Monday, September 27, 2010

Link roundup

1. Read about The Google Five, the creative lab responsible for endeavors like The Wilderness Downtown.

2. This free Android app lets you take a photo of the sky and find out how smoggy it is. Via.

3. "However, one thing I’ve learned about myself since I’ve been living as an unclutterer is the more I know about a chore, the more eager I am to do it. If I research sponges to learn which ones are the most durable, least likely to transmit bacteria, and best at cleaning a bathtub, I’m excited to use that sponge when I do the chore. Add to that research about methods for scrubbing and the most effective and safe-for-the-environment cleaner, and I’m downright giddy when I clean the bathroom." Via.

*The Droid II is $100 at Amazon.