Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fake names that made it on TV (link roundup)

A roundup of fake names that made it on TV. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Clever art tip - - the frame and mat can easily be the most expensive part of the project, so try to find a well-priced one before you start your project. For example, this frame screams Sith Lord sketch.

2. A vintage speech by Bill Gates as a commando in Doom - - it's promoting Windows 95 as a game platform. (I'm not clear on why he's wearing a trench coat.) By the way, the video is at Rene Walter's Nerdcore. I consider Rene to be my blogging doppelganger because most days I could happily repost everything he finds.

3. Supposedly, Joseph Biden's daughter was caught on film snorting cocaine and she was set up by a friend who is shopping the video. I've never done drugs and I hardly drink, but come on, it's time to legalize the stuff.

4. 1Up is hosting a Brutal Legend minisite.

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*Buy the Doom board game at eBay.