Monday, December 13, 2010

New rules for the boring board games everyone owns

The Boardgame Remix Kit:

Liven up your Christmas by remixing the boardgames in your house to make brand new games. The Boardgame Remix Kit works with all the great family favourites. It's got twenty five games that you can play using the boards and pieces you've already got. As well as smoothing out or speeding up a standard game, the kit can turn Monopoly* into a family poker tournament, Trivial Pursuit* into a surrealist parlour game; Scrabble* into fight between a wasp and a robot, and Cluedo* into a zombie invasion.
You can see the Clue/Scrabble mashup above. (The site got linked by Boing Boing and Lifehacker (and presumably others) over the weekend, and couldn't handle the strain, but it's back up now.)

Also, at the site, you can download a sample pdf. If you click on the link in Chrome, it instantly opens the pdf in the Chrome browser. No need to wait patiently while Adobe Reader opens up. (Chrome is awesome.)

Relatedly, from a series of new (maybe NSFW) comics by Eric Colossal:

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