Monday, July 12, 2010

Engagement ring box shaped like Carl Fredricksen's house from Up

A romantic fellow had seen Michal Miszta's model of Carl Fredricksen's house from Up, and commissioned him to create one that could work as an engagement ring box:

You can read how he made the houses here.

Michal is remarkably talented. He's also posted various tiny figurines that he's sculpted:

As well as a few Munnys:

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  1. Very cool! We just watched UP for the first time Saturday night. Very good movie!

  2. Wow, the little house is really cool.

  3. omg that is so adorable. I would love to be presented something like that with that pretty of a ring inside!

  4. Perfect! I just love that house!

  5. I love UP ! OMG, the house are lookin so real ! Great job..