Sunday, May 15, 2011

7-Eleven open in an area destroyed by the tsunami

Photo of a 7-Eleven open in an area destroyed by the tsunami. Via.

Relatedly, here's an interesting story about the tsunami:

In the rubble of Japan's northeast coast, one small village stands as tall as ever after the tsunami. No homes were swept away. In fact, they barely got wet.

Fudai is the village that survived — thanks to a huge wall once deemed a mayor's expensive folly and now vindicated as the community's salvation.


  1. Makes sense. Most of the stuff available at 7-11 is of the "surviving a nuclear war" variety.

  2. These guys should be paid very well as they are exposed to radiation at work, it seems.

  3. Convenience stores in Japan are nothing like they are elsewhere. The food in wrappers (pastries, onigiri, bread products) do not have preservatives in them so their shelf life is much shorter, a couple days at most, but you can be guaranteed that it is never stale or even slightly on the old side. In fact, it is usually quite good. Nothing better than a good 7-11, Lawsons, or Seicomart!