Monday, November 30, 2009

November Nose Art Contest Winners

Well, picking a winner was a lousy task, because all of the entries were so good. I actually asked several artists and pop culture enthusiasts for their favorites and everyone chose something different. First, let me again show off the nose art:

Royce Lee submitted nose art from his webcomic Manmachine. Aside from the stylish art, the comic has a cool interface that makes you wonder why magazine websites are so annoying to read.

Asajj Ventress and Browncoats by Shane Parker. Look closely and you'll see that Ventress' fighter includes kill markings that specify the manner in which the victim was killed.

Hellcats and horse cavalry by Jacob Green. Jacob also recently posted his design for Topless Robot's logo contest.

And finally, Dean Reeves' Slave Leia.

All of the entries were great, but I gave Dean's nose art the nod as the very best. Shane was randomly chosen as the $25 credit winner. And both Shane and Dean have already been sent their prizes. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll announce the December art theme tomorrow.