Thursday, November 26, 2009

Neve Luxury Ice

Neve Luxury Ice:
We only use the purest water possible. We believe that the water one consumes should be of the highest quality and so should their ice. Our cubes are frozen a minimum of 48 hours to ensure the slowest dilution rate achievable. Our elegant cube designs fit perfectly into tall and short glasses. Their size and solidity lead to perfectly chilled, undiluted drinks or cocktails. Not only do our cubes melt slowly, they taste great and look beautiful. Again, attention to detail and quality are not new concepts - they've just been forgotten as of late. We prefer to remember and celebrate them.
Here are a few of the options:
Collins/Hi-Ball Ice This long "spear" is perfect for tall glasses, slowly lowering the temperature of your drink without affecting any carbonation in it.

Rocks/Old-Fashioned Ice Crafted for shorter and wider glasses, this huge "rock" of ice accommodates drinks that call for "straight" spirit, or the addition of citrus, while maintaining the proper "washline" (the "line" which the liquid creates before the lip of your glass).

Shaking Ice Ideal for the professional bartender, this product has been measured accurately so as to cool your cocktails in a shaker, without too much dilution. Its design ensures that it will not explode or crack during the shaking of a cocktail.