Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Fine stacking dolls

Double Fine stacking dolls on sale (backorder) for $48. Via.

*See more nesting dolls here.

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Lobster monster truck

See Crushtation, the Monstah Lobstah in action.

Papercraft R.O.B.

Download the R.O.B. paper toy here.

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Knave of Hearts

Knave of Hearts concept art by Michael Kutsche for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

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Predator in Minecraft machinima

Predator in Minecraft machinima, complete with cloaking, infrared vision, and a gory kill.

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New tentacled creature by Melissa Sue Stanley

"Small Sadness" creature by Melissa Sue Stanley on sale at Etsy.

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Vampire on a shark

"Nosferatu ditches the ship" by Graham Annable on sale for $10.

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Play the Arrested Development version of Clue

Go here for a full Arrested Development version of Clue, including board, suspects, and weapons.

*Previously: Ads for Clue that are much more interesting than the game.

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Spartan Golf Club logo

Clever logo for Spartan Golf Club. Via.

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Sunbeam, and something even stranger

Ray of light in Portugal.

Hole punch clouds photographed by P. Wesley Tyler Jr. Via.

Lil' Edward Scissorhands

Child dressed as Edward Scissorhands via these sites.

*Previously: Edward Scissorhands paper doll.

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Guillermo del Toro's childhood

The New Yorker has long profile of Guillermo del Toro. His childhood is a fairy tale itself:

In 1971, Guillermo del Toro, the film director, was a seven-year-old misfit in Guadalajara, Mexico. He liked to troll the city sewers and dissolve slugs with salt. One day, in the magazine aisle of a supermarket, he came upon a copy of Famous Monsters of Filmland. He bought it, and was so determined to decode Ackerman’s pun-strewed prose—the letters section was called Fang Mail—that he quickly became bilingual.

Del Toro was a playfully morbid child. One of his first toys, which he still owns, was a plush werewolf that he sewed together with the help of a great-aunt. In a tape recording made when he was five, he can be heard requesting a Christmas present of a mandrake root, for the purpose of black magic. His mother, Guadalupe, an amateur poet who read tarot cards, was charmed; his father, Federico, a businessman whom del Toro describes, fondly, as “the most unimaginative person on earth,” was confounded. Confounding his father became a lifelong project.

Before del Toro started school, his father won the Mexican national lottery. Federico built a Chrysler-dealership empire with the money, and moved the family into a white modernist mansion. Little Guillermo haunted it. He raised a gothic menagerie: hundreds of snakes, a crow, and white rats that he sometimes snuggled with in bed. Del Toro has kept a family photograph of him and his sister, Susana, both under ten and forced into polyester finery. Guillermo, then broomstick-thin, has added to his ensemble plastic vampire fangs, and his chin is goateed with fake blood. Susana’s neck has a dreadful gash, courtesy of makeup applied by her brother. He still remembers his old tricks. “Collodion is material used to make scars,” he told me. “You put a line on your face, and it contracts and pulls the skin. As a kid, I’d buy collodion in theatrical shops, and I’d scar my face and scare the nanny.”
*Previously: James Cameron gave Guillermo del Toro money to pay the ransom on del Toro's abducted father.

Lovebirds t-shirt

Lovebirds by Paul Vizzari - - one of today's new Threadless t-shirts.

Link roundup

1. Watch this uplifting video about Kevin Connolly - - he was born without legs, but has a great attitude, and is a fiend on three skis.

2. Pages 1, 2, and 3 of rejected (NSFW) Conan pitch by Paul Maybury for Dark Horse.

3. "Adult kidney stem cells found in fish." Sounds like something ominous from a Michael Crichton novel, but it's apparently very good news.

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Bride of Blackenstein

Nicki Minaj and Jesse Eisenberg in Bride of Blackenstein on Saturday Night Live. The sketch isn't particularly funny, but I liked the mock poster for The Black Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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The all-seeing eye, 80's style

All-seeing eye by James White for the OFFF Barcelona Year Zero book, which is still looking for contributors. The vintage ad he used for inspiration is pretty great.

*Previously: All-seeing eye of Mordor t-shirt.

Video of Galactus in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Video of Galactus in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He shows up 20 seconds in.

*Preorder Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at Amazon.

If the minotaur was crafty

Theseus and the Minotaur retold by Kristan Nygard. See also: Dracula plays a practical joke.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dead Space in Minecraft

Visceral employee Michael Noonan made Dead Space in Minecraft. Via.

Speaking of, here's a particularly good and almost gore-free segment that shows off how cool Dead Space 2 is:

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From the creators of Spirited Away...

Extremely accurate sticker on a Spirited Away DVD.

*Buy Spirited Away at Amazon.

Link roundup

1. Yet another excellent reason to not post infographics.

2. So how has New York handled the recent snowstorms?

New York is once again buried in snow, but this time more Brooklyn streets are plowed and trains are running, if delayed, to the outer boroughs. While everything slows down for the weather, it’s worth noting that the city’s managed to be prepared for the last couple of snowstorms.

It’s also worth noting, while we dig ourselves out, that the story that went rocketing around the media after the first major snowstorm of the year, of a union staging a work slowdown that kept the city paralyzed, has been debunked pretty thoroughly by now.

3. Papier-mâché Krang with his android body from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

*Previously: Homemade Krang costume.

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Dating site for ships' captains

It seems like this must be an ad for Old Spice or Captain Morgan, but there's apparently a dating site for sea captains and the ladies who love them. Via.

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Onslaught of penguins

A little girl flees penguins via.

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The Mass Effect cast singing Christmas carols, perhaps?

Mass Effect cast via.

*Previously: Miranda Lawson cosplay.

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Lego geisha

Lego geisha by RongYIREN.

*Buy Geisha: A Photographic History, 1872-1912 at Amazon.

Stacked panda cakes

Stacked panda cakes by Kralle cakes. Via.

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Well-armed harajuku girls, perhaps?

Poster by Shan Jiang for Hansei Society.

*Buy tyle Deficit Disorder: Harajuku Street Fashion at Amazon.

Toronto, tilted

Photo of Toronto available in high-res at the link.

Army of small snowmen

Army of small snowmen, source unknown.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Smash Bros. can be unfair

Smash Bros. strip via.

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Impaled snowmen

Calvin and Hobbes-esque snowmen.

Link roundup

1. The more Star Wars: The Old Republic gameplay videos I see, the less excited I get.

2. Natasha Allegri trash talks her cat.

3. A couple frozen in carbonite by Paul Pape.

*Buy carbonite toys at eBay.

Lil' Skeletor

Baby Skeletor by Dave Correia for the upcoming Gag Me With a Toon show at Gallery Meltdown.

*Previously: Papa Smurf as Skeletor.

*Buy Skeletor toys at eBay.

Link roundup

1. "'The Shed,' as Peter and Jennifer Drummond call their home, is a modern take on traditional farm buildings in Scotland." Via.

2. Comment and win art.

3. For any Warhammmer 40K fans out there, it looks like GW is finally on the verge of releasing a Grey Knight army (something I really wanted, oh, 15-20 years ago). Plastic miniatures, new characters, and more.

*Buy painted Grey Knights at eBay.

Have the special forces tried this?

The latest tactic in the hunt for Bin Laden. I also like Conscience Bear. Via these sites.

You have to burn the rope

Alright, first, go play You Have to Burn the Rope, an absolutely delightful game. I got more enjoyment out of it then the last Zelda DS game I played.

If you're having trouble, there's an in depth manual, and here's a full walkthrough:

And probably the best end credits theme ever:

It's inspired fan videos complete with very dramatic music:

And even a remake in Little Big Planet:


Bohemian Rhapsody and Thriller played on a ukelele

Bohemian Rhapsody and Thriller played on a ukelele by Jake Shimabukuro. You can buy his mp3s and albums at Amazon.

Best video of a bouncer ever

Old to the internet, but new to me, watch kickboxer Michael Kuhr deal with an obnoxious guy. Seriously, I don't want to spoil why it's so good. Via.

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Giant female wrestler takes over news broadcast

It's like the return of Terry Tate, office linebacker, but even better - - watch Isis the 6'9" wrestler help with the weather report, and slap some sense into the staff.

Skull Island

Treasure Island can sculpture.

Batgirl and Supergirl

Batgirl and Supergirl cosplayers via these sites.

*Previously: Batgirl and Robin.

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Link roundup

1. Yuki 7 fan art.

2. If Wicked was a cartoon.

3. Apparently Kate Beaton should sell a version of her comic strips with blank word bubbles.

*Buy Never Learn Anything From History,a Collection of Comics by Kate Beaton at Amazon.

Wandering Eyes

Wandering by Paul Tebbott, who has several posters on sale here.

LOLcat taxonomy t-shirt

Today's $9 plush shipping Tee Fury t-shirt is an LOLcat taxonomy by Kari Fry, who has been giving away caricatures this week.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

If Silence of the Lambs was a romantic comedy (and more)

This week's Photoshop Phriday is Good Movies, Crap Posters!. There's five pages worth of clever posters. Here's a few more of my favorites - - Deliverance, Reservoir Dogs, Avatar, The Dark Knight, and Inception as comedies (I wonder how many of these recut trailers already exist):

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