Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Link roundup

1. David Horvath's mother was a toy designer. She worked at Mattel, but was largely required to keep her job a secret. "The only way [he] knew she still worked there was through catalogs and purple 'He-Man' errors she brought home." Learned from this interview.

2. Want to make money online? Michael Buckley makes over $100,000 on advertising and product placements in his his homemade YouTube videos. He spent "40 hours a week on YouTube for over a year" before making any money. Via.

3. New York Times published a letter from the mayor of Paris criticizing the prospect of making Caroline Kennedy a senator. Two problems. 1. It was a hoax and not written by the mayor. 2. Seriously, who cares what the mayor of Paris thinks?

4. Car that looks like a giant boom box.

*Buy vinyl toys by David Horvath at eBay.