Friday, August 21, 2009

Ambient Ad Roundup

Ten clever ambient ads that recently caught my eye:

Potatoes invade Chicago’s Jackson Tunnel in this ad by Juniper Park for Lay's.

Pimple climbing rock wall by Y&R Interactive for Clearex.

Radar gun/speed warning for the Elm Grove Police by Cramer-Krasselt. Here's another sign in the campaign.

Leaking Orbit Juicy Gum by BBDO.

Daunting spills and giant rolls of Bounty were placed in New York and Santa Monica in these ads by Publicis.

Giant tube of Alteco Super Glue stuck to a bridge. Ad by DDB.

Upside down stickers placed next to ashtrays adhere to smokers' feet and read "Get rid of this stick and dirty habit."

Rear view mirror for your computer monitor helps you visit porn site Sexy Clube without getting caught. Ad by DM9DDB.

Pool of blood towels to promote "Weekend Murders" on tv. Ad by DraftFCB.

Mechanical bull set up in Texas to promote The Economist. Ad by BBDO.

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