Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nike "Air Stab"

Sounds like a joke, but it's really the name of Nike sneakers. Nike's stopped selling them in light of some recent stabbings in London, but there's quite a few available at eBay.

*Previously: AirKnife, for when you need to stab your enemy at a distance.


  1. Been buying stabs for years now and I never made the connection to the knife. Getting too passive in my old age??

    My favorite stabs.

    ps. a bit late I know...but I really liked Un lun dun as well!

  2. Never too late, glad to hear it. I highly, highly recommend Mieville's other books. If you haven't tried them before just be prepared for dramatically more challenging language.

  3. Yeah...I liked all of Mieville's stuff except for King Rat, despite all the d&b references. The Scar remains my favorite, even though I really enjoyed the Iron Council. And you are right, his language is no joke.

    Reading Richard Morgan's new one Black Man right now. Liking it so far. His books always feel a little smart and kind of trashy at the same time, depending on the page.

  4. Haven't tried anything by Morgan, which book would you mot recommend?

  5. I started with Altered Carbon and have not looked back. I'm not saying he is the best quality writer ever...but I completely enjoyed the books. And they made me think...a little.

    Let me know what you think...when you get to reading the book.


  6. Will do, in light of my current lineup, should be done with it by the holidays...