in seeking out his lair of brushed steel and white LEDs, because I had a dentist appointment and Gibson had to attend a writers' conference, but keep an eye on Slashdot for any further developments.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book

iron maiden

Amazon says:

From the creator of the bestselling Gangsta Rap Coloring Book comes a new activity book for kids and kids at heart. The Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book has all the fun of a heavy metal parking lot without all the moshing and beer stains on your favourite band T–shirt.

With a foreword by party anthem master Andrew W.K., the book gives headbangers the chance to colour legends like Metallica, Danzig, and Pantera; help get Spinal Tap through a backstage maze; complete the Black Metal word scramble and hair metal crossword; draw themselves into a Gene Simmons mask; make words using the letters in YNGWIE MALMSTEEN; solve Heavy Metal Sudoku (hint: it’s all 6’s); and so much more!

With an all–star artistic collaboration of the cover with lettering by text master Aaron Horkey, to cover design by graphic icon Brent Rollins (of Ego Trip books, magazine, and television fame) the book will stage–dive off the shelves into the hands of anyone who loves rock, humour, or a good laugh.

Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book. Spotted at OMG Posters.

"The Gaijin Smash"

"A technique used by foreigners, or gaijin, in Japan in order to impose their will on the japanese." Read more.

"Next to myself, I like BVD best"

Abandoned advertising slogans.

Monday, August 27, 2007

8-Bit Katamari Game

Surprisingly fun. Via Wonderland Blog.

"Sony tethers PSP Slims to cute girls, awkwardness ensues"

"In a surprise move, Sony decided to display the new PSP Slim at the Penny Arcade Expo this weekend after all, letting excited fans get their grubby little hands on the new hardware right now. They were clearly extremely worried about the security issues though, because each PSP Slim was tethered to the pants of a Sony booth babe -- and the cables weren't very long."

Joystiq has photos.

Totoro/Cthulhu Mash-Up

Spotted at Ectomo.

Framed Thumbprint Portrait

A modern spin on the traditional portrait, a unique thumbprint is custom printed as a giclée in your choice of color palette. The piece uses pigmented inks on an archival-quality canvas and is varnished for protection. A kit is provided to collect a thumbprint sample and includes a return envelope. Framed in your choice of light or dark wood.

Buy. The other new items at the MOMA Store were really dull.

Law firm sends out mass-rejection email to job seekers

And, by "mass email," I mean "the email address of everyone who got rejected is listed in the 'to:' field.


Fastest ever speeder in Great Britain was going 172 MPH

Tim Brady was driving a Porsche 911 Turbo. Link.

Smart Car parked sideways

Larger image here.

Time to feel old: people born in 1989 have most likely never rolled down a window

Here's a list of some of the other remarkable consequences of being born in 1989. Via The Informed Reader.

Customized Marvel Comic Book Hero Zombie Toys

More here.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Species designations for Wile E. Coyote

"Hardheadipus oedipus" is my favorite. See the whole list here.

Tattoo Bandage Assortment


Flickr: Vintage McDonald's Sign

Large size here.

Avon & Disney Convention Logo

"Logo for an Avon DR Sales Conference that took place at Disney World." Link.

iPhone Shuffle

Whale watchers get an eyeful as whaling vessel harpoons whale


Bladerunner Slash Resistant Hoodie

The Bladerunner Slash Resistant Hoodie is stylish and designed for the urban youth.

This top is light and comfortable to wear yet rugged enough to survive the threats of life.

The Slash Resistant lining gives you peace of mind that you are giving yourself personal protection in today's unpredictable world (see our demonstration link below).

Slash Resistant
Stylish and Fashionable
Durable and Hardwearing

See it in action here (in Italian):

Discovered via this article, which discusses the possibility of school uniforms with GPS tracking in the near future.

The moon of Saturn that looks exactly like the Death Star

Photo link. More information on Mimas here.

"[I]f seeing just one hummingbird is a thrill, imagine watching a few hundred at one time"

For several weeks in September, as thousands upon thousands of ruby-throated hummingbirds pass through towns near the Gulf of Mexico in their fall migration, thousands of people gather to watch them. Visitors flock to nature centers and backyards to watch the frenzy at the hummingbird feeders, and organized festivals offer speakers, workshops and hummingbird-themed goods to buy. Participants see large numbers of these tiny metallic-green birds up close and can learn one amazing thing after another about them.


Lamar Story, the chairman of the Rockport event, said that he went through 40 pounds of sugar last year during the two-month-long hummingbird migration, which starts in mid-August and tapers off to a few stragglers by mid-October. At peak season, his yard is full of the birds. "It sounds like you're standing in the middle of a beehive," he said. "The birds will be buzzing all around you."

Read more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

UK insurance company claims that insects are to blame for $88 million in auto damage a year.


Ironic: The Director of 2 Fast 2 Furious struck and killed a jaywalker 8/23/07

Story. Via Jalopnik.

Logo for HeBrews, a Christian College Coffee Shop

By David Snider

Electronic books with musty book smell launched

In an attempt to satisfy students who claim to enjoy the musty smell of real books, e-textbook seller CafeScribe will send every e-textbook purchaser a scratch and sniff sticker with a musty "old book" smell. Or maybe no one likes that smell, and it's just an attempt to get media attention...

Photoshop: Grindhouse-Style Cereal Packaging


Spiral stair slide

Found here.

Hourglass Nightlight

"This hourglass nighlight by Sun Young Lee some how magically stays lit only when there’s a stream of sand running across it. I’m sure it’s all scientific, having to do with completing circuits but for the sake of fanatacism, I will say the sand is actually faery dust and that light - a firefly."

Link. Via Neatorama.

Reimagined He-Man characters

Larger version here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett Bobble Head


Canadian Mounties chase a swarm of bees that has been mistaken for a bear in a tree and a dark cloud in flight

Mounties in eastern Canada were called in to help round up rogue honeybees after a palace coup this week caused a split in the hive, a spokesperson said on Thursday.


Beekeeper Rodney Dillinger said the colony was likely "stressed" and became dissatisfied with their queen. So, they raised a rival queen and then sent the original queen into exile.

But half of the hive left with the deposed queen to "look for a new home".

Read on. Via Reason.

Wired has a feature on the Penny Arcade guys

This is the story of how two douches from Spokane, Washington, became the most powerful players in the videogame industry.


Krahulik has glasses, a beanpole physique, and a touch of overbite that gives him a pained expression. Holkins, who also wears glasses, is balding and so pale that he looks like he could get moonburns. Growing up, they were the prototypical misfits, ostracized by the cool kids at school. Holkins claims that he owes his success to those formative encounters with jocks and their lacrosse sticks. "I've been repaid a thousand times over for the damage they inflicted," he says cheerfully.

Krahulik agrees. "One time in high school, someone broke into my locker and stole my stuff, so I had to wear gym clothes for the rest of the day," he says, wincing at the memory. "I developed humor as a defense mechanism. Now I drive a fucking Mercedes."

Read the whole thing here.

Newsflash: Mother Theresa was MISERABLE for most of her life

Oh, and she felt no connection to god, either.

Although perpetually cheery in public, the Teresa of the letters lived in a state of deep and abiding spiritual pain. In more than 40 communications, many of which have never before been published, she bemoans the "dryness," "darkness," "loneliness" and "torture" she is undergoing. She compares the experience to hell and at one point says it has driven her to doubt the existence of heaven and even of God. She is acutely aware of the discrepancy between her inner state and her public demeanor. "The smile," she writes, is "a mask" or "a cloak that covers everything."


Advertising: Extra Gum

Flickr link.

Video: Working Lego Pistol

Just one product in Forbidden LEGO: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against!.

Spotted at Wired.

Darth Vader helmet hot air balloon

See the whole balloon here.

The secret history of the Nazi mascot

Alex Kurzem came to Australia in 1949 carrying just a small brown briefcase, but weighed down by some harrowing psychological and emotional baggage.


In 1997, after raising a family in Melbourne with his Australian bride, he finally revealed himself. He told how, at the age of five, he had been adopted by the SS and became a Nazi mascot.


In newsreels, he was paraded as 'the Reich's youngest Nazi' and he witnessed some unspeakable atrocities.

But his SS masters never discovered the most essential detail about his life: their little Nazi mascot was Jewish.

Read on.

Belkin Washable Mouse

Information here.

China Airlines erases logo from wreckage

They covered the logo up with paint. Link.

You can see video of people evacuating the plan before it explodes Hollywood-style here:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clockwork planetarium

Link. Via BoingBoing.

Puzzle Dinner Tray

Design by Wendy Boudewijns. Via Yanko Design.

Best Covers: Marvel Comics Solicitations for November 2007

Terror, Inc. #4 Cover by JELENA KEVIC-DJURDJEVIC

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #33 Cover by PATRICK SCHERBERGER

Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin #3 Cover by ERIC CANETE

Franklin Richards: Fall Football Fiasco! Cover by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS

Black Panther #32 Cover by BILLY TAN

See the rest of the solicitations here.